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TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 6:38 PM

Mine is a stuffed toy version of the face hugger- an interesting juxtaposition of cute and deadly while being Alien related.

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PraetorianMember2861 XPMay-13-2017 6:45 PM

Plush-huggers, yeah, seen ads for those around the web!! Love that idea!!

Mine is a shor of The Baroness from G.I Joe; Rise of Cobra, no real significance, I just liked it, and it 'fits' to one of the characters in the story I'm writing/editing.

Here's the full-size version as the avatar size is kinda hard to make out:






TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 6:49 PM

Blackwinter-witch Dang it- I thought that was you!

I have a plush face hugger- the avatar was the description- the actual product isn't even close to looking like it.

I Meme Everything

PraetorianMember4115 XPMay-13-2017 6:57 PM

My pic is my role play character's outfit

"Part of the journey is the end..."


PraetorianMember2861 XPMay-13-2017 6:57 PM


Oh, sorry I misinterpretted. But like you, I do enjoy the juxtaposition associated with the facehugger that you speak of :D

Nope, sorry. Not me, but I do like her character as there's VERY few female characters that are Formidable AND wear glasses!! :D






ChestbursterMember934 XPMay-13-2017 7:02 PM

I chose mine because it's the closes picture that I could find that represents my user name.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Phallic Jaw

FacehuggerMember265 XPMay-13-2017 7:21 PM

No explanation necessary ;-)

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.  I watched Androids blow and finger each other's flutes.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 7:36 PM

Blackwinter-witch You are fine, I think I was not clear. The avatar pic was what was advwertised and below is what I received:


OvomorphMember38 XPMay-13-2017 7:38 PM

Necronom IV, from HR Giger's book 'Necronomicon'.

The Hooded Figure

ChestbursterMember854 XPMay-13-2017 7:52 PM



TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 8:10 PM

Godzilla: King of the Monsters If you could only pick one theatrical Godzilla movie to watch post 1998, which would it be?


DeaconMember10325 XPMay-13-2017 9:12 PM

Ha Ha...

Mine came from the Debates and Disapointments prior to Prometheus about the Bald Blue Humanoid Dude.

Stemming from the Trailer Shots like this

While some Fans was like... No the Space Jockey is a Skeleton of some Elephantine Alien Race.

Combine Elephantine Alien Race with Blue Bald Engineers then you get GONZO

So its a Joke to give Fans a combination.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-13-2017 9:19 PM

Some lost concept art from Dane Hallett.

I oringinaly created this account after I saw the christmas day trailer. I got the idea early that Shaw would become a queen and decided to tribute that idea through my account name.

I saw Halletts image from a canceled demon movie and thought it'd be a good depiction of Shaw as a Queen.


PraetorianMember2861 XPMay-13-2017 9:22 PM

BigDave LOL, good job with the Gonzo connection!!


Aw! That is actually pretty cute!! Which is a very weird thing to say about a facehugger of any incarnation. :)






TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 9:22 PM

QueenElizabethShaw You used to show the whole image where you have the queen now. Could you re post the full Monty?

The Hooded Figure

ChestbursterMember854 XPMay-13-2017 9:22 PM



TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-13-2017 9:24 PM

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Thanks- I will add that to my list and let you know. I love Godzilla but just lost track over the years.

Stan Winston (deceased)

FacehuggerMember173 XPMay-14-2017 3:47 PM

Mine is the model, animatronic Schwarzenegger head from The Terminator, created by the late Stan Winston's workshop.


OvomorphMember86 XPMay-14-2017 4:42 PM

Mine is Jeri from the comic "Aliens: stronghold" he's a cigar chomping gun wielding synthetic xeno. 

always loved the synthetic xeno concept 


ChestbursterMember528 XPMay-14-2017 5:13 PM

Mine was originally a picture for a topic I started. I grew fond of it and since I didn't have an avatar pic I picked it.

Even though pic and name do not really fit together.... Ah well... ;)

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPMay-14-2017 5:51 PM

Mine is the antagonist Jaxx from the film Cube:Zero. He was an interesting character in the film and I could easily see him as a Yutani employee.

Definitely Crew Expendable


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-14-2017 6:02 PM

IRaptus I enjoyed Cube and it was original. The sequel I didn't like so much. I never saw Zero.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPMay-14-2017 6:18 PM

dk the original and Zero are fantastic low budget little gems of sci-fi horror goodness!

Hypercube was a horrendous piece of crap. Just awfully bad.

Zero got back to what made the original great but from the perspective of the button-pushers monitoring the victims in the cube. They are as much in the dark and victims themselves. The film maintains the mystery of not letting on what the purpose of the cube is. Lots of good little twists and one really big one.

It's Shaw!

OvomorphMember16 XPMay-15-2017 3:41 AM

Mine is one of the posters made for a project for the 35th anniversary of Alien.

There were 3 phases in that project, this was part of phase 1:

They're all amazing! :) And the ones with Jonesy are really cool.

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1173 XPMay-15-2017 1:48 PM

Mine is Makuta Kanohi Kraahkan

Here's the full size version



ChestbursterMember736 XPMay-15-2017 2:53 PM

Apart from the obvious XD I chose the Neomorph pictures because I wanted to stay true to my profile name, which I originally chose because the concept of this new creature that "evolves from spores" rather than embryos from facehuggers, and then "bursts out of the back" rather than the chest, sounded new, fresh, vicious and interesting on paper.

I have yet to see all the Neomorph footage from A:C but I will soon find out when I attend to the IMAX premiere here on Wednesday! 


FacehuggerMember126 XPMay-15-2017 3:07 PM

Perhaps off topic, but I named myself after my pet snake...'Snake'...

Whoops...wrong one, here it is:


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-15-2017 4:05 PM



OvomorphMember21 XPMay-17-2017 1:38 PM

I made the Avatar picture a while before I made an account here for fun (and because I was bored that day). I wanted to make an account here to join in the discussions and was going to use another profile name, but I found that picture while looking for an Avatar and felt that it fitted (kind off) since I came here to discuss the Alien franchise.

I decided to use it as my profile picture and for the name, use a combination of Xenomorph and something MLG (hence xenoswagmaster420 xD) 



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