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Theories, theories everywhere!

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FacehuggerMember152 XPMar-03-2017 8:14 AM

So it's been awhile since I've posted, and with the release of the second trailer, I think I have a few theories on what may be going on.

First the crew:

Branson - Dies in cryo? Though I feel he plays more of a part then we are led to believe

Ejogo - Dies fighting off Rigby Neomorph

Seimetz - Dies blowing up dropship fending off Neomorph that exploded out of...

Rigby - Dies "becoming" the Neomorph (more on that down below)

Jussie Smollet's character - Dies in shower scene with Callie Hernandez who....

Hernandez - Pretty sure she's the screaming female in the trailer, possibly gets infected/facehugged?

Birchir - Unknown at this point. Though his husband....

Nathanial Dean's character - Dies defending Daniels after the Rigby? (or Uli Latukefu) Neomorph attacks then. The scene where Daniels is on the ground outside fending off the white Neomorph quickly flashes to a man diving at it. The next scene shows Birchir reaching for a bloody hand with a gold wedding band, the same one Dean is wearing from the Last Supper prologue.

Crudup - Facehugged, gives birth to Protomorph seen crawling on ship and headbanging into the windshield

Tennessee, Daniels, and the remaining crew are out for discussion. Onto the Rigby-morph....

I think the spores act differently then the egg/facehugger/burster. The spore isn't an embryo, like the hugger would lay inside a host. I think the spore alters the subject's DNA, akin to the black goo and how it was ingested by Holloway (turning him black and possibly dissolving him?) and Fifield (skin contact along with Hammerpede acid, mutating him into some sort of human/xeno hybrid?). The spore alters the subject and ultimately 'transforms" the subject into the Beluga-morph. Instead of a brand new organism bursting, the subject sheds it's former "carapace" (skin) and becomes the creature. 

On to Shaw.

She's not dead. She IS infected with the black goo via sex with Holloway. The squid baby is definitely not a one off. She went from being barren to being able to create life. I feel that David knows this, and ultimately exploits this for his own experiments. The Shaw we will see will be barely recognizable, and will be a central point in the story.

Now to the boys, David and Walter. I fully believe David is repaired by Shaw with his help. The Engineers are all dead when they arrive, so she has to put him together. Walter is this movie's Bishop. Completely robotic, but friendly to all the humans and wary of David. My suspicion is that David somehow infects Walter or infects himself creating the original biomechanical Xeno.

As for the Deacon, or should I call it the Ultramorph, it's there already on the planet, or, David finds another big baldy in stasis, extracts another Trilobite from Shaw, and creates another Deacon, that grows into the Ultramorph, which could possibly be the big bad at the climax.

Again, all theories. Let me know what ya'll think.

By the way, when do we get paid?

9 Responses to Theories, theories everywhere!


PraetorianMember3378 XPMar-03-2017 8:29 AM

Your last question is the best!


ChestbursterMember935 XPMar-03-2017 9:00 AM

I always felt that the sporeinfested guy wasn't stricken by a backburster but rather transformed. What speaks against is that the neo seems rather small ("Hopefully", it will grow into a tall, slender, lurking thing :) ). As for Shaw, it will definitely be interesting to find out what happened to her . . .


FacehuggerMember203 XPMar-03-2017 9:32 AM

The Franco character confuses me.  If he dies in cryo sleep or early on due to illness, then why have that character at all?  What's the point?  He's Daniels' husband, and now she is going to be single....ok, so what?  So I don't think that's it. Maybe to make us care more for her as a result of her loss?  I doubt it. 


Maybe he isn't actually dead, just incapacitated?  Possiblly having to return to cryo sleep.  There must be a reason that they brought in James Franco to play the part.


FacehuggerMember152 XPMar-03-2017 9:35 AM


Exactly. And just the fact that they're making a deal out of the core crew being coupled off...why? What significance is that/could that play into the movie other than the basic "colonization/terraforming" explanation.

I feel like Franco is in the beginning, and he may have an important part to play in Act 3.


FacehuggerMember203 XPMar-03-2017 10:11 AM

@Hicks/Hudson - or maybe even beyond.  assuming that he is alive but incapacitated and on the Covenant ship and the ship makes it through the movie


OvomorphMember42 XPMar-03-2017 10:46 AM

Remember that we heard a deacons scream during the holo projection David triggered. Meaning we don't necessarily need human DNA to create a deacon.


FacehuggerMember152 XPMar-03-2017 11:04 AM


The Deacon is the universes representation of an Ultramorph, meaning it's born from an Engineer impregnanted by a Trilobite. For that to happen, Shaw or another human has to give birth to a Trilobite. If not Shaw, possibly Callie Hernandez's character as she's seen screaming in agony (or in labor?) in the trailer.


OvomorphMember42 XPMar-06-2017 7:55 AM


so you're saying there will be live engineers in covenant to gestate a deacon, and they used humans to create trilobites for the deacon on the mural.  


FacehuggerMember152 XPMar-06-2017 8:25 AM

Yes, I think that's a plausible explanation. I think there was an Engineer war for sure, but some may have survived or are still stuck in cryo.

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