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NeomorphMember1984 XPMar-02-2017 5:49 PM

Not Available

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FacehuggerMember355 XPMar-02-2017 5:51 PM

She's still alive...

pretty scary, huh...


PraetorianMember2267 XPMar-02-2017 6:09 PM

"how many questions?" _tyrell




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



FacehuggerMember357 XPMar-02-2017 6:30 PM

I think she's this blobby thing.


PraetorianMember3073 XPMar-02-2017 6:35 PM

I'm coming up with my own theory.Judging from the things I've read lately i'd say she's alive,In a way....

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


FacehuggerMember203 XPMar-02-2017 7:16 PM

she's toast


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-02-2017 7:18 PM

Whichever- FOX seems airtight and no one is talking- good!


FacehuggerMember355 XPMar-02-2017 7:18 PM

She's alive as Alien toast...


FacehuggerMember203 XPMar-02-2017 7:33 PM

She's gone.  Not that she wasn't experimented on etc.  I'm not saying that because I know anything, so no spoiler.  I just don't see any way she's alive in the usual sense.  She may be technically "alive" and being used for scientific means but not in one piece. And if I had to put money on it, she's toast before the new humans arrive 


OvomorphMember21 XPMar-02-2017 11:08 PM

Big Dave said there was a leak 2 years ago about her fate. I'm curious as to what that is.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-02-2017 11:55 PM

I am thinking her filmed parts will play out in a flash back scene or part of the next movie. For all the leaks, I am impressed her fate is still unknown.


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-03-2017 12:56 AM

I have a theory that she's alive.. or being kept alive in a pretty messed up way (in regards to David's experiments in his workshop) but we'll see her get proper screen time in one or two flashback scenes.


OvomorphMember62 XPMar-03-2017 4:13 PM

Its her in her space suit you see running in the background when someone can be heard over the headphones. She is heavily mutated from the goo. 

Dr. Curt Connors

ChestbursterMember661 XPMar-03-2017 4:49 PM

I know her character kinda sucked, as most in Prometheus, but man everybody wants her to be either dead or experimented on or some abomination. What if she's just like hanging out and her and David are like friends and stuff and he's trying to save her cause he cares about her. I'm totally wrong and in the minority here aren't I, haha. 


OvomorphMember59 XPMar-03-2017 4:57 PM

How long was Ms Rapace filming in NZ for? Six weeks wasn't it - Hardly a cameo role. I think she's fit, heathy and still looking for her answers. She could be the major twist in the movie. It's just way too obvious for her to have been experimented on by David, they have affinity in regards to their "Makers"... there's definitely something else going on.

Dr. Curt Connors

ChestbursterMember661 XPMar-03-2017 6:59 PM

@SenseOfDoubt     Agreed


ChestbursterMember907 XPMar-03-2017 7:22 PM

@Sean no


NeomorphMember1691 XPMar-04-2017 9:56 AM

I hope not, that would suck if she is in it for a huge part of the movie. It would seriously make me annoyed so I would point a huge finger at that if that would be the case. She could be in it as a birth machine for the monsters but as a character like in Prometheus would be really bad.


FacehuggerMember425 XPMar-04-2017 2:53 PM

She may have gotten gooed in the crash and now David is trying to figure out how to undo the damage.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-06-2017 6:10 PM

I want to see minimum 5 minutes of Shaw.

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