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Crudup's death scene as the the most horrific chest burst ever?

Crudup's death scene as the the most horrific chest burst ever?

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ChestbursterMember554 XPMar-12-2017 5:38 PM

After Ingeniero posted the above image in another thread showing Crudup's stunt double, I began to wonder.

Why would a stunt double be required for a chest burster scene?

I may just be poorly versed in what is normal for the shooting of a film, but I have not often heard of using a stunt double unless the scene involves the actor doing something that poses potential risk of injury.

Is it possible that this chest burster scene is going to be more extreme than what we've seen in the past?

Or did Crudup just do such a terrible job convulsing that they told him not to bother and called in the double?

If the double WAS in fact brought in because the scene is particularly violent, how would you feel about such extremes? Extremes such as violent seizures, breaking limbs, teeth, even his skull against the rocky terrain.

What if the backburster/headburster isn't at all what Ridley intended to outdo the John Hurt scene with? What if this Crudup scene ends up being the true one-up to the original birth scene?

I'm currently leaning towards Crudup not doing a good job (or perhaps incapable due to a previous injury) and requiring a replacement. Still I figured if this "extreme chestburst" thought was worth considering, it was worth discussing.

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OvomorphMember20 XPMar-12-2017 6:08 PM

Pretty interresting indeed..

Like you probably know, Ridley said that Alien covenant will be verrry dark and violent. Plus, people who had the chance to view 15 minutes of the film have said that Alien covenant is very very violent with a lot and a lot of blood.

What I'm trying to say is that the movie looks very intense. I think that the spasms desired by Ridley were so intense that a double would have been appropriate. How would I feel about such extremes? Well...It scares me XD. The Alien franchise can not remake the same horror and gore like Aliens (1986) or Alien3. The production must adapt these elements for the new generation I think.

But let's hope for the best!


DeaconMember10324 XPMar-12-2017 6:27 PM

All very valid points...

I cant see why we get a Face Shot of Crudup and then we move to a below neck shot of the Stunt Double...

I think this would be the case, but a split second shot they had the Stunt Double as clearly shown in the Trailer as a oversight perhaps?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember2267 XPMar-12-2017 6:31 PM

 Didn't they say there's like 2,000 people on the covenant? so this person could be anyone of them, don't you think? 




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop




DeaconMember10324 XPMar-12-2017 6:32 PM

Certainly seems a Brutal Scene....

And i think the Trailers has not had the CGI done yet, the Xenomorph looked rough around the edges.  and so they could do a CGI overlay for any split second we see the Stunt Doubles Face.

I think we can confirm the Mystery Person here..

Could be indeed Demian Bichir's Stunt Double Sean Button

Which is maybe why i could only match this person with Liam Rigby but surely this shot was after the Back Burster.

If we are looking at and Analyzing Stunt Doubles no wander we can be confused to who it could be.. for a few shots now.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3381 XPMar-12-2017 7:16 PM

QueenElizabethShaw your topic assumption is in harmony with what the media described after watching 20 minutes of Alien: Covenant at the SXSW in Austin.

The movie may have the best chest burst ever, best head burst ever, maybe the best face burst ever (if the angle is right), etc... 

I'm sure Ridley Scott could have a baby xenomorph burst out of any part of the body in the best way ever to shut everyone up about the alien and get down to the real business of Engineer anthology and how it was all disrupted by David 8 and others in the distant past. I'm not disrespecting the xenomorph life cycle just the demand for content in that isolated area.

The alien is very scary and I just want to know who made it and in what areas the Engineers wielded it in.

I may sit down once it is all done and watch all of it so many times that I fossilize into the padded surface I am resting on.

Really great topic.


OvomorphMember19 XPMar-13-2017 6:46 AM

While I don't think this is crudups death scene..  I do find his character name oram meaning to be interesting... 

Surnames: Oram Family Crest

*Link fixed by Svanya :D


OvomorphMember19 XPMar-13-2017 7:15 AM

I don't know how I typed it wrong.. sorry, but oram means serpent or dragon.. pretty interesting.



FacehuggerMember357 XPMar-13-2017 1:46 PM

If Crudup ends up looking like someone has thrown a hand grenade on a deli tray, I suspect that maybe the chest bursting scene may have required some form of explosive device attached to the chest of the stunt double. AC sounds like it is going to be excessively graphic. I figure that if you have an explosive charge on your chest, you would need to writhe round in a manner that makes sure it is facing in the right direction when it goes off.


PraetorianMember3381 XPMar-13-2017 7:02 PM

Has anyone read anywhere that they saw Dr. Shaw (more than ID tag) in any of the released Alien: Covenant footage?


FacehuggerMember425 XPMar-13-2017 7:43 PM

@Ingeniero people have squinted, turned their head just so, and stood on one foot and thought maybe a blur was her, but no confirmed sightings

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


DeaconMember10324 XPMar-13-2017 8:22 PM

Nope...... No reports to my knowledge of Shaw... 

Just conflicting reports of a hideout she had in a tunnel, where it had a bed, and another where she was hiding away in Cryo-sleep Pod.  But i dont think either reports confirms they saw Shaw on Set or anything that was supposed to be here.

The only thing was the description that TWO different reporters picked upon of Shaw connected to some Giger looking Device with Wires and Tubes...     in a Concept Work on set.

Where did i hear this before 2 years ago i wonder erm...........LOL   Nah that was just BS.. surely now just Coincidence LOL

Only that others who worked on Production had said that they intended Shaw's appearence to be a Suprise... but it got out that she would be in the movie as she went shooting a Weeks worth on Set...

Now Weeks is not like 3 Weeks, 4 Weeks, 5 Weeks...

Its a Weeks worth as in if you was asked to get a Weeks Worth of Shopping that included Eggs, Milk and Bread, which means enough for 7 days.

7 Days on Set compared to total Shooting time would be about 8  Minutes based on Rappace's time on set by Total Shooting Time compared to movie running time.

I would say this is more than a  30 seconds small part.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-13-2017 8:38 PM


I think a poster with good eyesight identified a blue pixel as Shaw standing on the other side of a lake on an overcast day.


PraetorianMember3381 XPMar-13-2017 9:05 PM

Thank you dk. I'll send someone to investigate this.

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