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David an amateur zoologist SPOILERS

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FacehuggerMember118 XPMar-11-2017 10:12 PM

spoiler warning:


In it, we saw Captain Oram talking to an android played by Michael Fassbender. However, this wasn’t the newly revealed Walter model. It’s David, the android last seen in Prometheus, who explained to Oram that he’s become something of an amateur zoologist. As the camera lingered on dissected specimens, David revealed he’s been studying the xenomorph. He explained that he’s mapped how insectoid carriers burst from spores to infect hosts and create hybrid lifeforms. David spoke admirably about the adaptive qualities of the xeno as he led Oram to a subterranean chamber filled with the iconic Alien egg sacs. Oram asked about the status of these sacs and David replied that they’re “waiting for mother” and assuring the human they’re “perfectly safe, I assure you.” The flaps of one sac opened, showing motion behind a cloudy membrane. Oram leaned over the opening to peer inside and a face-hugger leapt onto his head. David watched impassively as Oram struggled and died.

So from this we can tell David does indeed have a dark agenda. 

Want some candy?

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