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James Cameron gets salty about Alien Covenant
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Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphFeb-26-2017 9:47 AM

James Cameron, patron saint of sci-fi sequels, is weighing in on a sci-fi sequel. Speaking in an expansive, otherwise excellent interview with Vulture, Cameron was asked about Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien: Covenant, and had this to say (emphasis my own):

"The franchise has kind of wandered all over the map. Ridley (Scott) did the first film, and he inspired an entire generation of filmmakers and science-fiction fans with that one movie and there have been so many films that stylistically have derived from it, including my own Aliens, which was the legitimate sequel and, I think, the proper heir to his film."

Shit, dude. "The legitimate sequel"? That's pretty rich. Aliens was wonderful, but replaced the vibe of Scott's tightly-wound horror with an all-action badass adventure movie. Both are masterpieces in their own right, but the middling Prometheus is still more thematically linked to Alien.

Like any good aging, increasingly out-of-touch filmmaker who doesn't know what's good for them, Cameron went on:

"It's like, okay, we've got it, we've got the whole Freudian biomechanoid meme. I've seen it in 100 horror films since. I think both of those films stand at a certain point in time, as a reference point. But is there any validity to doing another one now? I don't know. Maybe. Let's see, jury's out. Let's see what Ridley comes up with."

Let us not forget James Cameron is the dude in the midst of making four consecutive Avatar movies, passing judgment on what counts as a "legitimate sequel". In the coming decade we will be getting, presumably, over six hundred minutes of more Avatar, and, according to Cameron, all of it apparently vital.

What an arrogant dick.

Source : GQ online

The poster was good though!


54 Replies

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2017 10:07 AM

NECRONOM 4 - I am not certain how to assess your assertions. Is it not arrogance on your part to judge Cameron as "increasingly out of touch"? How do you quantify who and what is "out of touch"? What qualifies one as such? Cameron has touched the hearts and minds of many millions of men and women across the globe. I do not believe it is right of you to pass judgement upon him in so harsh a fashion. :(

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphFeb-26-2017 10:10 AM

Ok, sorry to disappoint you.

The poster was good though!


Something Real

MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2017 10:17 AM

NECRONOM 4 - Oh, gosh. You have not disappointed me, goofball. You have raised many interesting questions with this topic. I am simply asking that you look at it from multiple angles. We should not be so quick to jump upon others for their words. We need to consider them - weigh them. Simply denouncing each other because we do not agree with a point of view will only lead to the decay of free thought and expression. We must allow our minds to be open to all aspects of thought. As I have known you for multiple years at this point, I have never thought of you as close-minded or dissapointing. :)

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphFeb-26-2017 10:21 AM

Thank you. That's very compelling!

The poster was good though!



AdminEngineerFeb-26-2017 10:21 AM

Aliens was a fun sequel, but nowhere near the level of depth the first film and Prometheus carried. I think Cameron should appreciate Ridley's ballsy journey into the unknown. 

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2017 10:30 AM

NECRONOM 4 - You are most welcome. :)


MemberPraetorianFeb-26-2017 11:28 AM

Hey N4! *waves and blows a big kiss* 

I read similar comments by JC in an i09 article last September.

The irony, or in my case ire, lies in the fact that it's all so tired when it comes to Ridley Scott's branching out, whilst JC's all too predictable opinion gives Neil Blomkamp the big thumbs up and validation for his ALIENS re-hash sequel idea.

The ALIENS camp certainly have no qualms about passively aggressively denouncing RS's future contribution. 

It's low...very low!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

I Meme Everything

MemberPraetorianFeb-26-2017 11:57 AM

I like Aliens a lot, and so do a lot of other people.  No need to get salty, Cameron 

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2017 12:02 PM

LONE - Agreed. The amount of criticism I have seen directed at Sir Scott due to his creative vision is quite upsetting. It seems as if some individuals have forgotten how to dream and imagine. :(


MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 12:07 PM

I haven't watched Alien's in such a long time. I should watch it sometime.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteFeb-26-2017 12:14 PM

ULTRAZERO80 - Indeed! You will likely have a very good time doing so! :)

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 12:38 PM

I read this awhile ago too. Cameron has made some great films like Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day but he is a dick. Did you guys ever hear the story about him not signing an autograph for a kid at an airport, not a 20 year old or an adult because that shit happens all the time and who cares but a kid, c'mon man that's unforgivable, that's how I will always look at him even though he's made some great movies.


