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Engineer planet discussion

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May-17-2017 11:10 AM

Hi guys. 

Since watching AC I've been frequently thinking back to the significance of Planet 4 and whether this was the Engineer's homeworld or a civilization created by them. Even thinking (as others have mentioned) that this was the planet seen at the beginning of Prometheus. 

Thinking through the events of AC I've come up with an alternative theory that I'd like to share with you guys (contains spoilers):

When the Covenant crew arrive on Planet 4 we discover that the Neomorph is created from the fungi/spores found littered around. I think it's a fair assumption that this 'plantation' is native to the planet as it seems to cohabit with the other vegetation. Is it possible that the Engineers harvested this fungi and from it created the black goo? It may be possible that this planet was then safeguarded by a detachment of Engineers or left under  humanoid control and the city that David destroyed was a science laboratory of sorts. The large hanger/ scorpion tail could be a docking station where the harvested material is then transported to planets to begin the process of life or to military bases such as LV223. It could explain why there was only the one settlement on the planet with a relatively low population and also why the planet was hidden from view. This planet could be Paradise in the biblical sense of the place where mankind was born.

Any thoughts?


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May-17-2017 6:31 PM

Yes I was wondering earlier today why this is the only place on the planet populated. It did not make sense to me.


May-17-2017 7:14 PM

Covered this a number of times, so maybe not best to repeat my full two cents as its quite a large explanation.

But indeed this place is Most likely loosely the Paradise from the Bible as far as The Garden of Eden.

As for these beings being Humanoids but not Engineers, i think its a oversight and they are intended to be Engineers.. but due to flaws in how they are shown it leaves it open to debate.

*There eyes have white Sclera and a Iris/Pupil

*Many of them are Human sized

*There are Females

Prometheus they seemed different for sure, but its maybe a oversight and another Scale Error by Ridley Scott.

The Drafts to Prometheus suggested these beings had lost the ability to Procreate and had to come to other means to do so, and so if the beings on Paradise are Engineers, then we have to ask why did they create us or play a role in our Creation if they have Females themselves?

The Sacrificial Scene showed us a Lone Engineer, and a Ship that dropped him off to perform his Sacrifice... the Elders was cut as Ridley Scott did not want to meet God in the first movie.

The Hall of Heads in Alien Covenant Ridley Scott referred to the Wise Men, the Apostles and Superior Beings and they looked like the Elders from the Cut Prometheus Scene.

The Hanger in Alien Covenant looks the right size for a Juggernaught and it is similar to those in Prometheus, and the Hanger in AC is surrounded by 4 Statues that are very like Buddha Offering Statues.

Regardless if these beings on Paradise are Engineers, or another Sub-creation or Lateral Creation or even above the Engineers.

Evidence to me seems to show that this World is where maybe the Elders arrived to take Sacrifices for the purpose of Seeding Worlds.

The Engineers Navigation in Prometheus showed many Galaxies and so they have mastered Travel beyond Galaxies... the nearest next one to ours being over 2.5 Million Light Years away.. compared to over 39 Light Years that LV-223 was away.

So for a Race that is Millions if not Billions of years old, who can travel to other Galaxies.. i find the Chance that their Homeworld and Civilization is from/centered around a Planet 2-3X the size of Earth where all their Race are based in One City that only has One Piece of Space Technology the Docking Ship.

So indeed i think this Place is the Cradle of Humanoid Civilization and thus like the Biblical Paradise/Garden of Eden.




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-17-2017 7:19 PM

And so if we look at this being loosely a interpretation on Paradise as in the Bible and Paradise Lost as far as where the Garden of Eden and creation of Mankind began...   Then here are a few Points.

*Paradise is not where GOD comes from

*Paradise is not where the Angels come from

*Paradise is where Mankind was Created (Adam/Eve)

*Where the Garden of Eden is located.

*It is Guarded by a caste of Angels called the Cherubim

The Covenant Badge shows a World that is flanked by Cherubim, that are depicted also as Guarding the Ark of the Covenant.

So i think to understand what is going on, we need to loosely compared this Paradise to the one in Paradise Lost, but also perhaps add to this the Annunaki Creation Tale and look at this Place being where maybe Sacrifices are taken to perform the Sacrificial Scene we saw in Prometheus.

Thats my interpretation.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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