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Ridley Scott Says that he wanna make Six more movies...I am Afraid

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OvomorphMember17 XPMar-08-2017 2:31 PM

Six more movies and possible annual?!?! i see the future of Star Wars on the hands of dysney and i am AFRAID!!

36 Responses to Ridley Scott Says that he wanna make Six more movies...I am Afraid


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-08-2017 3:54 PM

It depends on if that interview was out of context and he meant Blade Runner?

But he had mentioned Star Wars before...

So indeed i think what he means is they could do...

*Alien Covenant and its Sequel

*Maybe a 3rd movie that will directly show the Space Jockey event etc if its needed to please fans...

*Move onto a Alien 5 that (depending when they get time) would follow Ripley, but  certainly Newt and so be alternative timeline to Aliens... which no doubt if this is a success would then bring in 1-2  more sequels a NEWT Saga if you would.

*Then they have the option to maybe do a movie about Ripleys Daughter Amanda or certainly a movie set between Alien and Aliens.

*They also could cover a movie based on the Weyland-Yutani company and rivalry, Merger.. Synthetics etc.

*They could cover a Colonial Marines movie that does not have to be about fighting Xenomorphs.


The Big One

*Maybe they could do a movie or set of movies to cover the Engineers and their Hierarchy set far far away or in the Ancient past.

*The Engineers Plot and who created them with the notion these beings create and seed life maybe in more places than Earth or even our Galaxy opens up a WHOLE massive Expanded Universe like Star Wars and Star Trek

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


ChestbursterMember907 XPMar-08-2017 3:56 PM

Haven't seen that quote, but the more the better. Why be afraid? RS isn't george lucas, and doesn't own the exclusive rights to the "Alien" franchise, so if things ever were to go awry, the Studio could steer it back on course...


XenomorphMember1261 XPMar-08-2017 4:03 PM

But the Question is would they.  It's been all over the place until Ridley wants a Rule Book


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-08-2017 4:04 PM

That rule book sounds like the direction for the story to go especially if RS might not be able to continue the series.


PraetorianMember3073 XPMar-08-2017 4:20 PM

Just because he wants to make six more doesn't mean he will.Your right to compare it to Star Wars,but consider this,George at one point planned on making twelve Star Wars movies,he technically only made four.Ultimately it comes down to how successful these movies turn out to be if things really get that far.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


ChestbursterMember907 XPMar-08-2017 6:26 PM

Not afraid of anything as long as Ridley Scott is in control. In fact, I'd feel better if he were to say he was going to make 106 more Alien movies... In my mind, he's honestly the ONLY director to make Alien movies worth seeing.


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-08-2017 6:37 PM

Well, First off all here are my concern

1- Is Hollywood in 2017

2- I heard from Website that the new trilogy would be anual and we all know that annual release they tend to suck, and you know it ask Star Wars fans, COD fans, Assassin´s creed fans, Saw fans.

3- since J.J Abrams ruined the most famous i concerned about Alien, because is the only Scifi franchise that i care about.

4- Sequels has more chance to be bad.


OvomorphMember23 XPMar-08-2017 7:02 PM

well 6- would be: A:C2, A5, Blade Runner3, AC3, BR4, Waylon-Y

Alien Covenant Trilogy that leads to Alien. A5 ends the alien(s) trilogy. New Bladerunner trilogy that delves into the how the company effects the Sol system. Promutheus- WY explores the weapons research and how the company is run.

There you go 6 :P 



OvomorphMember17 XPMar-08-2017 7:29 PM

No, hi said that will Alien. Blade Runner don´t need a sequel


OvomorphMember23 XPMar-08-2017 8:18 PM

 bladerunner already has one coming in october and it exists in the Alien universe. Alien and Bladerunner would be the main thread with off shoot films like say a Weyland-Yutani film, so in short i am agreeing with BIGDAVE.


Bruno you gave me a great wish...RS doing some H.P. Lovecraft films.  Which ones?




TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-08-2017 8:35 PM

It will be interesting to see where the priorities go, RS is almost 80. It would be nice to see him go full on Alien and even BR and ignore anything else. May sound harsh but there it is folks!


PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-08-2017 8:38 PM

GX-T355, I also agree with BigDave on The Big One, The Engineers Plot, in his post above.


