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Alien Day Live Broadcast - Cringeworthy!

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FacehuggerMember133 XPApr-26-2017 10:54 AM

"Wow guys hope you liked that! Certainly makes you think!" - Alien Day Host

That was horrible!  Except for the cool scene at the end, it was a complete waste.  I do find it interesting that David bombs the civilization right out of the gate.

In terms of the event...  Arts and crafts, promotions for apps and 3D tools, Alienware promoted PCs...  And that host...  She knew nothing.  Why in the name of Prometheus did they hire a model to host this event?

This was bad.

I still think the movie is going to be great though!

23 Responses to Alien Day Live Broadcast - Cringeworthy!


FacehuggerMember247 XPApr-26-2017 10:57 AM

I have to agree lol


FacehuggerMember225 XPApr-26-2017 10:58 AM

LOL they definitely could've been more picky in the host department. But holy sh*t!!!! That scene!

What's the story, MUTHUR?


FacehuggerMember403 XPApr-26-2017 10:58 AM

Welcome back, Dr Shaw

Inquisitor Fifield

FacehuggerMember249 XPApr-26-2017 10:58 AM

Total waste of time and mostly advertising for some other shows, companies and what not..mostly.

the 1min of footage was redeeming tho -

David has a crush on Shaw, he adores her.So you can kiss all your wet dreams of her being turned into a queen or abomination by him goodbye.


ChestbursterMember554 XPApr-26-2017 11:00 AM

It was terrible and the footage was somewhat disappointing/confusing. The hosts and correspondents reminded me of everything I hate about modern live TV personalities. Most of them are obnoxious, try way to hard to emulate popular humor, and are blank, empty, devoid of souls and lack all things that qualified people in the past to do excellent work in the field.

It was also evident they were rushing along to try and keep their timeline. Incredibly annoying when you can tell the hosts don't really care about the moment they are in as much as they care to get to the end of it.


EngineerAdmin23401 XPApr-26-2017 11:02 AM

There definitely were some awkward moments, but the footage for me and set visit videos were pretty awesome. I actually enjoyed the sneak peek, it didn't reveal too much but we got to see Shaw!

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FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-26-2017 11:02 AM

Did y'all notice that the urns drop from the Juggernaut...not from the upside down ship!!!  I am re-watching it and the Juggernaut opens up at the bottom center....I always thought the center was the Space Jockey chair?  IS David on a different ship than Shaw?  Did David send Shaw with the ship she is in hypersleep somewhere else?


ChestbursterMember554 XPApr-26-2017 11:24 AM

I liked seeing Shaw but was disappointed the mystery of her at the control panel was revealed. That aside, she looked great. I did not appreciate the unexpectedly cheesy presentation of her relationship with David. I did not appreciate David seeming ambivalent about the engineers only to suddenly be shown as vengeful. We see Shaw appearing excited to meet the engineers with child-like exuberance she had in her opening scene on Prometheus and David's narrative enhancing that sentiment. Then suddenly while she's asleep, David goes menace?

If that's the direction we're going in then fine, but here's a question. Is Shaw being portrayed as having returned to her child like desire to meet her maker? Or is this some clever editing to misdirect. Everything leading up to David's opening the hatch did not fit with the sentiment of his last words.

If I were a new comer who had no clue what the content of this movie would be, I would have been put off and assumed that this movie will "bomb harder than Prometheus." Really hoping these shots were arranged to target the expectations of those who have been following all the media.


ChestbursterMember554 XPApr-26-2017 11:29 AM

Sorry for the rant guys. Truth be told I'm mostly upset because for the last few days, I was expecting a full backburster scene today.

But hey, I've waited this long. 3 weeks should be cake.


OvomorphMember91 XPApr-26-2017 11:31 AM

Yeah that host was so awkward, as was the Q&A..

It's 4.30am here now, the exclusive footage was cool but overall pretty disappointed I stayed up for this lol


FacehuggerMember133 XPApr-26-2017 11:41 AM

Dude you are a trooper!


FacehuggerMember357 XPApr-26-2017 11:43 AM

I was pleased with the footage, but the wait was tedious.

@QES I agree with your thinking, that there was a bit of editing misdirection going on.

Given what I have seen, I can imagine this will be awesome to view in IMAX.


ChestbursterMember839 XPApr-26-2017 12:00 PM

@QueenElizabethShaw, my best guess is that David discovered something(s) devastating while Shaw was asleep. In the clip he said that he learned all about them when he was alone again. So, I guess he found that he disagrees with their lifestyle. 

I actually find it a bit interesting to have this prologue, and really a driving event behind the upcoming movie, feature David laying waste to an Alien civilization. It seems very human of him. You know, to go in mostly blind (I mean, the studying he did gave him a lot of info into the civilization and they dealt with one Engineer who was a jerk, but to just friggin' rip them apart from the start is a bit wild) and try to destroy something he doesn't really know. Ironic, considering how he seems to hold himself up as better than humans (generally). Well, that's the vibe I get. 

Not a map, an invitation


ChestbursterMember907 XPApr-26-2017 12:06 PM meant "CRINGEworthy", that title really threw me.


OvomorphMember42 XPApr-26-2017 12:17 PM

The people he drops the urns on are not engineers. Once you realize this, you will understand. 


FacehuggerMember133 XPApr-26-2017 12:42 PM

@Starlogger...  My title was 'cridge'worthy.  Ha!


XenomorphMember1261 XPApr-26-2017 1:31 PM

Is the footage they show on the live show the prologue that's been dumped on Youtube?


ChestbursterMember907 XPApr-26-2017 1:49 PM

@Rick yes and on twitter/alienanthology...the one with Noomi.


FacehuggerMember161 XPApr-26-2017 1:55 PM

If anyone is going to the Screenings tonight and witnesses the 15 min of footage,  feel free to bootleg it for me


XenomorphMember1261 XPApr-26-2017 2:00 PM

Never mind the question.  It is the Prologue.  

Cuponator long time no see.  I have to disagree, look at what just 1 engineer did to David after only a few sentences and without any provocation from him.  I am sure David holds a grudge and has a bunch of animosity towards that race.  The only compassion he was ever given was by the one person he hurt the most throughout Prometheus.


XenomorphMember1261 XPApr-26-2017 2:11 PM

Ryan I second that


FacehuggerMember133 XPApr-26-2017 6:37 PM

Someone already tried to post it on Youtube.  Here's hoping it goes up on liveleak or vimeo!


ChestbursterMember739 XPApr-26-2017 7:32 PM

Drake you're correct and I felt exactly the same; she was absolutely horrible as an host.

Same damn worn out questions asked to the actors. Why not try a different approach this time maybe?

Cutting off Waterston's laugh with a question at the beginning was a bit rude. She could've at least fake a laugh like a host does a bit for christ's sakes.

She didn't even have the decency to pronounce the artist's names correctly (the least thing you'd expect from a HOST, they usually do their research, one part of the research is pronouncing guest names correctly) then she sort of made fun of it, which borders on insulting.

The artists were obviously uncomfortable by her behaviour during their art presentation and I hated the disastrous idea of letting the "crowd cheering noise level" determine which art was the best. Worst idea ever and reduces the artist's on the stage Idol-style. 

On top of that some of them didn't have the opportunity to fully complete their work, sure that was sort of the point but the execution of the idea didn't work out well at all imo. 

Then again Chobot comes from "hey we're amateur models pretending to be nerds"-IGN so I shouldn't expect quality in the first place.

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