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NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-01-2017 4:26 AM

The score by Jed Kurzel is very dark, percussive and with a touch of electronic/industrial weirdness. My favorite tracks are "The Med Bay", "Payload Deployment", "Sails" and the very intense "Terraforming Bay"(this one is more than likely going to be reserved for the climax of the film). The only quieter tracks are "A Cabin on the Lake" and surprisingly "Chest Burster". Which are your personal favorite tracks and how do you think Kurzell's work ranks compared to Jerry Goldsmith's, James Horner's and Marc Streitenfeld's scores?

Here's the link:



FacehuggerMember247 XPMay-01-2017 5:27 AM

"Spores" sounds really weird!


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-01-2017 5:52 AM

this gives us the complete flow of the film.

incubation - could be cryo for the crew / shaw in jugga

the covenant - maybe the last supper scene

neutrino burst - is one of the most difficult for me. maybe something to do with turbulance on the way down 

a cabin on the lake - the lander sits on a lake.  maybe reference to shaws cabin (set report) 

sails - now im going to guess that the object on the right, in the foreground of the lander on lake shot - is actually a ships mast with a carved wooden head. if true, could this be "sails" in reference to the small boat / ships mast.   it would make sense that they find something wonderful as they land. (like wheat later?) possibly miles away on this

planet 4 - the shot where the planet is in full view. im thinking the lander has already descended

launcher landing - hmmm...

wheat field - find wheat

spores - stand on the spores scene

med bay - on the lander back burster?

grass attack - continued proto attacks on ground crew

dead civilisation - charred bodies

survivors - meet david. he exchanges questionable info?

payload deployment - flashback to bombardment

command override - did shaws cryo open when jugga docked with the dreadnaut? is it refering to that?

face hugger - shop of horrors

chest burster - scene

lonely perfection - is this david and walter interaction?

cargo lift - rescue from tennessee?

bring it to my turf - try and get the alien in a certain part of the ship

terraforming bay - daniels and end scene

alien covenant theme - the end

well its a bit rough at the start but its what i have.

regardless of how it flows the big thing for me is what will be revealed.

i hoped it would provide answers from prometheus but im keeping my feet on the ground and determined to enjoy every bit of it.


Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-01-2017 6:15 AM

since i jumped the gun and just started typing, ive had a think and come up with this:

1 incubation - this is david putting shaw in cryo

2 the covenant - the meeting of the engineers

3 neutrino burst - did this have something to do with the ship that shaw and david are flying losing propultion?

4 a cabin on the lake - where shaw is hiding out (set report) same lake the lander drops on.

5 sails - could refer to daid and shaws vessell without propulsion and that scene.  or my wild guess is that there is a small sailing boat and mast  in that lake, linking to either humans or engineers / beings.

planet 4 - the scene where the approach to planet 4 is seen or where they have arrived and have sent the drop ship.

anyone got any thoughts to their version of possibilities?  we can only debate. i havent given it any time yet (really?lol) but i will have another look at it later

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-01-2017 6:19 AM

Lonely Perfection probably has to do with David and his experiments. There is something very sinister about this track too.


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-01-2017 6:22 AM

sherris ***SPOILER ALERT*** Neutrino Burst goes with the accident that kills James Franco's character.


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-01-2017 6:24 AM

thanks for that!! sounds about right !! i had thought that it could of affected shaw in cryo but wasnt happy with the death that way.  but the captain. yes.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


ChestbursterMember516 XPMay-01-2017 6:30 AM

so that means we could be about there except for:

a cabin on the lake


im not confident my theory is correct. does anyone have any ideas on these 2 scenes??

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


OvomorphMember59 XPMay-01-2017 8:14 AM

I have so many questions about the "Chestburster" theme... Why is it so sad, without one single horror element in it?..

Amazing OST, I loved it.


FacehuggerMember127 XPMay-01-2017 8:46 AM

Warner Music Group blocked it, I need to send my facehugger goons to the CEO...

Cleaner than Earth Actually


FacehuggerMember124 XPMay-01-2017 8:48 AM

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, you have to think big like Sir Ridley.  I think "Sails" will not refer to a little boat on the lake but  to Solar Sails and I'll go one further to bet they aren't on the covenant.  I honestly don't know if I dreamt this or read something from the Horses Mouth, an interview or something with Sir Ridley.....

So Solar Sails on an engineer ship, not sure which one....


FacehuggerMember164 XPMay-01-2017 9:34 AM

Is there anyway UK people can somehow download it and share. US can't hear it because it's blocked..I'm dying to hear it though!!!


OvomorphMember55 XPMay-01-2017 9:47 AM

 I read an interview where Ridley Scott was talking about using solar sails in the film & how this is an idea he was discussing with NASA.  So Sails is most likely a reference to solar sails.


FacehuggerMember164 XPMay-01-2017 1:17 PM

Anyone else notice the similarities between Alien: Covenant score and the first Alien score? Pretty cool!!!



DeaconMember10416 XPMay-01-2017 3:31 PM

Listen to this in a bit, i think having done so should provide some clues...

