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Big things have small beginnings

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OvomorphMember43 XPMar-14-2017 2:40 AM

How crazy is it that When David said this he was probably referring to himself(it looked as if pointing to himself). 

The statue (just a head) which must be some type of God foreshadows David among the black goo. 

While I love the Alien, I really would like to see David transform into one of the greatest villains of all time(already amazing in Prometheus). Think of darth vader and what he does for Star Wars. The engineers seem very dark. The seeds are definitely there for David to be inspired. Maybe show less of David in future aliens and just tease with some scenes that are bad ass. You can keep fassbender in scenes through Walter. Whatever happens in the movie will happen,I just hope David keeps transforming and feeding our imaginations on what a sentient being is capable of.

i believe the script(s) for AC were heavily influenced from this site. I have been reading these forums for years and some things are too much of a coincidence. 

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OvomorphMember43 XPApr-03-2017 2:14 AM

What I mean is David was just a droid.= Small beginnings. Now he destroys worlds. god like power


PraetorianMember2861 XPApr-03-2017 2:39 AM

I have to agree, David has the potential to be a magnificent and complex villian :)






TrilobiteMember8212 XPApr-03-2017 6:14 AM

Nofacewilly- I honestly look more forword to his story arc than any other aspect of the movie.


PraetorianMember3381 XPApr-03-2017 8:00 PM

I agree.

David 8 and his trillions of dollars worth of intellectual capability now (Weyland Industries knowledge/technology acquisition in 2073) focused on humanity's destruction is my favorite part of the story.

There was so much at the end of Prometheus in regards to David when Peter Weyland died.

Now his remaining "parents" had to die.

With his unimaginable capacity, David had to know that Dr. Shaw was the key to reaching everything he "wanted" to do and turning their attention towards the Engineers would fast forward his (David 8) plans for humanity.

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