MemberFacehuggerFeb-26-2017 12:42 PM

I don't really see a problem saying he made the legit sequel. I think most people in the general audience would agree with that statement.


He also says the jury is still out based off what Ridley Scott brings. How is that arrogant?


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 1:43 PM

Kind of ironic - not to mention disingenuous - that the original post cut this part off...

"Let me just add to that — and don’t cut this part off, please — I will stand in line for any Ridley Scott movie, even a not-so-great one, because he is such an artist, he’s such a filmmaker. I always learn from him. And what he does with going back to his own franchise would be fascinating."

Cameron did make the legitimate sequel to Alien.  How would that be in dispute?

Best read the whole thing and make a judgment, rather than the selected 'highlights' of people pushing an agenda.


Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 2:19 PM

He is an arrogant dick, remember the end of his Academy Award speech for winning best director for Titanic. Only a douche would say something like that and yeah there was more to what he said but who cares, when's the last time he made a great movie? Quit making sequels to Crapatar and do something good again.


MemberFacehuggerFeb-26-2017 2:27 PM


Well that changes the whole tune...


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 2:55 PM

His second last film smashed box office records.  His last film smashed that record.

He might have a big mouth - but he can walk the walk.

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 3:01 PM

Just cause movies make a ton of money doesn't mean there great. Transformers for instance, I like the first one after that yeah not so good, stopped watching after Dark of the Moon. Still they make a shit ton of money, quality over quantity.


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 3:11 PM

Ye olde 'Transformers made lots of money but was crap' argument doesn't apply in this instance since Titanic rates 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 7.7/10 on IMDB, while Avatar rates 83% on RT and 7.8/10.

So not only did they make a truckload of cash, they were both positively received by critics and audiences.

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 3:14 PM

Oh sorry James Cameron apologist, you got an answer for everything bro. Star Wars prequels, oh wait they probably don't apply either. Fast and Furious garbage, oh wait probably don't apply either.


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 3:16 PM

Yep.  What else you got?

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 3:20 PM

Oh sorry James Cameron apologist, you got an answer for everything bro. Star Wars prequels, oh wait they probably don't apply either. Fast and Furious garbage, oh wait probably don't apply either.


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 3:28 PM

None of them apply since we're specifically talking about James Cameron movies that got good box office and good reviews.  Do you have anything specifically that challenges those specific numbers?

Whining about how you don't like Cameron doesn't count.


Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 3:44 PM

It's people opinions dude, rotten tomatoes ain't nothing but people's opinions. I ain't whining, how would you know can you read my mind. My opinion he's a dick, I am done conversing with you bro, all you do on here is correct people and shoot down people's ideas and comments. Not worth arguing with you about things like this. And that doesn't have anything to do with this topic as it pertains to many other things I've seen from you on here, letting it go man, in the grand scheme of life this stuff is not that important to always have to correct people cause they got something wrong or mess something up. It's supposed to be fun on here, peace out.

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-26-2017 3:53 PM

Ending this dumb disagreement before it gets blown out of proportion.


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 4:00 PM


Yeah sure "bro".


MemberFacehuggerFeb-26-2017 9:30 PM

 I don't see what a director's personal life has to due with the quality of movies they make. Uwe Boll might volunteer at the soup kitchen every other day, that doesn't change that his movies are garbage. By the same token James Cameron might not sign a child's autograph, doesn't change that he makes great movies.


Since the star wars prequels were mentioned just wanna point out Episode 3 has a higher score on multiple review sites than Prometheus.


MemberXenomorphFeb-26-2017 10:03 PM

Indeed. Each Star Wars prequel gradually got better reviews.

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-27-2017 12:45 AM

Yeah I know, dumb me. It's um, my opinion of him. Just like your opinion is he makes great movies, I'll give you three movies that he's directed that I think are great. Aliens, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, everything else not so much. Oh right, it's okay to have your own opinion still, or is that freedom getting taken away too. And I'm sure Piranha Part 2: The Spawning is amazing.

Dr. Curt Connors

MemberChestbursterFeb-27-2017 12:52 AM

Read his Spider-Man scriptment it's fucking brilliant-ly   a w f u l.

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