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Backburster Gorish Death! Spoiler Alert!
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FacehuggerMember110 XPMay-04-2017 7:50 AM


From a casual smoke to an unsual death, the crew member is infected after spores enter his ear...spores brought on mixed with plant reproductive cells and the alien pathogen, once inside the body it begins to mix with human cells and creating a neomorph feeds off its host until it births. The backburster infection seems to make the crew member very ill, weak, almost asthamatic, hyperventilating...vomiting blood..his skin turns dry and patches appear everywhere, he enters convulsion and shock, until he dies with his spine outside his body having an alien sprout to life...



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Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-04-2017 8:04 AM

great spoilering again, legit user.


FacehuggerMember110 XPMay-04-2017 8:08 AM

Fifield you never wanted to discover, all you care about is rocks...

You also know that you wanted to click in, so shut it...


OvomorphMember63 XPMay-04-2017 8:30 AM

Not something most of us haven't seen (i.e.) news post on this, but you need to use the spoiler tag imo.


FacehuggerMember110 XPMay-04-2017 8:38 AM

I love that aliens chick with the bandana...she is so cool...


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-04-2017 9:21 AM

Was going to Edit the Post to include Caps (SPOILER) but then the Title does warn of Spoilers, so anyone who does not want to be spoiled should know not to click on Spoiler Alert! Topics ;)

Anyone who went to the Alien Day event would have seen this, and there have been posts here and other places regarding this and indeed this scene has been leaked as far as descriptions on many sites and so anyone who over the last 6 Months has looked on the internet for Alien Covenant would have at some point came across the description of this scene.

And the Trailers Basically show whats going to come next regardless


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember240 XPMay-04-2017 10:52 AM

Was great seeing this footage on Alien day!  The sound effects are amazing!!


FacehuggerMember110 XPMay-04-2017 11:31 AM

I think the film is starting to feel flat and disappointing, Shaw's dead, I liked her, still no real answers, no more Engineer information, little action, it is still another waiting period...the forest, the citadel that's all the film locations.


Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPMay-04-2017 12:00 PM

Is corrupting the expectations of others for a movie your only meaning in life, fisherman for red herings?


ChestbursterMember739 XPMay-04-2017 12:04 PM

Big Dave you're a moderator! Congratulations! Well deserved :)


FacehuggerMember112 XPMay-04-2017 12:20 PM

I am worried that the movie will be spent on pure action and not enough story and background. I preferably would have liked a movie like Prometheus where it gets you thinking a lot. This movie is as long as prometheus and that one felt cramped. 

Is there an agenda the mods are not telling us about? ;)

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