Listened to track 2 and seems very much this is similar to a track from Alien so this will likely be the showing of the Covenant Ship from outside and then maybe interior.

Track 1 is very Engineer sounding... like the tracks with Engineers in Prometheus...  i thought this would be the Covenant crew in Cryo-sleep when i saw the Title..

Now i have listened to it, it sounds very eerie and ominous, sure i heard this in the Feature when David is about to unleash Hell... 


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-01-2017 3:34 PM

Checked the Crossing Trailer, and Track 2 Covenant is playing while David is being put back together by Shaw and indeed this would be a Covenant as surely Shaw has waited some time for David to gain her trust and now she is performing the task of putting him together where he could be Dangerous and so in doing so this forms a Covenant with David and Shaw.

Track 1 Incubation indeed is the track in the Crossing Prologue from when David arrives and docks with the other Ship.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Ranting Xeno

FacehuggerMember113 XPMay-01-2017 3:56 PM

What have I done?!?!? This was the biggest possible spoiler I could ever have subjected myself to...and I did; happily, and all 58 minutes of it.

Having said that; loved it!

The range, from the jovial and delicate through the melancholic and atmospheric to the blood pressure hiking crescendos.

The recurring themes, some new and some more familiar, that build throughout were haunting.

The transitions are seamless as the tone of the scene changes. Even the "jump scares" seemed fluid and organic, unlike some scores where they seem forced and contrived.

Full use of the orchestra, it didn't feel out of balance. Additional sound effects and synth fit nicely (especially the bass heavy beat that a timp just couldn't create, alone).

The pacing of the scenes seems great too! With lulls and peaks and flowing nicely between them.

Can't wait for this. Even more hyped now.

Seriously impressed by the score (or most of it).

Ranting Xeno

FacehuggerMember113 XPMay-01-2017 4:07 PM

OK. One gripe. Chestburster.

I reckon the actual chest bursting was at the end of Face Hugger and there is going to be a fan boy solute to the chestburster.

Panning around the ravaged corpse of Oram. Focused on the newborn. Awe and wonder. Light and melodic - yet also majestic - music. Inducing fanboy nerdgasms (mine included) throughout the cinema.

This in itself ain't an issue. But they seem to drag it out for ages!


ChestbursterMember528 XPMay-01-2017 4:35 PM

Love "Cargo Lift".

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


EngineerAdmin22516 XPMay-01-2017 4:41 PM

Thanks very much for this! Gonna get it front paged shortly! 

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DeaconMember10416 XPMay-01-2017 4:59 PM

Nice Track,  few nods to Prometheus which seems to mean little Engineer connections...

Lot of nods to the Original Alien....  And the new kind of track vibe that seems to accompany the Spore/Neomorph and to a degree Xenomorph related Tracks.

I wonder if this listing however is not in chronological order.

Also does Chest Buster not sound like what you would have with this scene, is this a wrong listing?

I will be purchasing this track as its overall pretty good

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-01-2017 5:06 PM

I will say that i think i can give some Spoilers with this added, this is provided i the tracks are not chronological.

Ok no direct one... just a hint then so not to spoil...

Neutrino Burst and Command Override sound a bit familiar, they could loosely tie into Payload Deployment.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-01-2017 5:07 PM

The listing is correct. Chest burster is most likely intended for the aftermath of the actual chest burst.


FacehuggerMember293 XPMay-01-2017 5:23 PM

@Jem587, i love how there is elements of Jerry Goldsmiths original score in there, wonderful! i love haunting musical scores that leave an impression on you, its just as important as what is going on visually.

It's Shaw!

OvomorphMember16 XPMay-01-2017 5:31 PM

Just finished listening to it, it's really good, powerful, and it gets you in the right mindset, it's immersive (I hope I used the words right). And that's only by hearing the score. Can't wait for the complete experience.

Payload Deployment, Face Hugger, and Lonely Perfection were quite scary in my ears. Chest Burster - unusually quiet, but lovely, as A Cabin on the lake.

Of course, great connections with the Alien score:)


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-01-2017 6:11 PM

I like the bold experimentation, the weirdness of it. The tracks with the electronic/industrial vibe are my favorite ones, they are in the vein of Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross' compositions. This is a fully accomplished score. I wouldn't be surprised id it gets an Oscar nod.


FacehuggerMember194 XPMay-01-2017 6:56 PM

From reading the comments above, I really want to take a listen, but I don't want to get used to the music before seeing the film.

Eighteen more days...


FacehuggerMember161 XPMay-02-2017 6:16 AM

How are you guys listening to it?  The link above is blocked?


FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-02-2017 8:06 PM

If anyone needs this, I have a personal link I can pm you.

Just ask ...


EngineerAdmin22516 XPMay-02-2017 9:07 PM

What's this

Alien: Romulus - New Alien Movie Coming Soon! Visit for more info!


OvomorphMember75 XPMay-02-2017 9:57 PM

Thank you Chris for reposting it.

The Youtube video was taken down.

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