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AvP movie directed by Ridley Scott & Steven Spielberg

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OvomorphMember86 XPFeb-09-2017 11:18 PM

What would a AvP movie be like if Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg Directed it? Also with the composer Elliot Goldenthal & screenwriter Oliver Stone

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DeaconMember10358 XPFeb-10-2017 6:54 AM

I think the question would be Cameron not Ridley, i say  this because Ridley Scott is not a fan of the cross-over i get the impression he feels there was no need to cross-over both Franchises, he said it was silly idea.

If Ridley was to try his hand at a AVP, i think it depends what kind of movie it would be, i think Ridley Scott is not a fan of doing Action Type movies in context to Alien,  he would maybe throw a bit of Action.   But certainly no Aliens type movie.

I think he would love the Chance to had maybe done a Predator Re-boot if he was not busy with Alien Prequels, because the kind of Movie that Predator was is something right up Ridley Scotts street... a unseen threat, a horror meets action thats tense.

as opposed to how say Predator 2 was.

And so as far as a Ridley Scott AVP movie,  it would be how would they introduce the Two Alien Species, yet keep a more Horror Vibe.  I am just not sure if a Cross-over flick would be his cup of tea, and i guess it depends how it could be done in a way that may tempt him.

But i thik for sure it would be a great movie to look at, it depends if Spielberg and Ridley would butt heads over the look and feel of a movie.

Still fun to speculate and discuss what the possible outcome would be though ;)

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OvomorphMember86 XPFeb-10-2017 8:04 AM

I was thinking about putting John Milius as the main director but I remembered how good Ridley Scott was with Legend and the Duellist. Could of also used Stanley Kubrick but he died in 1999.


FacehuggerMember316 XPFeb-10-2017 8:44 AM

I enjoy the Predator in its own universe, but like Aliens it's ultimately just a big budget '80s action movie and has a sort of garish aesthetic that clashes with the more visionary textures of Alien.

Anything appropriate to Arnold Schwarzenegger is, to me, not appropriate to Alien. Two different styles of story, two different styles of art direction. 

As much as I'd like to see Spielberg do some horror/action science fiction, I don't know that he'd be the right choice for either property. I also doubt that Ridley would touch it, the Predator itself is just a goofy rasta looking creature (with a shoulder gun, come on) that wouldn't exist without the MORB to borrow heavily from.

Now, a George Miller AVP is something that would get my attention, but I'd never consider it canon. 


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-10-2017 1:51 PM

 I'm  sure there would be zero room for failure.But i do agree Ridley wouldn't do it.Also not really Spielbergs style.John Millius on The other hand would probably be the right writer.For director i agree with that George Miller idea,but i'd probably choose the guy that did John Wick for some great ultra violence or the Russo brothers,they seem to have a good grasp on the versus thing.

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FacehuggerMember316 XPFeb-10-2017 2:02 PM

Oh yes the Wick director, great choice. He was a stunt choreographer on the Matrix, I think? I haven't seen Wick yet but I already love it. Actually Matthew Vaughan would be another interesting choice.


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-10-2017 2:09 PM

I didn't know about the Matrix,thats pretty cool.Mattew Vaughan is another excellent choice,Kick Ass is one of my favorites.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-10-2017 2:13 PM

 John Wick is highly recommended.It's comparable to Dredd.Just pure badassery.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


FacehuggerMember316 XPFeb-10-2017 5:42 PM

Check out Kingsman.


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-10-2017 5:48 PM

I've been thinking about it 

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPFeb-10-2017 8:39 PM

Don't mix ET with my Alien. lol!


PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-10-2017 10:47 PM

Well played dk lol.Spielberg's vision of Aliens has always been a little to soft for my taste.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


FacehuggerMember425 XPFeb-11-2017 7:26 AM

After the Strause brothers you can only upgrade.

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OvomorphMember34 XPFeb-12-2017 1:58 PM


I just realized how similar Cameron and Spielberg are in style. Though Spielberg is more campy, I doubt Cameron would let him bring that kind of feel to the movie. I think both of them would have trouble tweaking their pacing for an AVP movie. An AVP movie would need to have relentless pacing. They'd need someone to keep their tendency for resting points in check. I can't imagine who would be the right person for that job. It does make me wonder though, what would a Cameron/Nolan AVP look like? For some reason, something about that mashup feels perfect for a quality AVP movie. I might just be talking out of my butt though.

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