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I Don’t Believe David – The Phantom Crossing

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MemberPraetorianApr-26-2017 2:28 PM

Why do you believe David? The prologue ’The Crossing’ is narrated by David. It is his version of the story, it is his opinion. How can we be so sure that he is telling the truth?

Probably this footage won’t be used in the movie except for the moments of the arrival. I think his words are taken from a scene where he is talking with the crew or Walter. And I think he is lying…

We know that there will be a book and/or a film about the events taking place before Alien – Covenant. Are these works going to reveal David’s adventures alone? I don’t know… I don’t believe David.

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MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 3:08 PM

The road to hell is paved with good intention, some might say. I think this applies to David. I don’t class David as a liar, but he can and does hide the truth. I do wonder who he is talking to. Could it even be a ships log?

If there is one thing I have notice about major movie trailers, is that there is a lot of misdirection. I don’t think David unleashes hell before telling Shaw. I’m going to hazard a guess that it is out of revenge for what I think happens to Shaw, which might just be because of what the Engineers do. Shaw’s demise, if indeed she is dead, could be at the hands of the Engineers and because we are seeing David develop a fondness for Shaw, his response to something happening to her is unpleasant. It could be a case of trying to remove a mole hill with a nuke.

There is one scene where Shaw does not look good and is holding something like an Engineer cup. I wonder if she is ill in some way and perhaps David hopes the answer lies with the Engineers. They might not be forthcoming with some help, so creates guinea pigs from the Engineers to experiment on to find the answers he seeks. When there are no Engineers left the Covenant crew turn up with fresh meat for the grinder.

This is all theoretical of course, but one thing I am going to guarantee on, is that there is going to be one hell of a twist somewhere down the line, and the trailers and viral campaigns have been designed to keep everyone looking in a direction other than the one that will reveal itself in the movie. As a stab in the dark I’m going for the Engineers being like the immortals (Eternals) in Zardoz and perhaps even welcome death.


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2017 3:09 PM


100% agreed.

Maybe there is something deeper going on here. Who knows? Maybe he's a sociopathic android in the wake of his "enlightenment" or maybe Weyland programmed him to be too emotionally unstable. This has been mentioned before and was also foreshadowed in the David commercial from 2012.

Either way there is no reason at all to just assume David is Shaw's white knight. Is it possible? Sure. Is it a sealed deal because of this footage? Certainly not.

It was definitely interesting to see some of the vindictive comments that popped up after we all watched it though.

Overall as many have already commented on, there was something off about the editing as well as the narrative. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if David's narration is actually extracted from a scene in AC where he lies to the Covenant crew about what happened. I believe this was mentioned in some of the earlier leaks. 

I think it's definitely smart to hold on trusting David. For all we know, he made that deal with Shaw so he could get his head back on, allowing him to pursue his vengeance against the engineers. He get's his head back, he kills her to keep his path obstacle free, then on arrival, his unholy vengeance.

Or not... ;p


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2017 3:15 PM

All interesting theories and ideas. "Nothing at face value" would apply... ;)


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2017 3:18 PM

oh also side note. Did anyone else think it looked like David had tears of satisfaction in his eyes as he prepared to drop the payload?


MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 3:20 PM

They must arrive at paradise fairly quickly, as davids hair isnt that long, in the empire shot he has long hair. Something must turn him really nasty on the journey, right?

With that in mind david may well be lying, but he didnt even lie to holloway, he just bumped him off, and seemed to follow his own agenda in prometheus, or should i say, weylands agenda, which is likely to be dominance of the galaxy, which would involve removal of the engineers as a competitor.

I just dont think a species as accomplished as the engineers would be wiped out so easily, there must be blowback from them, they must have a comms network, i reckon they might show up and the story moves into a galactic war between humans and engineers.


MemberTrilobiteApr-26-2017 3:29 PM

I am not sure he is flatly lying. He acknowledged Shaw's compassion and Weyland's and other humans' lack there of.


MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 4:44 PM

Find it interesting he uses the term "injured" to describe the decapitation (instead of "damaged", which is accurate).  That, in addition to stating "our creators" shows he thinks of himself as a living/sentinent being.  One has to wonder if he just goes nuts, or is in a chess match with the Engineers, that he learns will harm humanity.


MemberDeaconApr-26-2017 5:03 PM

I certainly feel he will be deceptive to a degree, i think Prometheus showed some respect that he had for Shaw at the end, and it set up for a interesting dynamic.   The Questions would be how would Shaw feel about David.

She simply however has no options but to have faith in David and his intentions, David has convinced or maybe mislead her to believe and accept without his help they are going no where.

We have to assume David is aware of the intentions of the LV-223 beings, he maybe can gather information from the ship to estimate the probability of the intentions of any Engineers they find.

Like i have covered a number of times, David has his own Agenda, he values his own life ans Survival, he is free now his Creator has gone and he wishes to no longer be bound as a servant of Mankind.  He was intrigued by the Engineers Technology he is intrigued by the order of Creation, Immortality as the Weyland Prologue will not doubt expand upon.

Know he is superior to his creators (Mankind) and knowing that Mankinds Creators the Engineers are Mortal and its only their Technology and Knowledge that gives the the Ultimate Edge (as well as greater Strength and Life Expectations).

David realizes that he is Technically Immortal and its only the Physical Strength difference that makes these Engineers Superior to him.. So David will feel more superior to them, and so he will know with their Knowledge and Technology he could become the more Superior Species and GOD.

But he is aware of the risk that confronting these beings could lead to the unknown potential for them to be hostile and so he would rather Logically Assume that its better to Destroy them and be free to then Salvage what knowledge he can from the Ashes and Ruins of their Society.

