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Member432 XPApr-04-2017 5:19 AM

What does this mean

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair

18 Responses to Emohemekat


Member205 XPApr-04-2017 5:23 AM

"Take me home"...

              "Bees have hives, man" 


Member731 XPApr-04-2017 5:25 AM

Parkerparrot yes, a distress call from Shaw? 


Member9757 XPApr-04-2017 5:26 AM

Emoh is the name of a Album by Lou Barlow which the 2nd track is Home

"Look at you hiding
Behind your sweater
What I want to say
Let it fall away
I don't care

If we're alone, can be trusted on my own
I can never bring you home

Second guess I drift in all directions
Once impressed, half undressed all day
I'm not strong you don't believe
I may be wrong
That I can never bring you home

If I do and don't resist you
I'm too in love to really miss you
In fact I'm frozen over joy

Yes I did and yes I want to
But nothing good can come to
Someone pretending he is alone

Yes, I did and yes I want to
But nothing good can come to
Someone pretending he is alone
Who can never bring you home"


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member9757 XPApr-04-2017 5:30 AM


Is a Slavic Female Name (Ekaterina) which means Pure and Unsullied.

Again thats the TWO Relevant hits i got for  EMOH and EKAT but again with how i interpret clues i could be completely way off Base!


Emoh is also Indonesian for Unwilling

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member205 XPApr-04-2017 5:59 AM

...Or maybe it´s just "take me home" Backwards...

Just my opinion...

              "Bees have hives, man" 

Movie fan

Member500 XPApr-04-2017 6:02 AM

@ Parkerparrot

You're right! It is "take me home" backwards, I just read it ;)

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


Member28 XPApr-04-2017 6:09 AM

Maybe "EMOHEMAKT", which is "TAKEMEHOME", it's hinting that Shaw's voice is reversed in the version published on Instagram? Should we try reverse the scene?


Member159 XPApr-04-2017 6:15 AM

I can't make out if that is Shaw in the hologram.  Can anyone else get a clear picture?


Member8207 XPApr-04-2017 6:21 AM

It sounds sort of like she is saying "let me out". Hopefully someone can analyze it.


Member205 XPApr-04-2017 6:50 AM

Ah! Nice one, Dr.Raven! Do You know how to do that?

              "Bees have hives, man" 


Member731 XPApr-04-2017 7:07 AM

They're doing a great job marketing this film imo, giving us these little hints while not revealing too much in trailers despite how close we are to the release.


Member203 XPApr-04-2017 7:38 AM

As far as I'm concerned we have yet to see her


Member203 XPApr-04-2017 7:38 AM

As far as I'm concerned we have yet to see her


Member432 XPApr-04-2017 8:04 AM

In prometheus Dr.Shaw says "Take us home" so we can guess that it is her talking to david and what confuses me is we can also guess that the reason they have it so it is backwards symbolizes a reversal in opinion, so my question what changed, what did she learn that makes her not want to go home anymore?

EDIT: I also wonder why at the end of the clip it glitches to show the pilot's chamber is this hinting that either she glitches into david's files and finds something out like maybe weyland corporation was conducting experiment's on her father and when he died they lied saying that he died of an illness because if what we saw is what david saw then how would he know how Dr. Shaw's father died? or maybe she glitches the hologram or computer and discover's something about mankind that would cause her to refuse to go back to earth. And either they are misleading us or are giving knowledge such as Prometheus did. because this is clearly intentional.

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


Member9757 XPApr-04-2017 8:26 AM

Ha Ha....

Indeed  "Takemehome" backwards how did i miss that lol

Mind you...

EMOH  Unwilling

EKAT Unsullied

Kind of does fit too lol....  Certainly you could argue Shaw was Pure and Unspoiled especially in reference to Leviticus 2:23 maybe she ended up being a unwilling party to what ever David has done.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member432 XPApr-04-2017 11:40 AM

Big save don't forget the planetoid that the prometheus lands on is LV-223

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


Member205 XPApr-04-2017 3:14 PM

@ BigDave 

Leviticus 2:23... Nice!! These bibelreferences are all over this franchise!

              "Bees have hives, man" 


Staff1261 XPApr-04-2017 6:04 PM

BD- Unsullied?  She gave birth to the Trilobite, how was she unsullied?

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