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BigDave uttered the AVPR word in my thread. Let us love or hate on that movie.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 10:17 PM

I liked AVP as a pure popcorn flick and shameless fan service movie. AVPR was a trainwreck- when I could actually physically see it. And those kids deserved to die. Like Prometheus, I just didn't care about most of the characters.

Go for it Scified!

22 Responses to BigDave uttered the AVPR word in my thread. Let us love or hate on that movie.


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-12-2017 10:43 PM

As i said in your other topic its pretty painful.I don't know if its supposed to be a horror movie or the unintentional comedy of the year.So many stupid scenes like the exagerated acid that melts whole limbs of,or the pointless pool side strip tease(didn't know this was a slasher).theres a pair of stoners(hey dude im so high i think i saw an alien)dumb characters that think the government won't blow them up.It's also so dark it's hard to make out most of the action(did the predator just kill an alien?I dont know cant really see whats going on).We got jocks(no not the Space jockey)who are always douche bags and always die(once again,slasher)one of the main characters is a pizza delivery boy(really!!!)The main dudes name is even Dallas(for shame)theres a cop who always looks like he's crying and to cap it of there's the mommy daughter duo ment to compared to Ripley and Newt though we never cared about them the same way.As i was previously advised if you haven't seen it don't!!!You have been warned!

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 11:00 PM


You pretty much covered it. It reminded me a bit of Friday the 13th with a bunch of stupid teens doing stupid things. I didn't enjoy seeing them die but I felt no love loss- stupid high horny kids. When things really counted for AVP action- you are right- it could not be seen. AVPR has to be one of the worst movies ever made.


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-12-2017 11:20 PM

I won't argue with you on that one.It sucks something awful.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-12-2017 11:40 PM

we got the crossover because of the fans. we all question what would happen if these 2 came face to face and I was really excited when they announced it was being done. it was though done very poorly. it should never have taken place on earth for starters IMO. the concept of adolescent preds hunting the xeno for right of passage is good as many comics and books have done this and when u read them it gets the imagination going but theyr done very well and the artwork is first class (those r some talented people) and the stories r original which is why I don't think the comics and books will ever be disregarded as non-canon. id like to see someone farther down the line have another shot at the crossover but this is maybe a subject that just cant make the leap from comic to big screen. AVPR, I mean the mothership is shown to be way past our moon and other planets, why the hell did it return to earth? am I wrong but in one version the mothership is coasting along fine and a ship breaks off from it??? made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. and the scene with the pregnant woman? as inappropriate and unwanted ideas go this has to be up there with the best of them.


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-12-2017 11:44 PM

Yeah i don't why the ship did that either.I found the pregnancy scene offensive and mean spirited.The idea of AVP was fun until the movies mainly Reqium 

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-12-2017 11:51 PM

avpr just doesn't exist as far as im concerned. looking forward to the predator tho. I liked predator 2. maybe not done the best way though as in the predator takes a bit of an a$$ kicking by an aging cop. and it can climb up a completely vertical building yet has to hang on for dear life when glover charges into him???? but still a decent watch


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-12-2017 11:56 PM

I like all the Predator films.The scene that makes the least sense to me in 2 is right after the scene your talking about.The predator goes through the wall and the old lady doesn't even notice until it screams in pain while patching himself up.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-13-2017 12:08 AM

yea got me aswell but think she was more comic relief than anything. the patch up scene was a really good one I thought in the movie, just like in the original. it is meant to be all alone after all so how does it deal with injuries? wasn't sure about having more predators on the ship in 2 though, I got the impression it was to be completely isolated and probably picked up at a later date, if it was still alive


PraetorianMember3073 XPJan-13-2017 12:12 AM

"I don't think he gives a damn".Funny comeback.The idea of more predators was pretty cool but who knows what they were really doing down there.

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NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-13-2017 12:15 AM

just thought the presence of more predators takes something away from the significance of the lone hunt. almost like theyr his backup

Deep Space

FacehuggerMember320 XPJan-13-2017 1:00 AM

Never seen it :)  Doubt I will either, it looks and sounds terrible, frankly.  AvP was enough to put me off as well.

I think had they gone down a more 'comic book' route it could have worked better.  It just took all the fun and mystery out if both films/'characters' and cheapened them as it was.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-13-2017 1:17 AM

it is a decent watch. although it seemed to bomb when it came out, over the years it has grown quite a following. avp=good idea but bad delivery. I think the avp world should just be left comics and books


FacehuggerMember425 XPJan-13-2017 6:05 AM

I'll say this, I enjoy the first AVP as a mindless action flick, and think that as a predator fan it comes across as less offensive, not saying I don't like the Alien franchise, I'm just a bigger Predator fan as I say the movies a lot sooner in life and nostalgia carries some weight with me.


That being said, AVPR is one of my least favorite movies of all time. Nothing was ever interesting onscreen, and whenever something interesting went down it was strangely dark with insane camera movement. Whoever did the lighting and camera work for fight scenes needs to be fired. This movie came out christmas day, and I still regret dragging my parents to go see it. 


OvomorphMember38 XPJan-13-2017 8:02 AM

I enjoy watching it from time to time. The aliens aren't as much of cannon fodder as I thought the first time I saw it.

