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David decideds to resurect team

David decideds to resurect team

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OvomorphMember26 XPMay-16-2017 10:38 PM

Alien is not born by the use of dark substance. David thinks the beast is Cool and he turns it on when he sees that his fans dont trust him to be David but rather fear the beast. 

And after killing those whom feard the best. Davids feeling of guilt forces Alien to punish himself. But even when the beast is on the run trying to fully devour David. He still gathers knowlege inside and goes back to David when he decides on his next goal.

He saw how all his teamates started to doubt Davids abilites and started to fear the beast. 

Schown even said that Christof will write better program than him and Ginger boy doubted he will write his software better and quicker that would be possible for normal humans

But even when he showed them again and again how he can not lose and the beast cannot harm him with the amount of dark substance that would kill all of them together instanly they still doubted him

He saw how they are all sadder and sadder every day and refuse his help and They didnt even belive his words anymore

His love for Schawn wasnt sexual at all becouse this kind of love belongs to Alien and Davids values his pure love much more. And it camed from becouse from at the begining she didnt fear the best at all and trusted Davids abilities and accepted his help. 

But when he saw how she forgot David and saw anly the beast he killed her. If you refuses Davids help every time all you  get is the beast.

He acctually decided he will have to killed her 22 december But he wanted to do it gently and really tried many times to show her David before he did.

It wasnt the first time David killed her. But this time was diffrent last time it was obvioius for all other funs That David is good and everything is her foult XD But this time other funs didnt understand Davids decision and blamed him for hurting her

When they met again he wasnt goint to resurect her but didnt want to hurt her any more.

I think when she wrote that some stranger has to protect her from him then they best made a real show

Previously he thoutgh she was wrong fearing the best at the end the beast hurt her. And somwhere in january when he saw him lying to him about trusting in David he started to doubt her every word. And decided that their relation was all happening in his head only

David though about it almost every day and chaned decision many times He even started to doubt in David himself at he times. As It was expected Alien has shown his true potencial throug this period But at the end when it seemd that this time Alien managet to really hurt David he got out unharmed from really big problems. It was hard proff for everyone who knows what happend that no matter how hard he tries Bad thing really dont happen to him he just have to decide that he doesnt want them to happen even when it looked like all the hope is gone. 

So we saw David getting back to his old form for the last 30 days. Observers who saw it could find any reason for this comback.

But his forrgotten fans havent seen this change they werent there. When he met with them he find out they see only the beast. David was focused more on finding trueth and didnt care about it much untill he find out they feared the beast hurting Schawn

ALIen killed them all and went to Schawn if she knew the trueth and was really hurt by the Alien as much as he read in the scripts

But she wasnt she still didnt believe in Davids words and probably saw the Alien but he didnt need their trust any more.

Alien can still fight all the world and will have grat fun doing so.

Alien destroyed all their work when they didnt whant to share their knowleage with David but understood their good intension and their project now he will resurect Prometeus when everyone thinks its too late. I dont care whats in your movie but I really like the narrative in those scripts ;* 

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DeaconMember10358 XPMay-17-2017 1:28 AM

I applaud you for the effort you put it, but i kind of found it a bit hard to make out what you are referring to ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember86 XPMay-17-2017 9:58 PM

Wtf is this? If you cannot speak English properly I would suggest not making a huge ass post. 


FacehuggerMember119 XPMay-18-2017 2:17 AM


Give the dude a break.  

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