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Shower scene soundtrack choice. Mild spoiler

Shower scene soundtrack choice. Mild spoiler

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NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-06-2017 8:01 PM

Apparently the "shower scene" is accompanied by a pop tune, and one that we might already know from the trailers. It has been described as a pop/R&B tune. Which one do you think it is? Good or bad choices? Which one of these tunes would you rather be listening to before you are attacked by the xenomorph?

Melanie De Biasio - I Feel You

Aurora - Under the water

Aurora - Nature boy

Vairo - Raindance (Not in the trailers, but listed on imdb)


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FacehuggerMember357 XPMay-06-2017 8:06 PM

Mother hold the candle while I shave the chickens lip: King crimson


OvomorphMember22 XPMay-06-2017 8:16 PM

The Melanie de Biasio song would be cool, she's great. I liked her album No Deal long before the Covenant trailer, with that song on it. Badass album if you like jazz. (The trailer version of I feel you is a remix)


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-06-2017 8:27 PM

Batchpool oh that is an actual song by King Crimson :-) I should know, I used to have many of their albums


OvomorphMember11 XPMay-18-2017 8:01 AM

christmas times babies ;-) the shower scene soundtrack is here : Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy

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