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Colonial Marines:Can we fix it?

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MemberPraetorianJan-26-2017 11:10 PM

If you've played Colonial Marines,then you know what's wrong with it.Numerous technical issues and a horrendous plotline are the biggest problems.Now there's not much we can do to fix the game(i believe there's a guy who's been moding it on pc)but can we fix the plot?After all many fans have shown themselves to be a pretty imaginative bunch.How do think it should have gone down instead?

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MemberXenomorphJan-26-2017 11:15 PM

Lose the crap with resurrecting Hicks.

Lose the crap with resurrecting Hadley's Hope.

Lose the constant firefights with WY commandos.

Have some firefights with WY commandos, but make them look like the WY commandos from Alien3.

Lose the painfully Godawful dialogue.

In essence - just shoot Aliens.  Recreate the film where you can play as the marine characters.


MemberPraetorianJan-26-2017 11:18 PM

 S.M. i agree with everything you just said.You basically just mentioned all the worst aspects of the game.I've always thought the Weyland Yutani soldiers should have resembled  the ones from 3.

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MemberFacehuggerJan-27-2017 4:58 AM

Besides not bringing back Hicks a big thing that bothered me was that WY came in waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too soon. It was like level 1 or 2 then they stay the main enemy for most of the game after that outside like 1 other level. 



MemberNeomorphJan-27-2017 7:55 AM

best suggestion was playing as the characters from aliens. if u collect theyr weapon then u have unlocked them for the next level and u use theyr weapon. def agree aswell about weyland being the enemy far too soon. its an alien game and weyland should only be a small part during most of the game but more involved last couple of levels. also maybe bring in some levels similar to isolation, no weapon and dark claustrophobic surroundings hunted by a lone xeno. I know they do this in a small part but u get ur weapons back so quickly without much fuss or fear


MemberFacehuggerJan-27-2017 9:40 AM

is that the only Alien game for XBox?



MemberNeomorphJan-27-2017 9:47 AM

theres avp but theyr the only 2 I know of,other than isolation


MemberFacehuggerJan-27-2017 12:38 PM

Is Isolation the same as Colonial Marines?  Sorry for the dumb questions.  I have an Xbox but only play FIFA....and Dead Space which was awesome


MemberXenomorphJan-27-2017 1:58 PM

No Isolation is completely different.  It's about evading and surviving, rather than shooting.  If you don't mind not being able to shoot the Alien, then it's a much better game than Colonial Marines.


MemberPraetorianJan-27-2017 2:03 PM

I agree with ali81.Isolation is Colonial Marines polar opposite.

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MemberChestbursterJan-27-2017 2:17 PM

I still wonder what exactly went wrong during the development of ACM. The e3 demo a year or two prior to its release almost looked like a completely different game than the final product.


MemberXenomorphJan-27-2017 2:23 PM

Be interesting to read the original storyline they had, which got ditched in favour of the final game.


MemberPraetorianJan-27-2017 2:27 PM

What I've read is Gearbox abandoned it in favor of BorderLands.They passed it too other developers while they focused on that game.Rumor has it that the other developers may have tossed there work on the game,and by the time Gearbox got it back they had to start from scratch,leading to the rushed final product.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberPraetorianJan-27-2017 2:29 PM

Like S.M. said the plot was one of the things that got junked.The game was supposed to be written by a couple Battlestar Galactica guys but i don't think it is.

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MemberTrilobiteJan-27-2017 5:48 PM

Hand the game over  Creative Assembly with funding from SEGA or anyone else. They have the story, characters and vibe down pat. They could throw gun play into the mix.


MemberPraetorianJan-27-2017 7:12 PM

Excellent idea dk.

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MemberPraetorianJan-28-2017 12:13 PM

An area i'd like to start with the story is with the prisoner Morse.After all at the end of 3 he's the only person alive to have the xenomorph.I also noticed that his leg was patched up,if Weyland Yutani wanted him dead they would have either executed him or left him there.I think there's still a lot tell with his character.



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