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THE GATE - I Think I Was Wrong

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PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-22-2017 12:13 PM

Previously I thought that the well-known gate image shows an entrance which belongs to a building or a shelter. The new 'The Greatest Step' tv-spot contains a new scene revealing a gate so now I think I was wrong.

The gate in question is not part of a building but is included by the wall that can be seen around the circus - if I'm not mistaken again.

The Oram, Lope, Daniels stills probably show the characters near this gate.

Link to the new spot:

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ChestbursterMember516 XPApr-22-2017 1:17 PM

i think wot u have here is correct.

after the grass attack and the finding of the dead civilisation we jump straight to survivors which is what you have here i think.  there even looks to be someone hiding in the shot.  (first shot after gate picks) 

also the same pattern is seen on the gate as in the shot described above.


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PraetorianMember3422 XPApr-22-2017 2:44 PM

Great job Ati

Here are enhanced versions of the darker gate image above.


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-22-2017 4:42 PM

I think there are many places they try to escape too.

so you old theory is not in-correct.

The area i have highlighted with Green seems to be inside the Cathedral Dome and this could also house another Gate.

I would say these two locations are indeed two locations in the movie also.

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PraetorianAdmin4331 XPApr-22-2017 6:14 PM

What a great post, Ati! Thanks so much! Going to feature it!


PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-23-2017 4:37 PM

Svanya -- Thank you very much!


PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-23-2017 4:40 PM

Dave - I'm not brave enough to state anything. Too many gates, too many stairs, too many buildings. Anything is possible...

Ingeni - Thank you! You are the fastest 'zoomer' I've ever known. :D


PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-23-2017 4:50 PM

sherris - I think you are talking about the mystery creature between the pillars waving its hand... After profound investigation some members could solve the enigma: probably it is a dead/bombed/smoked native. :)


OvomorphMember59 XPApr-24-2017 1:59 AM

There is my version about gates:


ChestbursterMember516 XPApr-24-2017 2:43 AM

ATI - so u finally have one theory that holds up. well done :)

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FacehuggerMember437 XPApr-24-2017 4:11 AM

I am willing to bet that these beings are not completely deceased as believed I think that we may even get to see them interact with the crew of the covenant

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ChestbursterMember516 XPApr-24-2017 4:25 AM


i see your theory, maybe some interaction will happen.

that wud be some moment..

"survivors" mentioned on the track listing doesnt have to be david / and / or shaw, they could b others from the civilisation. however that wud mean they have survived on a planet infested from the bombing for some time.  but we dont know the prodeure they use in an attack (if any)or facts so that is very possible

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


FacehuggerMember164 XPApr-24-2017 7:28 AM

Where are all of the goo canisters?  You would think they would be laying all over the place.


OvomorphMember59 XPApr-24-2017 9:01 AM

@Spearfish - It's been mentioned that they explode above the crowd, so the Goo rains down on them.


PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-24-2017 9:05 AM

Spearfish - Half of the natives were killed by the canisters themselves. :D

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