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Ridley Scott Downplays Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5: ‘There Was Never a Script’

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MemberFacehuggerApr-30-2017 6:49 AM

More signs of Ridley telling us there will be no ALIENs 2.5 (or ALIEN: BLOMKAMP)

Ridley is interviewed in a French Magazine called Allocine:

Google translate does a not too bad auto-translate job:

"Ridley Scott, who was in Paris for the promotion of the new opus of the saga, was even more definitive in our microphone: "I think he will never see the light," he replied after explaining That the project was far less advanced than previously thought. "There was never a scenario, just an idea that evolved into a pitch of ten pages, I had to participate as a producer but it did not go any further because Fox decided that She did not want to do it. I had already done Prometheus  and worked on Covenant."

There is an English Story on Screenrant with their translation of the Allocine quote:

There is a video interview with SirRid on the Allocine page (same link as above) with Questions and Answers in English!

Vital viewing for this forum's members, watch, digest and discuss!

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MemberFacehuggerApr-30-2017 7:17 AM

Meh. I don't really mind this. I wasn't too keen on A5. It felt like a cash grab. I love Ripley, but her story should have ended with A3, and there's really no reason to reboot the series by bring back Hicks and Newt. Last I heard, the movie was going to focus on Newt being the heroine, which is a concept I despised. I'd enjoy ALIENS a lot more if she wasn't in it.


MemberFacehuggerApr-30-2017 8:17 AM

I knew it.

I wonder what if anything Mr. "I've seen the script and it's gangbusters" Cameron will have to say about this? Lol.


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 10:57 AM

@Aorta lol, I know...i know. A "script", Mr. Cameron? Really? Really?


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 11:04 AM

*mumbles* Really, who said that?

How did a fellow german poster put it on the IGN interview? "Ridley seems to tend to obstinacy of old age." Im inclined to agree on that.

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


ModeratorPraetorianApr-30-2017 2:57 PM

I think the only way forward from Aliens Resurrection is for someone to grab the franchise the horns and do what Riddlers is doing with his prequels. Set a vision and a path, do a trilogy/quadrilogy that has a clear direction and doesn't rely on Weaver. If she wants to finish her character, cool do it but, get is over with and move on. Id love Blomkamp to take the helm but I think the problem with his Alien 2.5 script was that instead of going forward it went backwards and muddled the timeline even more.

Set up the franchise for a future direction.



MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 3:16 PM

To move forward from AR might get into Blade Runner territory although I don't know the timelines. I think RS said it was the same universe.


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 3:31 PM

@IRaptus I totally agree with you about rs needing to take things back over


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 3:55 PM

I'm personally glad that there won't be an "Alien 5". Blomkamp's latest two films were garbage and A3 and AR are more than OK sequels in my book.

The only way I could see Weaver as Ripley again would be in a direct sequel to AR, as I found the hybrid Ripley 8 very interesting and a good character platform to build upon. I feel very lonely having that opinion. 


AdminPraetorianApr-30-2017 4:01 PM

After District 9, Bloomkamp's movies went downhill. He is aa very creative man but his movies have been "meh". I'd be very glad if Alien 5 didn't see light of day tbh. As much as I love Sigourney, I think Ellen Ripley's story is over. 


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 4:03 PM

@Neomorph True, Ripley 8 is an interesting "concept". But Weaver isn't getting any younger that could be a problem unless you constantly de-age her.

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


ModeratorPraetorianApr-30-2017 4:07 PM

Thanks @Starlogger.

Alien and Aliens (despite personal preference on the two films directions) worked excellently together building the franchise.

Alien 3 and Resurrection were just piece-meal films that didn't really go anywhere or offer much, and have made it so much more difficult to move forward because of it. And I'm a big fan of Alien 3 - but it hurt the franchise.



MemberPraetorianApr-30-2017 4:29 PM

Frankly, I'm very damned happy it's been nixed. Blomkamp is good, but he needs more experience before tackling ALIEN, and bluntly I strongly prefer ALIEN's franchise be helmed exclusively by Sir Ridley Scott. Yes, he's grumpy, tempestuous, obstinate...and let's face it, he gets things DONE and we love him for his rougher qualities.
Also, he loves the fanbase, he appreciates and respects us.

James Cameron is something of a Liar, a fraud, and is a proven Plagiarist.
Ask Harlan Ellison.
Also, read the book Starship Troopers then compare some scenes to ALIENS...hmmm....
AVATAR, well, he ripped off Native History, painted us injuns blue and used us as foils to further his political statments and sentiments.
More than a few of us hate his guts for that.

What's more, with all the delays in AVATAR, the Industry is keeping a close eye on their money that he plays with, and there have been calls for audits, unsubstantiated hearsay, but there it is.

His comments about ALIEN 5, well Cameron is also famous for speaking out of his keester. He always needs to sound 'important' and like he's The Boss of Everything, as well as 'All Knowing'...when in fact he's quite ignorant, uninformed and considers his opinions to be Facts that everyone should accepts as such.






MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 4:33 PM

I still haven't seen Avatar lol!


ModeratorPraetorianApr-30-2017 4:56 PM

I agree with all your points Blackwinter Witch.

Avatar is the same as Alien 5. Taken too long, no longer relevant. 

I Really hope Ridley does take the helm and do the 6 films he said he'd like to do for the Prequels storyline.

Maybe by then they will finally have decided/agreed on Alien 5 lol.


