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New Alien: Covenant Featurette Shows Peter Weyland!
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FacehuggerMember247 XPApr-12-2017 7:32 AM

It shows a lot of new stuff.


The video no longer seems to be available via Fox Extras but thanks to puscyfer we have a copy of the video!

You might want to save it, in case it gets taken down.


40 Responses to New Alien: Covenant Featurette Shows Peter Weyland!


ChestbursterMember805 XPApr-12-2017 8:10 AM

Thank you for sharing! and to AVPGALAXY. 


PraetorianMember2674 XPApr-12-2017 8:28 AM

Holy crap!!!

Thanks for sharing this with us Edgy! ;)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


FacehuggerMember205 XPApr-12-2017 8:44 AM


Wow!!! Did You see that scar on Walters cheek??

Thank's for sharing!

              "Bees have hives, man" 

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-12-2017 8:48 AM


PraetorianMember2674 XPApr-12-2017 8:53 AM

Yeah, David is still wearing his beat up/faded suit from PROMETHEUS!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-12-2017 9:02 AM

Listen to the voice of MUTHUR. A familiar voice. 

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-12-2017 9:10 AM


FacehuggerMember205 XPApr-12-2017 11:07 AM

Look at that little doggie run!!!

              "Bees have hives, man" 


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 11:30 AM

I cannot wait to see what happened to Walter's face.  Also, we all speculated that Walter was shutting the doors on Waterson in earlier trailers.  Looks like Walter is INDEED helping them and concerned. 


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 11:31 AM

So if Peter Weyland in this trailer looks as though he is in his late 40's or 50's....How long did he have David as "the closest thing to a son"?  I was under the impression David was created not long before Prometheus. 


FacehuggerMember205 XPApr-12-2017 11:31 AM

Yes! So it seems! Interesting!!

              "Bees have hives, man" 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-12-2017 11:34 AM

Thanks Edgy- very interesting.


FacehuggerMember194 XPApr-12-2017 11:42 AM

This shot has me most intrigued:


FacehuggerMember205 XPApr-12-2017 11:45 AM

Yes Raido!

That caught my eye too... Do You think it's the Juggernought coming to paradise, or is it another planet maybe?

              "Bees have hives, man" 


FacehuggerMember194 XPApr-12-2017 11:48 AM

Looks like the Juggernaut coming to Paradise to me, but I could be wrong...


TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-12-2017 11:52 AM

Radio- It's appearance is very interesting. I am hoping this does not suggest time travel.

Goddamn Tropics in here

FacehuggerMember288 XPApr-12-2017 11:52 AM

@Lone, that really does look like Davids suit from Prometheus, minus a few brown features

This would now perhaps explain Davids attire when showing oram his prize eggs?

It's Shaw!

OvomorphMember16 XPApr-12-2017 11:55 AM

Thanks for sharing, it's great! The feel/atmosphere of the movie, that Scott was talking about is almost palpable!

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-12-2017 11:56 AM

I think the Time Travel option might be on the table as Scott did let out that the next film would be a prequel...also might explain the ship on LV-426. Of course, it's all speculation at this point. Though, judging by the scene of the Shaw/David ship jumping into the atmosphere like that would suggest some advanced Tech on the ships.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-12-2017 11:59 AM

It reminds me of coming out of warp like that movie that rhymes with Car Wreck.


FacehuggerMember167 XPApr-12-2017 12:19 PM

I dont get the time travel notion, where has that come from. The juggernaut shot just looks like the end of prometheus when it accelerated out the atmosphere. 


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 12:23 PM

I wonder what part of the ship they are entering?


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 12:24 PM

Here it is inverted to see it looks like the pilot's room walls and door.


FacehuggerMember205 XPApr-12-2017 12:52 PM

By the looks of it, it could be the center of the ship, where the pilots seat is situated. It looks like the seat and the roundel is gone though...

              "Bees have hives, man" 


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 12:59 PM

Parkerparrot yes that is my thought as well.  I also was thinking it could be where the Urns were stored and dropped out of the ship?

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-12-2017 1:20 PM

I believe that is the Bombardment Door where the URNs are released. We saw in previous trailers that the crew find the bridge of the ship and the hologram of Shaw at the controls. I agree with Dave that the urns were stored there just as we saw in Prometheus...David drops them onto the Alien Beings below...


FacehuggerMember240 XPApr-12-2017 1:32 PM

Another cool shot of "Davids Workshop"


PraetorianModerator2414 XPApr-12-2017 2:33 PM

We ourselves decided the groups rule book is official canon...

no time-travel allowed! lol


PraetorianMember2861 XPApr-12-2017 2:41 PM

It's likely just arrival out of hyperdrive in high-atmot by the Juggernaut commandeered by Shaw and David. Human tech isn't to that level yet and human ships from all canon sources seem to have to have to come out with some room to spare, as a safety margin. The Engineers have had hyperdrive for an immensely long time, hence precise navigation and such.

David was likely a very early Production or pre-production prototype.





Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPApr-12-2017 2:44 PM

IRAPTUS - Hear, hear! :)

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