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Beacon (Possible spoilers)

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MemberOvomorphApr-26-2017 8:54 PM

So after listening to alien theorist's description of the events leading to covenant landing, I am entertaining the possibility of covenant becoming egg central on 426 much more so. It was made to appear that they only landed on paradise due to Shaws beacon, and that it was not the original intended destination. As was said in another post, the ship seen after Hadley in A2 itself could be 2000 years old as RS alluded, but the eggs could be far less so. This is fitting with the possibility of egg morphing if the shower scene is quickly moved on from and though the proto dies, riggs' corpse may remain for sordid fun. Anyone think this is a possibility?

3 Replies


MemberTrilobiteApr-26-2017 9:01 PM

It seems plausible. Alien Theorist seems pretty thorough imo.

Inquisitor Fifield

MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 9:12 PM

possible yes 

plausible no


MemberTrilobiteApr-26-2017 9:42 PM

Inquisitor Fifield Why or why not?

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