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Ranking The Alien films from best to worst

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MemberPraetorianJan-30-2017 1:37 PM

I was scrolling through the internet the other day and came across several lists that ranked the Alien franchise from best to worst.It had occurred to that these lists always come from casual fans,and that true fans seldomly get to share there opinion.So guys this is your chance rank the films according to how much you like them.The AVP's and Prometheus included.The Predator franchise is OPTIONAL,NOT REQUIRED.This is neutral territory,all opinions are welcome.

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123 Replies

Grinning & Dropping Linen

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 11:19 AM

1. Alien- It is simply haunting and "alien", even a bit Lovecraftian. That moment and musical notes when they enter the Space Jockey chamber and the awe and mystery that filled me can never be replaced. How the creature was hidden in shadows and moved also was spot on to create that haunting almost gothic fear. The slow build and reactions and converstations among the crew also helped build tension and dread. They were scared, bewildered, confused because "Alien" was something un-explainable and relentless and the entire movie was almost like some crazy fever dream, a classic film in any genre. Also loved the unanswered questions i.e. the space jockey, the derelict ship the corporate involvement. Although i wish they had worked "eggmorphing" in original cut, cause that would have been another feather in the hat of gruesome and horrifying that would be hard for the characters to deal with, further heightening the fear and horror of what they were dealing with. Its a movie where the content and the questions it brings about stay with you long after viewing. Like the musician Jeff Buckley once stated lyrically "i love anything that haunts me and never leaves"

2. Aliens- a thrill ride, rush and the intensity of throwing Colonial Marines at an unimaginable not understood organism in numbers was awesome. Seeing the arrogant feel of the troops melt away with panic and confusion with something so bizarre and terrifying was awesome. Loved the angle of including a child and seeing Ripley go from fear to role of protector, primitive instincts, great movie, so watchable...over and over watchable, great concept and tie into the original effortlessly

3. Prometheus- i know it felt rushed and the characters did dumb things, but i loved the high concept ideas it introduced. Most of the questions that it does introduce they do answer even if vaguely in the movie. I know many people complain about this but they explained most theings without exposition and this is something Ridley Scott does in many of his movies. He wants his audiences to piece things together themselves. I will admit that although they are there the answers to these questions that frustrated many are very obscure and are only gleaned from repeated viewings. This movie frustrated many fans because it wasnt a straight up xeno movie, which i was fine and knew that going in. I wanted to expand the mythology of this universe and this did so. Some roles in the movie were great like the captain and David, shaw, but others like Holloway and those dumb asses that stayed in the temple were awful. If they had handled characterizations of the crew like they did in Alien this movie would have been amazing with a few minor changes to the script. Beautifully shot, still has flaws but very good movie if you accept that it is not a xeno movie but a movie in the xeno universe.

4. Alien 3 - it was ok, i dont hate this movie but it is not that rewatchable. I find it boring and not because i dont like slow movies. I just dont like what they did to Newt and Hicks, Bishop off screen, how an egg/facehugger got on board. It was like they invented a plot piece just to have a Alien 3 with Ripley. I think they would have been best served not focing Ripley into this and taking the story for part 3 in a different direction as it was mostly formulaic and wast as tense or scary as the first two in the series. Some bad CG looked "cartoony" at times as well. There are some great actors in this movie though and they help develop great characters and develop tension.


Disclaimer i will rate these next 3 but i do not like any of them that much

5. Alien V Predator Requim: It has a great concept and some ideas are awesome but it has horrible acting and some questionable consistancy problems, like when WOlF pours blue liquid on ship to hide presence of aliens but then pins a deputy to a tree. I do like the idea of how quickly over run the whole town became and it was salvageable. I like the idea of the lone predator sent to stop this xeno outbreak, but some things came out cheezy although same concept done different could have been ok

6. Alien V Predator: Cool visually at times, but toned down for PG13 and just corny and boring no tension was built, both creatures were front and center, no feeling of dread was built, it was a paint by numbers using the concepts of both creatures. I hated the lead chic and several of the other characters, they were just xeno fodder, i did like how they tied in Weyland into this movie though.

7. Alien Resurrection - Where do i start, from the outside looking in if someone told me the concept i would say it was interesting and sounded like it had potential. With some of the great actors in this movie or even the acting of some of the supporting roles it was ok. But the movie had so many cheezy, hokey, did i say cheezeball lines and conversations it ruined it for me. It was over the top with cheese , horrible horrible horrible. It was awful, most of the dialog was just god awful. A lot of the CG work was bad, hated the look of the newborn, hated they made Ripley the clone spout im tough dialog that was so corny over and over throughout. Hell other characters were spouting so much corny banter and moments it felt more like a spoof of the alien universe than an alien film, they again shoe horned Ripley into this world when she should have been done after part 2.  Just plain awful!!!!!



MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 12:53 PM


Alien 3



Alien Resurrection


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:19 PM

1. Alien

2. Aliens

3. Prometheus

4. Alien 3 (which i really feel is under rated, just bad timing for computer generated alien, love the story and the cast). Maybe with today's special affects ability it could be #3 rank?

5. Alien Resurrection - the end(creature) almost bumped it to #6 for me

6. AVP

7.AVPR...Holy hell

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