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Female Engineers?

Female Engineers?

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PraetorianAdmin4331 XPApr-21-2017 4:42 PM

Was looking at the new images and realized a couple of the engineers on the planet were smaller and had more delicate features than the others. Could they be females?

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OvomorphMember20 XPMay-11-2017 6:19 PM

No, I think my yelling was just to get the animation and emotion of the face, it sounds not of this earth now. I have a video clip but not sure if it infringes on any copyright laws or disclosures that I signed if I were to upload it here.


no idea of any connection between Prometheus or covenants engineers. Perhaps the next instalment will reveal more.

and no I don't have more engineer pics.. those were last minute shots after my makeup.




DeaconMember10416 XPMay-11-2017 6:56 PM

Having seen the movie... there are inconsistencies for sure..

The second set C+D do not look quite the same as A+B and in hindsight Make up like E with Contacts of F would have presented us with a more realistic looking Engineers.

But i think its a oversight, the whole scene is so quick, that people are not expected to notice the difference, well maybe that was the intention....

Ridley Scott has made this mistake and oversight with every incarnation of the Engineers, from Space Jockey to Alien Covenant.

But there are plenty of Questionable Plot Holes/Inconsistencies that allow for debate to turn this is to Questions that could indeed allow for the potential of these beings not being the same as the Prometheus Engineers.

Especially looking at the Sets, they still and more so now i have seen the movie... Give me a kind of This Place (Planet in AC) is a place those above those beings (Big Head Statues) come to this place for Sacrifices.

It also has the whole Aeon Flux Movie Plot about those beings...  not so much as they are Clones, but they are a Humanity that are kept within that City alone, to be monitored by a Hierarchy above them... who view them from above..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-11-2017 8:31 PM

Holy **** BoZ,  that's you?!  That's awesome!,  never thought I'd talk to an Engineer,  and about your yelling and all of that, did they have you learn some P.I.E, proto indo european?


OvomorphMember20 XPMay-11-2017 8:32 PM

Hahahaha nah they didn't teach us anything ..



FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-11-2017 10:48 PM

Lol,  we can only hope they'll have more screen time or dialogue in Prometheus 3 or whatever 



FacehuggerMember139 XPMay-12-2017 6:55 AM

Is that an official movie shot (the group of Engineers in the first post) or just a side-story trailer like the Peter Wayland talk.

I disliked somehow newest trailer "The Crossing" which make the Engineers look like sheep waiting for destruction, when you consider how they swarm in large groups the area beneath the Juggernaut.

A bit of mystery about this species got lost and make the film Prometheus pointless since the whole point was to seek for answers.


OvomorphMember16 XPMay-13-2017 2:29 AM

Just returned from seeing it... it I hadn't read this thread I would say that some of the engineers appeared female


OvomorphMember25 XPMay-13-2017 9:38 AM

WIsh they had more of an effort with the AC engineers. @BoZ used your pic of yourself as an extra and added dark eyes...would have made a big difference IMHO.


OvomorphMember20 XPMay-13-2017 1:18 PM

Oh yeah @KaliPrime that looks HEAPS better!. 



FacehuggerMember139 XPMay-14-2017 10:49 AM

This whole settlement/town with the buildings and how the local species clothings look like gives me the impression this is a sacral place.

That planet is surely not their homeworld but a place where they (the local lifeforms) probably meditate,worship a higher entity (if there is any).

It seems to have only a few cities or maybe just the one which David encountered.

If that planet was the Engineers homeworld it would be way more high tech and covered with much more surface structures which have probably counter-measures for destroying asteroids or enemy ships. In that case the little Juggernaut would be turned to ashes long before entering the atmosphere.

Keep in mind the scene with the sacrificial Engineer probably

took place approx.1.5 million of years before humanity, and even then they where space faring. Hard to image how far they have advanced since then.

So the Engineers are by far not Extinct number-wise but maybe lost some important testbed (how important, we dont know) for their grand scale life seeding experiments. That planet seem to look isolated anyways(without satellites,orbital defensive systems, mainly overgrown by wildlife). A perfect hidden/isolated place for experiments.

Note that LV-223 was supposed to be the Engineers homeworld in Prometheus with that cave paintings. We know it was instead a military outpost, while the true Paradise (another Engineer life seeding experiment?) was still hidden (till David & Shaw set course for it at the end of Promethues).


OvomorphMember22 XPMay-14-2017 8:52 PM

i think they had managed to hide it in plain sight, there is a female engineer with her breast exposed in the movie poster?


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-14-2017 10:08 PM

this is what I came up with lol,  but KaliPrime's is way superior 


OvomorphMember20 XPMay-15-2017 2:05 PM

Well, at least they look better than Ridleys.


Interesting there Gralen.


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-15-2017 8:28 PM

Lol,  BoZ dis you get to meet Sr. Ridley Scott or any of the cast members,  if so,  how was it? 


OvomorphMember1 XPMay-16-2017 3:10 PM

After my second viewing of covenant today.

I have spoken to people who say there are engineer women and even children in it but I think it is still unclear.

what is clear is that every statue in the engineer city and in David's drawings is masculine in features.

Even if there are women 1: there seems to be very few 2: they could still be a sterile race.

As for there being children, there was one smaller looking engineer that I noticed but this could easily just be a smaller 'male', or female if they are definitely there, which again, for me is unclear.

it would make sense to me if the engineers were in fact unable to procreate as it would explain their worship of the creation of the xeno through the black goo and humans as wombs.

it would make even more sense, in my opinion, if the engineers were genderless and/or asexual. Adding women just makes it more confusing.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and despite some stupid plotholes and things,(similar to but not as bad as Prometheus), the intrigue of the creation of the perfect organism/the engineers' religion won out.


