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Paradise City Surrounding the Temple (enhanced, updated August 2017)
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MemberPraetorianApr-24-2017 9:16 PM

Here are images of the temple and the surrounding city enhanced.
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MemberPraetorianApr-24-2017 9:24 PM

Ruins everywhere...


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2017 10:44 PM

I have a feeling that the city was built up around an ancient site - It looks quite fascinating. I want to know what their daily lives consisted of, what did they do with their time, did they have a chemists they could pop to if they had a headache... you know... everyday mundane stuff ;)


MemberChestbursterApr-24-2017 11:09 PM

I also get the feeling that it's ruins (deserted long ago). Perhaps the humanoids live elsewhere and are summond here?

Nice pictures, Ingeniero!


MemberTrilobiteApr-24-2017 11:17 PM

I am not sure it is in ruins. Maybe that is due to pixilation? Zooming in on Google map buildings has the same effect.


MemberDeaconApr-25-2017 2:20 AM

I think the City has a Ancient look, that may be modernized in some areas.

A bit like Yazd in Iran, or even Ancient Quarter of Jerusalem

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-25-2017 2:31 AM

I was also going to mention something from these Shots when they came out but i forgot lol

so i will leave this here, that i intended to debate the other week.

Another Hanger?

The site for a intended Statue?  Or maybe one that used to have a Statue?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerApr-25-2017 3:15 AM

Great images, thanks!

Doesn't look deserted to me, more like an ancient city, thought Jerusalem myself . . .

Seems to be trees dotted around that appear quite uniform.  Surely jungle/forest would have encroached if deserted for any length of time?


MemberChestbursterApr-25-2017 4:51 AM

BD: A bit ominous/symbolic if the ruined city on Paradise resembles Jerusalem about 2000 years ago (when the outbreak on LV-223 began). This is when humanity fell from grace by crucifying Christ . . .


MemberPraetorianApr-25-2017 5:49 AM

Hi chli, really nice to hear from you again. Yes, very ominous and full of symbolism.

Approximately 2000 years ago, LV-223 was attacked during what may have been a larger war on the Engineers by someone else. 2000 years later, 2000 colonists on the "Covenant" are delivered to Paradise with a security detail of less than 20 people. Not all coincidence I am sure.


MemberPraetorianApr-25-2017 5:51 AM

Deep Space, you are most welcome. I noticed the trees and they have to be over 100 ft. tall or larger like redwoods or sequoias.


MemberPraetorianApr-25-2017 5:55 AM

diploma logistics, welcome from India. You are simply awesome for your comment. Thank you.

In regards to your question, the images were cut from this image below.


MemberPraetorianApr-25-2017 6:02 AM

BigDave and SenseOfDoubt, I believe the city is very, very old and built similar to what we see on Earth with ancient structures mixed with current occupants living quarters.

All of which comes to an end the day David 8 shows up.


MemberOvomorphApr-25-2017 1:44 PM

Would it be outside the realm of possibility to believe David 8 is attempting to complete the Engineers' mission?


MemberChestbursterApr-25-2017 1:48 PM

Thanks, Ingeniero. I agree that the timing is probably no coincident but perhaps not a war on LV-223 - just an outbreak (caused by an accident with the mutagen)?

I wonder in what way the engineers on Paradise are infected by the mutagen when David unleashes the ampules? So far, the ones infected has swallowed it. I wonder if it's contagious through the air (inhaling) or by getting it on the skin?

Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerApr-25-2017 2:44 PM

Is it me or does it look like there are no windows on any of the buildings?

Maybe just due to scale but I'd guess if you looked at say London or New York from a similar vantage point you could see the reflections, if nothing else?

Not that this has to be significant in any way ;) just an observation :) 


MemberPraetorianApr-26-2017 10:11 AM

Deep Space, thank you for your question and I believe it is very significant.

The population below may have moved on from glass protection in their structures to something made from Engineer technology.

Something similar to a barrier projected that is the same color that we have seen with this tech.

Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerApr-26-2017 11:04 AM

@Ing - yes that was my thought as well, that they may have a kind of two way seeing wall that can open or close at will.

Either that or perhaps they prefer little sunlight?  Maybe this could help explain the pale complexion which the 'engineers' on Paradise still seem to have if not as pronounced as the ones we saw in Prom.  

We aint seein' no brothers, you dig? ;) 

I speculated in another thread that the extreme pale complexion could be a result of prolonged stasis/space travel?


MemberPraetorianApr-28-2017 6:08 PM

Here are additional images of the temple procession enhanced.


MemberPraetorianMay-03-2017 7:36 PM

Here is a close up of the steps.


MemberChestbursterMay-04-2017 2:58 AM

i think there is segregation in the city. im not sure why yet  but i still get the feel that there is.

im talking in addition to the arena. potentially other areas.

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


MemberPraetorianMay-04-2017 6:55 AM

I think the one area that is very significant is what is underground sherris. That could be the biggest segregation on the planet with those that inhabit it.

The 3d scan of the planet above showed internal structure of some kind, natural or otherwise, and the opening under the juggernaut (below) also shows structure below ground.

How far down into the planet did they build?

I say as far as they (ye Mighty) wanted.


MemberPraetorianMay-04-2017 4:17 PM

Here is another enhanced shot of the temple up close with a statue visible clearly.


MemberChestbursterMay-05-2017 4:22 AM

ingeniero - - i agree! regarding the segregation and possibilities of whats underground.

that above pic is stunning i wonder if the statue is holding an urn or something remarkable??

i hope we get into the detail in the city - its a fascinating place so far. endless possibilities

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


MemberPraetorianMay-09-2017 4:33 PM

I do believe they will show the city in detail sherris.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2017 10:07 AM

Here are additional images of the city I was able to grab in the background, enlarge and enhance.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2017 10:09 AM


MemberFacehuggerAug-21-2017 2:48 PM

The close up of the ravaged Engineer is reminiscent of the injuries suffered by the sacrificial Engineer in Prometheus. They both have a similar gouge in the spine area.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2017 3:25 PM

Good catch hox.

Even though it is believed that there is a difference in the mutagens' eventual affects due to differing solution (Paradise Engineers fried, Sacrificial Engineer broken down), you are able to see how the swarm interacts with the body.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2017 3:27 PM

Tennessee knows how to fly.


MemberFacehuggerAug-22-2017 8:43 AM

Thanks for posting these! Great pictures. A lot to sift through to spot little things. 

I'm still leaning towards the black goos being the same, just different amounts ingested/applied.  It seems to immediately enter the blood turning the veins black, then they sort of dissolve releasing the black particles back into the air to move on while the DNA and body are broken down. 

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