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Adam Savage #2 Screen Grabs

Adam Savage #2 Screen Grabs

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FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-03-2017 9:27 PM

Pretty cool to hear

our diggers will be using the rifles that were used in A:C with some extras that were ahead of the time too. Gotta hand it to Ridley and the crüe; they're ahead of the curve.

Ati: I also spotted more inscriptions on the steps that I've added a pic of as well.

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FacehuggerMember119 XPMay-03-2017 11:23 PM

Who is using these guns?

And is that a 1911/2011 race gun in the first picture?


FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-04-2017 12:25 AM

Answers here …


FacehuggerMember119 XPMay-04-2017 2:35 AM

Thanks for the link.  I hadn't seen that yet!  That gun just threw me off because I wondered why they would be using a race gun in AC, but I guess it does look pretty futuristic.  I did not hear anything about "diggers" though.  


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-04-2017 2:43 AM

the letters on the steps.

the last

five letters shown



i cant make the 5th letter on the top

and 4th + 5th on bottom

first translation so forgive me!

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


OvomorphMember42 XPMay-04-2017 4:56 AM

how are you translating sherris?  must of missed the translation thread, if there're complete translations of prometheus wall texts i'd be very interested to know.


OvomorphMember63 XPMay-04-2017 5:11 AM

Waftlord I have been through the wall text and the phonetical hierarchy branches out in to PIE territory, meaning it is far more complicated than the snippets we have tried to translate.

I will be trying again today, as I have a slow day at work. Check the "translate this" thread for more later.


FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-04-2017 5:39 AM

DirtWolf: a digger is Aussie slang for an Australian soldier :)

Thanx for your help Sherris. As IllegalAlien mentioned, head over to Ati's thread to get in amongst the inscription translation attempts. Your help would be much appreciated ;)


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-04-2017 5:57 AM

i attempted to translate the last pic (and another similar)

using the engineer font from this site.

attempted translation from last pic

i have it as 5 letters on the top row, 5 letters on the bottom.

obviously there is more to the writing than that one pic shows.

VIEW_ top row

NET__ bottom row

Tonehound - i will head over now i have some free time. 

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-04-2017 7:37 AM

tonehound - i managed to work out that the writing around the opening says -

life and death - this is on the bottom row.

we can only see "I" the "L" is actually hidden and i worked backwards.

i nearly have the top line but i need a little more time

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-04-2017 10:31 PM

Awesome, sherris! Thanx for your input :)


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