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10:00 min. Alien Covenant footage from Alien Day screenings. Good Quality.

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MemberOvomorphApr-27-2017 9:43 AM

Well its phoned but still  very decent quality. Just download the moviefile. I donloaded it. It is a .mov file.!guZy3Kab!gC6XO0IXS_-bGI_IRgw018KGNSzm64gJRRGoDjF2b3w

70 Replies


MemberOvomorphApr-28-2017 6:41 AM

The video looks great if you watch it via VLC player on a mobile device. Just set the aspect ratio to "Fit Horizontal". Thank you for sharing the link! Super psyched for May 19th! :D


MemberFacehuggerApr-28-2017 7:06 AM

After the disaster of AVP franchise, I never in a million times  thought the Alien universe would get me excited again. Ridley Scott is the bestest. 


MemberTrilobiteApr-28-2017 11:16 AM

ObscureMammal Thanks- link works just fine!


MemberFacehuggerApr-28-2017 2:05 PM

guys....this is it....what we've waited for all our lives......the greatest cinematic event in the history of human kind...its just.......a.......mazing....


MemberPraetorianApr-28-2017 2:55 PM

I have some SW fans as friends and they were wondering what I was so excited about. SO, bundled some links together for the assorted trailers and this vid for them.


They've gained or reclaimed a new respect and appreciation of the franchise we call 'Home'.






MemberOvomorphApr-28-2017 3:22 PM

The pacing is wonderful & the acting is great - much better than I thought it would be.  

But does anyone feel that the focus here is more on gore than true horror?  There's not really any fear of the unknown here - just things popping out of bodies & jump-scares.

I feel we see too much of the creature(s) - and the CGI - while great - still can't match the realism of practical fx.


MemberDeaconApr-28-2017 4:56 PM

Apparently indeed a lot of Horror Comes from Gore so its like a Brutal Slasher Movie in Space,  and that there are Jump Frights, but those who have seen the Trailers and all TV Spots will be able to be prepared for such moments.

The Horror Element mainly comes from a Alien 3, Meets Alien Resurrection type flick with added Gore.   There are a few Tense Scenes, but again i was told that sadly with a lot of things today the Public are used to Gore and Scares and so many things have been done over and over.

And so while some similar events to Alien movie, they wont have the same affect on today's audience just as the Thing 2011 did not have the same effect as the 1982 One.

But apparently a few characters you are drawn into the fear for them and so i guess this is where the Horror/Concern comes in and Lope is one such Character who has a Horrid Death.

So a few of the deaths we will care about more and fear for more than Prometheus Ones...

So as far as being Scary i guess yes the potential to be more Scary than others movies is there, especially for those who get had by Gore and Jumps....

But for a lot of us we are used to Horrors now, for example the Evil Dead movie a few years back was really Gory but did not have the same effect as the first one in 80's however if the 2013 Movie was shown to Audience back in 1981 i am sure it would have gone down as a much more Scary Flick.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteApr-28-2017 4:59 PM

Ash81 I said that before too but I think this cut is well edited to be non stop high tension. It seems like they really want to convince Prometheus haters that this is an Alien movie. I agree that there needs to be some slow boil horror and there probably will be.

That said, I think sound is more disturbing than visuals some times. The only thing that made me squirm was the gurgling noise after the mouth burster shot out.


MemberDeaconApr-28-2017 5:01 PM

The main way to induce Horror and Fear seems to be if these events happen to people you are drawn in to care about...  This takes time, its why the Walking Dead can be effective when Characters who have been in many series are in peril and when odd one dies here and there.... if this said Characters dies within the first few episodes they appeared the effect is not the same.

Sadly Movies only have 2-3 hour Time Frames to draw you into caring for Characters, which is why the Last Supper Prologue and those Messages Home TV Spots are released..

I would think if a sequel puts the Survivors in Peril then we may have more of a effect.  This is not a criticism at the Movie as many many Horror movies the same applies.

But some people do get Scared easy, so i guess for those who will continue to get the same sense of Horror watching Saw 5, 6, 7 etc as they did the first TWO will certainly find AC a Scary Roller Coaster ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteApr-28-2017 5:03 PM

BigDave The 2011 The Thing wasn't scary at all because it was basically the 1982 version with a different cast and no real slow boil.

I think we may get some psychological horror from the David/Walter dynamic. I also am hoping Awakening will be more psychologically frightening than AC.


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