And he may relay to Shaw that he found out these beings definitely had bad intentions and he had no choice but to do what he had to do.

This ^^^ will be the kind of deception David will perform, but its one that gives him and Shaw the more Guaranteed Odds of Survival.  David does not see why it matters for Shaw to get her Answers... he however wishes to incorporate as much knowledge from these Gods, and doing so he may be able to give Shaw some Answers... even if David does not know the full 100% Truth of these.

The only option would be to introduce themselves to these beings and hope for a best case scenario where the worst case with a greater likelihood based on what David knew of the LV-223 Engineers is they will not give Shaw her Answers and Shaw and David will not be accepted well by them.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-26-2017 5:04 PM

I agree that David will Narrate his version of the Story to the Covenant Crew, before likely one of them uncover a sinister Plot by him that casts everything David had said in doubt.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Inquisitor Fifield

MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 5:43 PM

when confronted with the disproval of his make-believe, the proband resorted in to denial.


MemberDeaconApr-26-2017 6:06 PM


While we see David is some kind of Pinocchio, maybe its lucky he is not.... as who knows how Big his Nose will be by the time the Penny Drops with the Covenant Crew ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-27-2017 1:38 AM

A lot of lying potentially in there. "Impossible to say" I think dave knows exactly.


also interesting wording "our creators". With weyland gone who does he truly see as his creator.

Read up on ozymandius as David is going to become the true artist.



MemberPraetorianApr-29-2017 1:40 PM

Thanks for the comments.

waftlord - I think you hit the target, when he said in the prologue: 'Impossible to say.', I thought: 'No, David, no! Impossible to say? Why? Are you kidding? You have everything to count that.' There's a phantom fact in the background, I believe.


MemberOvomorphApr-29-2017 6:14 PM

It seems like a lie, but it could be a fast and very beautifully done sincere farewell to the intended Prometheus storyline. David is righteously pissed when he quotes the poem to "the Mighty"--you can hear contempt in his voice. It's personal. Shaw seems to have become a mother figure to him and probably much more. He knows she forgave him, where the Engineers do not seem to possess such decency. I want Shaw to live, and it's been said Walter discovers David is (partly?) organic when Walter attempts to "upgrade" him. If that's so, maybe David wants to become a real man for Elizabeth (the way he says her name really stands out, just like his loving sketch of her). If it's all a deception, it diminishes Prometheus and the idea that David is seeking redemption at some point in these prequels.

Walter may indeed be the villain, while we're being led to believe David is just a cardboard-cutout revenge-seeking robot...


MemberPraetorianApr-29-2017 6:26 PM

Existenzable - I like this alternative line as well. Ridley said that the beginning of the movie (the Weyland scene) would reveal who really David is. Half-real son? Maybe.

We are on the same field, I want Shaw to live, she deserves more screen time. And Rapace as well, I believe.


MemberNeomorphApr-29-2017 6:47 PM

What if David and Walter are just two manifestations of one single entity. One A.I with two "terminals" and one single Agenda. If you think about it, what was the need to feature two robots with the same appearance. In Terminator 2 they needed to bring back Schwarzenegger because he was the top billed attraction. Here the reason is most likely a plot device. The robots will trade places at the end like in old time Hollywood, but that sounds like a rotten idea. So there must be something else I'm hoping.


MemberPraetorianApr-29-2017 7:03 PM

"I’m going to hazard a guess that it is out of revenge for what I think happens to Shaw, which might just be because of what the Engineers do. Shaw’s demise, if indeed she is dead, could be at the hands of the Engineers and because we are seeing David develop a fondness for Shaw, his response to something happening to her is unpleasant."

I agree with the above Batchpool and to QueenElizabethShaw's point regarding the tears. I believe that is related and he is upset in regards to Dr. Shaw.

One thing I really thought was significant from this interview was that David 8 is mad. Not necessarily angry which he may be due to Dr. Shaw's fate but mad in the sense of insane.

Ridley Scott covers this directly in the interview in regards to David 8 reciting the wrong author for Ozymandias. 

David 8 is unable to make a mistake like that unless is something is wrong, not me, listen to Ridley Scott say this.

The best part about this insane android is that he can still run the Engineer weapons and recite power poetry while doing it. And its not Earth he's disinfecting of of all life in the trailer so good for that too. Good job on the topic and analysis Ati.


MemberPraetorianApr-29-2017 7:16 PM

Ingeniero, thx, just a thought, not analysis.

A new thought: is David insane because it injured too seriously? Shaw couldn't repair it, etc., etc... So everything comes from the Prometheus incident.


MemberNeomorphApr-29-2017 7:33 PM

I beg to differ, Ingeniero. Not on the theory that David is insane, but on the suggestion that he might be avenging Shaw's demise. He is reckless and genocidal. Imagine destroying a civilization eons in the making? His actions come across as unscientific, unintelligent even potentially self-destructive. And he didn't care about Shaw at all, or are you forgetting that he tried to put her in hypersleep with an alien growing inside of her? Ridley Scott better have a good explanation for David's actions.


MemberXenomorphJun-10-2017 7:04 AM


"....destroying a civilization..."

I can't imagine this is/was all the Engineers!? They would take the golden prize for the 'all your eggs in one basket' contest!! Easily wiped out by a asteroid or an atom bomb!

And just how many Engineers did David kill? 5 thousand?(i'll have to watch the movie again..) A small pittance...probably not make the Engineers Network News(ENN).   6,000 humans die an hour on Earth!

No. I'd expect billions of Engineer colonies spread through out the local cluster of galaxies...some as far as the Andromeda.

Unless this was the last colony of a Eons old society who were clearly on their way out. and David just kinda helped them take the final step. Way of the Dodo or the Dinosaurs.

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