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Alien Covenant Legit theory

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OvomorphMember14 XPMar-01-2017 2:29 AM

After Shaw and David crash landed on the planet, David secretly contacted Wayland Yutani to update them on the status of the Prometheus expedition and the discovery of the black goo; he also requested supplies (mainly lab equipment) and a new body. He then killed Shaw or held her captive and experimented on her female anatomy (her infertile female eggs) with the black goo and eventually created the face hugger eggs. David discovers from archived data on the engineer ship that the engineers' black goo was originally designed to mutate life forms into hostile creatures which attack and infect other life forms with black goo; this is what happened to Fifield and the worms in Prometheus. However, use of the black goo had some unintended consequences; instead of just destroying life, it sometimes created a new powerful highly adaptive species called the "morph" (alien with elongated skull).

The morph is created from reproductive cells such as plant spores, human eggs/embryos, etc. that have been mutated by the black goo into a parasite (face hugger, trilobite, etc.) which can impregnate a host with a morph alien embryo. The morph gestates inside its host until mature enough to leave which results in a violent death for the host. Apparently, the engineers have encountered these morphs in the past when they used the black goo to eliminate life on planets. The engineers revered, respected, and feared this powerful alien species, which unlike other life forms created by the black goo, has the power to procreate, hence the reason for the mural depicting what looked like a xenomorph and face hugger in the room where the black goo was stored in at the engineer's installation on LV-223. The engineers sought to learn how these morphs are created and discovered that face hugger eggs are created when the black goo mutates the eggs of humanoid creatures (such as humans) which the engineers are responsible for creating (see beginning of Prometheus).

David discovered this knowledge from archived data stored on the engineer ship that he and Shaw used to escape from LV-223 and then used that information to experiment on Shaw's eggs and create face hugger eggs. After creating the eggs, he then communicated with Weyland Yutani again, requesting additional human subjects (mainly women) to experiment on. So, Weyland Yutani sends the Covenant and its human crew, which consists of male/female couples, to his location. When the Covenant crew arrive at David's location, they immediately come into contact with mutated spores that turn some of them into a neomorph alien which is a morph created from human and plant DNA. Apparently, David had been experimenting on the local ecosystem by contaminating it with the black goo.

David eventually reveals himself to the crew and helps them destroy the neomorphs. After earning the crew's trust, David convinces some of the crew to follow him to the engineer ship where he keeps the face hugger eggs. The captain is attacked by a face hugger which leads to the creation of the protomorph alien which is created from only human DNA; the protomorph is far more formidable than the neomorphs, but not as powerful as the classic xenomorph from the films. While the crew is dealing with the new protomorph alien, David continues to experiment and lures the Covenant's android, Walter to another face hugger egg. A face hugger impregnates Walter with an alien which leads to the creation of the classic biomechanical xenomorph (queen) which is the most powerful form of the species created to date. The xenomorph alien is created from synthetic android DNA and human DNA (from Shaw).

The queen alien begins laying new face hugger eggs which delights David, as he is able to create a new life form IN HIS IMAGE capable of procreation. The crew eventually dispatches the protomorph alien and then attempt to flee the planet. However, the engineers return and kill David, the xenomorphs, and all of the remaining Covenant crew. They then destroy the ecosystem David created and take all of the xenomorph eggs with them. However, one of the eggs hatches and attacks the engineer pilot (space jockey) who is eventually killed by a chestburster which causes the ship (derelict) to crash land on LV-426 where Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo eventually discover it. Before dying, the engineers on the ship activate a beacon warning other engineers to stay away, as the powerful xenomorph species on the ship is much too dangerous to come into contact with. It is revealed in the end that not all of David's ecosystem and all of the xenomorph eggs had been destroyed, and that is where Alien 5 will take place, as Weyland Yutani has set up their own bio weapons research facility on the planet in order to "harvest" the xenomorph eggs and experiment on them in order to create even more terrifying creations.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-03-2017 12:17 AM

Are we to witness the secret transmission from David to WT in the movie? If he requested lab equipment and one body- that was executed and delivered prior to the larger and more complex Covenant mission?

There was no hint that David acquired detailed knowledge of scientific experiments in Prometheus- that would require a large expectation of the audience to just go with it.

There seems to be no hint of a queen and RS didn’t hate the idea, but didn’t seem to like it either.