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-08-2017 8:41 PM


Maann i think he would great, better than Del toro project.


there is a concern a very...very high concern you know is 2017 and is Holywood that go on theaters can´t be too much pretendious. I just don´t wanna a Blockbuster action Alien movie james cameron level.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-08-2017 8:44 PM


I think I understand but I hold both Alien and Aliens in high regard.


XenomorphMember1234 XPMar-08-2017 9:06 PM

"bladerunner already has one coming in october and it exists in the Alien universe."

Not yet, they don't.

As for more Alien films - yes, please!


PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-09-2017 11:20 AM

Hi S.M, they do.


PraetorianMember2674 XPMar-09-2017 11:24 AM

Pity the rule book wasn't written long, long ago! ;)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-09-2017 11:42 AM

Not too much Lone on the Blade Runner link. This link actually came from Ridley Scott in the 2012 Prometheus app.

Yes very much pity on the tragic link to the Predator series.


PraetorianMember2674 XPMar-09-2017 12:07 PM

I really don't want to face the idea of Ridley not being around for sequels/prequels!

....but, I suggest Darren Aronofsky for Dave's idea for The Big One!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-09-2017 12:23 PM

Man, Blade Runner and in the same Universe that Astronomicly ****ing awesome!!

That why Alien is a much much better franchise!!


PraetorianMember3378 XPMar-09-2017 12:30 PM

I have the feeling that this thread will be very-very long and hot if Ingeniero and S.M start to investigate the Blade Runner-Alien Mystery in a more profound way. :D :D :D

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-09-2017 12:30 PM

"Six more movies and possible annual?!?! i see the future of Star Wars on the hands of dysney and i am AFRAID!!" - Bruno

I share your fear dude! Just do what I do and go see the film for what it is. There is absolutely no reason why you should consider it a part of your own personal canon if you don't think it stands up.

I for one only consider ALIEN (directors cut) as canon and after seeing the newest trailer I don't think that will change. I will just go see it for what it is (A FILM) 

The poster was good though!


Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMar-09-2017 12:40 PM

The ONLY person who could have delivered an ALIEN prequel/sequel worth my consideration has canon (Hans Rudi Giger) is sadly gone!!!

The poster was good though!



PraetorianMember2267 XPMar-09-2017 1:00 PM

Ridley can make 50 more if he wants




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



PraetorianMember3422 XPMar-09-2017 1:10 PM

Rock on Centauri.


XenomorphMember1234 XPMar-09-2017 1:15 PM

"Not too much Lone on the Blade Runner link. This link actually came from Ridley Scott in the 2012 Prometheus app."

No, it was written by Charles de Lauzirika who said it was a joke.  People have unfortunately been getting sucked in by that particular myth ever since the Prometheus blu-rays came out.


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-09-2017 2:39 PM

Indeed it was merely a Easter Egg Joke... it does not mean it wont be taken and put as Canon though, but until the Weyland-Yutani Viral Campaign for AC or its sequels also touch upon such a connection we have to consider it just a Easter Egg

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-09-2017 2:41 PM

As far as the RULE BOOK goes...

I think Ridley Scott wanted some creative input in the Franchise and its future a kind of insurance policy should for any reason  future movies are made when Ridley can not take part in them as he is getting OLD...  so that their is a Guide Book with collaboration between Ridley and FOX so that at least Ridleys and FOX's ideas for all things Xeno and Engineer will have to be taken into consideration in all Future Alien related movies.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1234 XPMar-09-2017 2:48 PM

"Indeed it was merely a Easter Egg Joke... it does not mean it wont be taken and put as Canon though, but until the Weyland-Yutani Viral Campaign for AC or its sequels also touch upon such a connection we have to consider it just a Easter Egg"

Things could indeed change with both a new Alien and Blade Runner film about to drop, but yeah as it stands - there's no actual connection.


FacehuggerMember143 XPMar-09-2017 4:14 PM

I also think they should do a movie that explains what happened to Earth, even though we get some clues in the Alternative ending from "Alien: Resurrection" . A major spin-off to Prometheus would also be nice that would explain some plot holes to cool off some of the hatred that Alien fans carry around with them.

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