I just wish they had simply gone with the Predalien being innately capable of impregnating people like that (regardless of gender, to go with the themes of the original) rather than coming up with unnecesary nonsense about it being a young queen improvising until it can create an egg sack and ugh. The aliens shouldn't be limited by the hive hierarchy, they are aliens after all, they could do something new each movie. 

ali81 AvP also has its presence in video games too. I'm hoping against hope that some day we also get animated movies based on comics or even original stories with more creative freedom and not trying to fit in between the movies.


ChestbursterMember739 XPJan-13-2017 8:37 AM

Both AVP film were terrible to different degrees, the first started out OK with Henriksen stealing the show but lost it's appeal when the heroine was given a Xeno head and tail spear to figuratively slap us fans in the face.

AVPR introduced the Predalien, which looked like it was designed by a 5 year old. The film also lacked proper lighting, rendering the film with a murky filter in darker scenes. 

The AVP games are much better just like the Resident Evil games are better than the films based on the series. They shouldn't have done these films.


EngineerAdmin21923 XPJan-13-2017 8:48 AM

Yeah it's really hard for me to justify the AvP films. I definitely feel that cross over has serious potential if it were handled with the respect it deserves.

Problem is both AvP films lost the appeal of what made each respective franchise so iconic. They also seemed to focus on the Predator angle and gave Alien the backseat, when Alien has a richer mythology and background which could have been explored.

Both films were bad but Requiem takes the cake as worst. I haven't voluntarily watched that film in ages.



ChestbursterMember739 XPJan-13-2017 8:56 AM

If I remember it right AVP put a spanner in the works for Ridley's ideas to make a new Alien film as it ruined the credibility of the Alien or something like that. Maybe that's why he felt like the Alien was "cooked" and he lost the spirit until 2009-10.


OvomorphMember38 XPJan-13-2017 9:23 AM

I've read the directors said in their commentary that they weren't given too much time and budget for this movie; and I'm inclined to believe them because they usually work on special effects of blockbuster movies, meaning they have experience, but still felt the need of obscuring the movie for the special effect scenes.

There is one sequence in particular that feels incomplete but I think could have been the "heart" of the movie under better cir***stances: when all the survivors gather at the centre of the town waiting for their rescue, they have to fight off the aliens until then, with the sheriff front and center; it happens mostly offscreen probably due to budget, but just imagine all those regular humble people bravely joining forces against the aliens, clinging to life, just to get all killed in a second with a missile sent by fellow people of bigger hierarchy that don't care about them. I think it would have been fitting with the themes of the Alien series.


XenomorphMember1234 XPJan-13-2017 1:55 PM

From memory they came in under budget and were given some extra money to do the Predator planet scene.


EngineerAdmin21923 XPJan-13-2017 2:29 PM

No budgetary increase would have saved it anyways... lol and yes, apparently Cameron and Scott were discussing collaborating on an ALIEN film, but AvP put a bad taste in their mouths. I don't blame them. But imagine how epic that collab would have been?!


Stash Boogy

OvomorphMember11 XPMar-10-2017 11:08 AM

Okay -- I'll bite. AVPR is an awesome horror flick. 

Remove any and all preconceived prejudices and positions and approach the film as purely a Dean Koontz-style B horror flick, and I honestly think it shines. I think it's even more enjoyable than the first one. I think AVPR suffers under the unfair weight of fanboyism. Go watch, say, Dreamcatchers (a comperable film), and ask yourself which was more enjoyable. Compare it to any Resident Evil movie. It uses practical effects, it has a really horrific and terrifying primary monster. Literally endless articles were written talking about how disturbing the monster was. Like, was it Candyman? No, but that Predalien was pretty ****in terrifying in some of those scenes. 

I likwise give this film credit (similar credit I give to T3) for having legitimate balls. Whether you *liked* all the characters or not, even Stephen King isn't offing his main character teenage love interests. 

Again, I think AVPR is all in how you approach it. If you can let go of the rapt (and definitely deserving) fanboyism attached to the Alien and Predator films, I really feel like this flick works as a solid horror flick. Like, if no one had ever heard of or seen either of these creatures, I've no doubt that this film on its own would have spawned multiple sequels. Imagine being a kid seeing this movie for the first time before any of the others. And while the first Alien is a lightyears better film, I could totally see a teenager being more entertained by AVPR.

So that's my defense of it. I wish they made more movies like this -- whole towns being terrorized by monsters? You really only ever encounter it in genre literature. 


FacehuggerMember152 XPMar-10-2017 11:38 AM

@Chris - Well said. The cross-over films COULD have been great, they were just mishandled. AvP was a decent fan service flick, with a pretty neat backstory connecting humans/Xenos/Predators. I enjoyed AvP for what it was and nothing more.

AvPR, however, is a different story. One word comes to mind...ridiculous. It's a caricature of what any Alien or Predator movie SHOULD be.

The Predator flicks, well, the 1st one was classic. Second one was iffy, cool concept just sort of over the top. Predators with broken nose Brody wasn't terrible, wasn't great. Hopefully the new rebooted one will be a better service to the mythology AND the fans. 

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