MemberPraetorianApr-30-2017 4:58 PM


Well, take an old Cowboys and Indians movie, paint the Indians Blue, add in some heavy machinery and modern automatic weapons, and The Macguffin in the form of The Precious that drives the whole plot of why the humans are out on Pandora.

Basically, it's The Battle of Little Bighorn in space. :D






MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 5:02 PM

Blackwinter-witch LOL! Actually back then I noticed JC was pushing for theaters to make physical changes to their screens- for one movie. When I finally saw excerpts at a TV store, it looked like a hyper realistic cartoon. I just could/cannot give one single F about it. 


MemberPraetorianApr-30-2017 5:04 PM


With R. Scott around, we don't have too much to worry about, and FOX has finally realized the goldmine they have and are studiously cleaning up the franchise as Disney has done with STAR WARS. They've finally clued in that it's NOT all about Ripley, that the franchise is actually MUCH bigger than any specific character.

AVATAR, is probably going to kill Cameron's career and credibility, to be honest. It's no longer relevant and people want more than just some blue-painted rip-off from history.






MemberPraetorianApr-30-2017 5:15 PM


Yeppers, that sums Cameron up to a perfect 'T', he didn't ask that of theatres, he Demanded it.
AVATAR is a good 'popcorn' movie, BUT it is not the Uber-Epic Saga of All Time, no matter what Cameron thinks.

LOL Love you calling it a 'hyper-realistic cartoon' !!






MemberOvomorphApr-30-2017 5:25 PM

Blackwinter-witch I am glad someone else out there dislikes that film about nothing named Avatar. Too pompous and over-hyped while underwhelming at least, with a totally wooden actor chosen for the lead. And I agree with IRaptus that it is "no longer relevant." Yes, Cameron gave us Aliens and two Terminators, but it ends there for me (don't get me started on Titanic and its "relevance").

And no Alien 5 please. Keep on with the franchise, of course, but do not cut into the timeline. The story went where it went, whether rightfully or wrongfully, and it should not be discarded.


MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 5:35 PM

BWW- side note- using the word hyper reminds me- please PM if you have time how to make hyperlinks- I cannot figure it our lol!


MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 5:37 PM

In fairness to JC- I respect and enjoy the deep underwater stuff and design of a craft that could pull it off.


MemberPraetorianApr-30-2017 5:39 PM


TY for saying and you took the words right out my mouth!! :)

ALIEN 5 or whatever is was, I am glad it's Null.

R. Scott is taking us deeper into the universe we all love, and is not staying 'fixed' on one lone character, a universe of Humanity encountering mysteries, danger and facing the unknown in the dark silence among the stars. It seems that he's taking a view that each movie can stand alone and yet is connected to the overall Arc which is a good plan.






MemberOvomorphApr-30-2017 5:43 PM

@dk -- if you want to watch Avatar, watch first Hayoo Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke film. It is had a lot of parallels. And Avatar is not a good movie imo. Just blow-up with 3D movie begins and so much advertisement made. I saw it in first day cinema with 3D, had headache and hate it. T2 or Aliens so perfect for Cameron.


MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 5:52 PM

Sparkz LOL! I love how you suggest watching something before watching Avatar and then saying Avatar sucks! ROTFL! Thanks friend, I will pass and I don't GAS about 3d gimmicks. Some of the best scifi I have scene was black and white video and mono audio  ;)


MemberChestbursterApr-30-2017 5:58 PM

@Sparkz so true, that, combined with BWW's comments about how the story was plagiarized, and boom...there you have it. PLUS, those freaking creatures were UGLY, man.!


MemberOvomorphApr-30-2017 6:32 PM

I was thrill about Alien 5 and a heroin Ripley, but --

First Alien, years after years became a masterpiece.

Second Aliens did more than Alien, Ripley caracter nomineed for Oscar (to date only Gravity had a nominee for Best Actress in a science-fiction movie, correct if i am wrong) and a lot of critics agree it is best sequel of all-time movie history.

Third, Fox just want to finished Alien story and Ms. Weaver done Alien 3. It had a lot of mess. Mr. Fincher do not want to hear about Alien anymore... Nice idea but a lot of mess. Also so much likes as end of T2. 

Then fourth Alien Resurrection, i seen it cinema on time, but it so bad. Yes on time clone idea is nice, sound is amazing but scenario awful, everything awful.

Then Fox make Alien Quadrology. 4-disk set as dvd. Make money. Make money. When not enough,

Then i do not want to talk about AVP or AVPR too. OMG.

But Prometheus give a hope, about something new and can connect with first Alien. Yeah love Shaw and Engineers story. Love David's acting.

Then in Alien Covenant -- They said wait a minute, first Ridley made his movies, later Alien 5 will made. And now he says there not a scenario about Alien 5... 

I am here reading when discovered from Fall 2016 this forum, and wondering so much about Alien Covenant, but after seen delete scene of talking Engineer scene of Prometheus and delete extended scene Lambert with Xenomorph on Youtube -- i had really deep disappointment. So i do not wonder much.

For me Alien (theatrical cut) and Aliens (special edition cut) is best movies in Alien franchise. I got these blu-ray disks and i am cool with that.

If there will be a good movie, name not matter if it Alien 5, 6-7-8 or Alien Bla Bla, just good film i'm OK with. But if it will a garbage no, please i'm not accept it. 




MemberTrilobiteApr-30-2017 6:36 PM

Sparkz Yeah, I agree about the first two movies but I would have the DC cut of Alien also.

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