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-17-2017 8:08 AM

Good to hear shanebai,  I'm seeing it this Friday 


OvomorphMember20 XPMay-17-2017 1:31 PM

Not Ridley scott Xen, but some of the others were there. I'm naive with any actor or actresses but heard some of the others talking. 

I never know who's who.


OvomorphMember11 XPMay-17-2017 2:39 PM

After seeing the movie 3 times I can tell that in the flashback the engineers appear to be androgynous in some aspects, there is a small one that could be a girl but also looks alot like a boy so it's my guess that if there are females they look very similar to the males, the difference in height doesn't matter in my opinion, also there is a special white robe engineer that shows for like half a second and he stands out from the others cause he is on the staircase and you can see he is much older than the rest, I theorize that the engineers we see on this planet are only a small colony since they seem to only have inhabited the citadel. 


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-19-2017 11:40 PM

Nice!,  one in a lifetime experience BoZ


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-19-2017 11:41 PM

Watched it yesterday,  it was fantastic btw nice job to everyone involved 


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-19-2017 11:43 PM

Wasn't there one with a red robe as well? Can we analyze the Engineer scene? 


OvomorphMember25 XPMay-20-2017 6:08 PM

Ohhhh a red robe?!?! I didn't catch that one. Def saw the white robed one. Where was it in the scene? I really hope the concept of the engineers is not completely abandoned. It adds such an epic quality to the mythos. In my mind, this has to be a settlement of hippies, a commune like community. Maybe a group of devotees or worker class beings. So many questions!!! So glad this scene was not taken out of the film. It was my favorite scene.


OvomorphMember19 XPMay-21-2017 11:31 AM



Is possible that engineers from Prometheus are not the same race like this one in Covenant?

Engineers from Prometheus are much different than this one in Covenant ?



OvomorphMember15 XPMay-21-2017 10:50 PM

I can tell you that there ARE actually female engineers in the movie.

When David arrived with the Engineer's Ship, first of all the engineers on the planet all look up and start smiling.
There you can clearly see a female engineer smiling brightly, as seconds later they start running, because the "elder" starts to scream that they are going to be attacked.
In this particular scene you can see lot's of females and children-like engineers.

The engineer from Prometheus was a genetically modified engineer, a soldier, with a biomolecular body armor which was attached to his body. Se he looks definately different from the natural engineers.


OvomorphMember19 XPMay-22-2017 1:27 AM

The engineer from Prometheus was a genetically modified engineer, a soldier, with a biomolecular body armor which was attached to his body. Se he looks definately different from the natural engineers.


Body yes because of the armor but the head is very different to from engineer from Prometheus and Covenant.


FacehuggerMember143 XPMay-22-2017 11:06 AM

pretty sure there was one wearing a red robe,  I might be wrong,  maybe BoZ can help us out,  since the movie's been out for almost 2 weeks, so yeah,  and there were female ones


OvomorphMember20 XPMay-22-2017 1:51 PM

By memory we all had the same colored robes however my memory mainly recalls being extremely sleepy that day haha. 

Perhaps they colored some robes during the edits. I guess better clarity once it's available to buy/rent.



OvomorphMember15 XPMay-23-2017 9:25 AM


The whole body must have been genetically modified, since the engineers are capable of modifying DNA and speeding up evolutionary tasks. Especially after they had several million years to upgrade their technology and knowledge.


We won't get any answers probably by Ridley Scott, since he just ****ed us by killing all the Engineers in Covenant, so he doesn't have to answer all those uncomfortable questions. It's sad, that the only interesting part about the Alien universe was vanished from the surface of Planet 4.


I am sure they have edited much and changed the appearance of some of the actors and cloths. Just take a look at the special edition of Prometheus, they changed many things and the appearance of the "Engineer".


Mostlikely clothes, makeup and other important things change from time to time, or become changed after the editing.


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-23-2017 10:03 AM

"Well, at least they look better than Ridleys."

Oh Dear BOZ.... thats your chances to be another Engineer in future Blown! LOL .... joke.. they are all likely Dead anyway.. as far as we never seeing them again.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-23-2017 10:16 AM

There are 100% Female Engineers or beings...

This raises a massive Question as to why was we Created?

Spaights Draft had it that these Engineers where very Ancient Millions of years old... and they had advanced so much that they lost the ability to Procreate, and that they would have had to come up with more inventive ways of Procreation.

But the whole Seeding Process in his Draft.. (Evolve Primates) would have taken  10's of thousands of years.  And would have put the Sacrificial Scene at over 150'000 years ago. Thats a long time to wait for the eventually evolution of Modern Man.

But the drafts which include Lindeloffs did put the Sacrificial Purpose as being very important to the Future/Needs of the Engineer Race.

some Ancient Cultures and Mythos have tails of Man being created first and that time past by before Females were introduced...

Therefore maybe these beings had no Females, or Lost them and they Sacrificial Scene (one that would taken place on Earth) was the objective of creating a Humanoid Race that will eventually evolve to give them Females...

The Engineers then come and collect the Females, and then use them to Procreate with... just as in Genesis 6:4 where the Sons of God (Angels) came down and mated with the Daughters of Man.... throughout different Mythos we see the GOD's have a infatuation with 4 Things.

1) Power

2) Worship

3) Gold

4) Females

I always felt the Engineer in Prometheus seemed very interested in Dr Shaw..... i made a Topic a While back to debate the Female Connection/Agenda.  

Cause of Sin/Fall

I also think that if the Engineers could not Procreate, because they had no Females, or they was taken away or that they evolved into a sterile Race...  That this would also give a good reason why they would Worship the Xenomorph Life-Cycle as far as related Organisms...

As this allows for the Engineers to Bare, and Birth New Life, through Sacrifice which is important to their Culture.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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