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Mindset going into the movie, basic plot points. (Potential Spoilers)

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OvomorphMember81 XPMay-11-2017 4:16 AM

After some lurking I have decided to dive in and join the fun. This is my first post so I have placed a spoiler tag for caution so as not to upset things.

Like everyone, I have caught the bug again and my interest levels have peaked ahead of the latest instalment in the Alien franchise. I will be going in to see Covenant in the Cinema at the weekend so I thought I would turn to the Forum for help in fleshing out some kind of guideline for my mind frame heading in there. As close to Canon as possible but only on a few major points. I plan on leaving myself open to forming theories as I go but I would like to have in my head something I'm confident is a pretty solid canon(ish) structure before I crunch my first piece of over priced popcorn.

I watched Prometheus again recently and while I sympathise with those who are bothered by its faults, I actually still really like the film and always have. I can quite happily watch it again and likely will in the near future.

So, focusing on Prometheus leading up to Covenant.

I am of the opinion that the Engineer like humanoid at the beginning (I've always viewed this Engineer and the Elders with it differently to the ones on LV-223 for whatever reason) is sacrificing itself to seed life on "a planet" some time far in the past. Simple enough, I don't think it's ever been anything more than theorised that this planet was earth and we were the future outcome of this sacrifice.

I am leaning to the idea that a higher race of beings than both the Engineers and the Humans created us both, and that there are possibly a couple more similar humanoid species out there with matching DNA. From what I've read this seems safe to believe in I am assuming?.

The Engineers on LV-223 were indeed intent on launching their mission to wipe out mankind on Earth using Bio weapons, but an outbreak or accident of some sort occurred preventing them to do so. This was around the year 2000(ish).

The planet Shaw and David arrive at is populated with a humanoid Engineer like race (although not actually Engineers?, Im not sure I've saw this confirmed).

David makes the decision to unleash hell on these beings with the chemicals in the Engineers ships Cargo hold.

In the time after this and up to the point of arrival on this planet by the Covenant, David has been on this planet experimenting. When the humans on the Covenant are exposed to this planet we are in for major treats involving early versions of Alien type creatures.

This mindset I am in is based on interviews out there and the various trailers we have all seen. Is there anything Canon out there I may have missed that conflicts with these basic points I am working with?.

I have tried to research what I can when I have time but from what I have watched and read this is the basic structure of plot points I am sticking with heading into the movie, with the open minded approach that both questions and answers will present themselves as the movie unfolds.

Anybody got thoughts?. I know there are those on the Forum who have definitely researched deeper than I have, and there are some great theories being discussed on this board.


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Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPMay-11-2017 12:59 PM

I guess you are right in your expectations for the movie?

I wonder if the black goo attack also created the seed pod spores that create the neomorph out breaks, or have these seed pod booby traps always been on this planet?


PraetorianMember2861 XPMay-11-2017 1:01 PM

Good call, just going in to take the movie in on it's own terms and merits!






ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-11-2017 2:09 PM

Cerulean Blue

From what it looks like, the bomb bay was left open when the ship crashed. I think what happened is the goo in some of the ampules leaked out of the open bomb bay into the ground water (and possibly a river) creating those pods in the surrounding area.


ChestbursterMember554 XPMay-11-2017 2:14 PM

if you go to this shot in the trailer...

...this looks to be the bomb bay after the crash and if you watch the trailer and look down near the lower right corner where light is coming up from the bomb opening you can see flowing water.


FacehuggerMember112 XPMay-11-2017 2:18 PM

It looks like its open. We have to keep in mind if this was done on purpose. We know the Juggernaut ships are nearly indestructible. All of the ones we have seen so far have crashed in some way and all are intact. Heck one even took a direct hit from the Prometheus and it was still whole. I believe this is done as to protect the precious cargo inside.

Is there an agenda the mods are not telling us about? ;)


OvomorphMember81 XPMay-11-2017 11:31 PM

@Cerulean Blue that's a good question about the seed pod spores. 

@QueenElizabethShaw do you mean that when the ship David and Shaw are on crashes on the planet in Covenant, the black liquid gets into the water and the Pods for the spores that implant the Neomorph in the host were created this way?. 


OvomorphMember81 XPMay-12-2017 12:02 AM

Could anybody be so helpful as to tell me how to directly tag another poster in a reply please?. I am new to this particular forum and I am assuming the @ function is applicable here but I'm not sure. 



OvomorphMember81 XPMay-12-2017 5:42 AM

To add here, I read in a Scottish newspaper pullout on the spores, to quote:

"The Neomorphs are the result of when the local ecosystem of the planet the Covenant travels to mutates with the black goo.

The liquid causes pods to start growing on the plants there. And when disturbed, they release a spore that can enter a hosts body through breathing or touch. 

Once a host is infected, the spores cause a Neomorph to grow inside of them. The creature later erupts from the hosts body. 

Unlike the Xenomorph, the Neomorph can burst from various parts of the body, including the back or the neck."

Thought this may help here. 

In my opinion, doesn't the way the Neomorph is inserted in the host seem a waaay more effective way to plant the creature in the host than relying on facehuggers?. 

So on personal reflection, the Xenomorphs are an elite creature for sure it seems, but in regards to the way they are implanted, it seems the Neomorph way is more effective and sure. 


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