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MemberOvomorphMar-18-2017 6:16 PM

I have wanted to get something off my chest for a while now so here goes - despite the fantastic theories and detailed analysis on Prometheus and now what AC will bring I cannot get past the SJ issue - which for me is that this being is not an engineer, it's not wearing a suit and the whole thing leaves me feeling cheated and angry. Alien was a masterpiece and trying to 'make things fit' retrospectively drives me nuts. 

The whole engineer thing feels like trying to make a square peg fit a round hole as far as the SJ is concerned and I really hope that:

a) the next couple of films diverge away from this being a direct link into something related and not binary 

b) no other 'short cuts' are taken to get a story that 'appeases' what Fox thinks the fans want 

i also don't want an arc that spans a short time frame, I like the ancient feel from Alien. I find it much more interesting and terrifying that the universe may be full of life and has been for millennia - and that it has been out there waiting in the dark - good & bad! 

And finally I don't want David to be the xeno creator - we all grew up on Frankenstein and his monster - I want an ancient life form that can use any trace DNA to survive - organic, biomechanical, whatever it touches - the perfect organism!! 

I don't have an issue with engineers or their wider alien story (I loved Prometheus on that basis but hated the trilobite, engineer, deacon part - for me it felt lame, the scale didn't make any sense, the biology was ridiculous and it was like throwing something in to appease the masses) but the ultimate end for me is that our beloved xeno from Alien is a result of 2 known factors - Kane and that particular individual egg - would the result have been the same if he'd picked another egg, or if Dallas had picked it? How do we know? 

If RS does indeed scan these forums and happens to read this (in my dreams) - stick to your gut, it gave us Alien, don't compromise or acquiesce to the studio!!

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