You give a lot of detail and I may be wrong but I can’t see AC play out like this- although some of those ideas could make sense in the next movie leading up to Alien.


ChestbursterMember907 XPMar-03-2017 11:19 AM

That is a VERY interesting leak, OP. I wonder...


FacehuggerMember198 XPMar-03-2017 11:53 AM

 It'd be interesting if Weyland Yutani sent the covenant ship there just so David can unfreeze each colonist when he wants to, to use for experimentation

He has not only the Covenent crew, but 5000 passengers he can experiment on if that's the case

Would I put it past Weyland/Yutani to do that? Not at all

Disturbing if it is true though lol


FacehuggerMember293 XPMar-03-2017 3:04 PM

It is a good theory Fowleri, i get the feeling that the derelict on LV-426 was a short range planet hopper,

like a delivery ship between 223 and 426 and any other planets around the gas giant or planets in that solar system.

I say that because there is no cryo-pods in the derelicts orrey that dallas, kane and lambert discover, whether they are in another part of the ship who knows?

I do reckon this mission is a trap set by WY, just look at their ruthlessness in the other stories, this mission no different and

i say david has been a very busy boy, preparing for their arrival.


FacehuggerMember106 XPMar-08-2017 3:20 PM

I love the idea that David requested the company bring him the test subjects as sacrifices; crew would be "expendable."

Maybe David does have some sort of pre-existing deal in place with the higher-ups?  My thoughts are that Sir Weyland told David more or less what to do in the flashback, years ago.

They send the Covenant (full of thousands of test subjects), and David is willing to hand over what he gathered on the planet -- possibly in exchange for his freedom.  So it turns out Walter is a new body they sent him as part of the deal.

By the time Walter destroys David's body, David is in Walter's head tricking himself back to life.  Walter would know that David is sacrificing his old body while transferring into the new body, but Walter is sacrificing his own mind and personality in order for David to go free.  Their whole swap would be worked out in advance.  Daniels doesn't notice any changes...

To add to the theory:  The company purposely selected the Covenant vessel, or rerouted it to the planet, to symbolize the transaction being made here between the two androids. The angels on the Covenant logo represent David and Walter.


OvomorphMember11 XPMay-19-2017 11:49 AM

I don't think Weyland sent the Covenant to be David's subjects for experimentation two reasons: 1. There was no obligation on their part to go to the "new planet" they could either go or not... Even if Weyland had planned the "accident" that sent the colonist there, they could have decided to just get back to their mission. 2. David seems pleasantly surprised when they tell him they are on a colonisation mission. Now... the extra body... that is interesting.

Grady M Kidwell

OvomorphMember11 XPMay-30-2020 5:53 AM

Hi, it'd be intriguing if Weyland Yutani sent the pledge transport there just so David can unfreeze every settler when he needs to, to use for experimentation

He has the Covenent team, however 5000 travelers he can investigate if that is the situation

Would I put it past Weyland/Yutani to do that? Not in any manner



Grady M Kidwell


XenomorphMember1258 XPMay-30-2020 4:26 PM

Love this idea Fowleri

CarynDelacroix wrote:

"To add to the theory:  The company purposely selected the Covenant vessel, or rerouted it to the planet, to symbolize the transaction being made here between the two androids. The angels on the Covenant logo represent David and Walter."


Yeah I like that. The 'Colonists' might also be prisoners, miscreants or political adversaries of W Y....The crew of the Covenant seemed like they'd burned some bridges and W Y would like to see them 'go away'. 

zona wrote:


"1. There was no obligation on their part to go to the "new planet" they could either go or not... Even if Weyland had planned the "accident" that sent the colonist there, they could have decided to just get back to their mission"


Could be explained by MUTHUR? It was never going to let them would cripple the Covenant, preventing them from leaving the sector?

the odds of the Covenant passing by Planet 4 on it's way to Origae is almost impossible...think of standing on Earth and plotting a course to Origae that just happens to pass by David and Shaw on Planet 4....Just no way that is happening.


"David seems pleasantly surprised when they tell him they are on a colonisation mission."

Maybe bumbling bureaucratic W Y didn't inform David on what form his subjects were to be delivered?

Weylend Yutani "Don't worry you'll get your test subjects soon..." 


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