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Paradise Lifeforms on X-Ray, Individually Enhanced
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MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 9:54 PM

Here are the lifeforms in the X-Ray image above.
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MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 10:00 PM

Nice work! Some of those remind me of concept art I have seen but tweeked a bit. The Hallett one appears to be wrapping around the host's spine.


MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:12 PM

Thank you dk. Now I have to decipher what lifeform is what and any help there is greatly appreciated.


MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:15 PM

Thank-you for posting these!!! This is tons of 'writer-fuel'!!
The one I find eye-catching is the one inside's reminescent of a facehugger, and quite distinct from the others.






MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:22 PM

You are most welcome Blackwinter-witch. Now we can analyze them.


MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 10:29 PM

Ingeniero- per your request, here is just a quick first response of impressions. I know they suck but I am going for a 3 second glance and rapidly writing what comes to mind,

Ankor looks like a face hugger with a carapace and kind of a shrimp influence

Cole looks like a head with a xeno tail

Daniels looks more like a proper xeno/proto

Ricks looks like a creature humping another creature

Rosenthall looks like a cross between a centipede and face hugger maybe

Tennesse looks like something unviable ala Resurrection

Upworth and Faris looks like a fatter version of the original chest burster

Hallett looks like it could be a back burster or at least render the host paralyzed as it grows

Karine looks like an unviable creature ala Resurrection

Lope that thing looks like a shredder

Oram looks like it grows the length of the host’s body



MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:37 PM

Right on dk. Thank you so very much.


MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:41 PM


dk 's initial observations are really good, I have nothing I can add, also my brain's busy chasing down possibilities regarding these various lifeforms.






MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 10:46 PM

Upworth and Faris are identical- two of the same experimental conditions or perhaps relatives? IDK everyone's names.


MemberPraetorianApr-05-2017 10:58 PM

Guys, for me, it's kinda like a Crittery Christmas :D SO much 'raw' material to work from...







MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 11:02 PM

Zoomed out, Oram's beastie looks like it could be a throat buster.


MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 11:42 PM

Blackwinter-witch It is great that these threads give you so many ideas. I hope it doesn't derail Manticore. Not you, but I have known people over the years who never got anything done because new ideas kept coming in. A bit unrelated, but a musician was asked if he could have made an album better and he said 'Of course! You're never done with a project. You can spend forever tinkering with it to the point where it gets absurd, so you eventually have to shut off new ideas and use them later to make the next release better and more crushing.' As someone who used to do that, I can say it is true. I have no idea about authors though. Just throwing it out there if it is applicable.


MemberFacehuggerApr-05-2017 11:49 PM

I think this is to throw people off, in a way.  As in... some of these people will definitely have an alien placed inside them, but it's up to us to guess which ones are legit.  I could be wrong though and it might very well end up being all of them.  That will be chaos!


MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2017 11:57 PM

DirtWolf You could be right. They know people like us will pick apart anything they release. It seems we are having harmless fun knowing full well we could be wrong.


MemberPraetorianApr-06-2017 12:17 AM


Thank-you for your concern, but don't worry! :)

All the New 'stuff' goes into a...'library' inside my head, and doesn't interfere with anything. When I write a story, I get it laid-out first, the 'bones' then I stick to that template, as I edit and polish things, tinkering within set limits defined by the template set down.

The New 'stuff', now that's a wealth to be used for upcoming and future works, and a wealth it is indeed!!

Your point is well-made and yes, authors can fall into the 'forever tinkering' trap as can any other creative types. Occupational hazard, I'm afraid.






MemberPraetorianApr-06-2017 12:20 AM

Part of the fun of movie anticipation is the Pirhana-like devouring of any tidbits of info and the Speculative analysis. :) If nothing else, we might be totally wrong, BUT it does give our minds and brains good exercise. :)






Something Real

MemberTrilobiteApr-06-2017 12:22 AM

INGENIERO - How very neat! I very much enjoy the imagery you have presented in its sharpened form. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share this with us! :)


MemberFacehuggerApr-06-2017 4:29 AM

I tried to stay off the interwebs to avoid any more details...I am such a weak person, lol.  These are awesome :)

Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerApr-06-2017 4:34 AM

Love it!


Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


MemberFacehuggerApr-06-2017 4:50 AM

Cole's looks like an Engineer helmet

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


MemberDeaconApr-06-2017 5:30 AM

Thanks for the close ups Ingeniero and Detailed Analysis DK

To me they look like they are just Marketing Material and are in No Way a indication of Who gets infected by What.

Its just a little neat thing to showcase a few experiments David had maybe carried out and what they would be like Gestating inside the Crew.

I find it interesting that Upworth and Farris have the same creature inside them.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-06-2017 5:33 AM


Indeed it does look like the Space Jockey ;)


Would that not be a Epic Twist.... if indeed David and Walter have secretly set all the crew up and infected them all but Oram (The Serpent/Deceiver)  and they did this with the knowledge of Oram and so explains what happened to Captain Jacob  and so actually the Spores had no effect.


But then if this was the case why would Oram be so foolish to stick his head into a Egg

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianApr-06-2017 6:15 PM

You are most welcome Something Real.

Resurgence and BigDave, here is a different shade on Cole with reverse value.

Thank you Nycro, my pleasure. 

Thank you Movie fan. I love it too.

I agree DirtWolf, a diversion and not a depiction of infection in the movie.

Blackwinter-witch, the anticipation is most of the fun. Thank you for every single comment.
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