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I am probably the only one who won't see AC in the theater

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 8:37 PM

I never saw an Alien franchise film in a theater. Crowds, kids, general distractions and lack of manners.....I preorder and watch ASAP in my own home where I can back up if I didn't hear what someone said, pause if I need to get a beer etc.

The only down side is missing out on the buzz of everyone who saw it and avoiding the temptation to listen to reviews and spoilers.

Anyone else out there like that?

Anyone going to wait in line in a tent a day prior to the opening at the theater?

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PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-12-2017 9:13 PM

I'd love to see it when it comes out but may not(it's a question of affordability).I didn't see Prometheus till it was at a second run theater which was about two months after it came out.Most of the time i do see movies in there initial run but haven't since The Force Awakens but then again i haven't seen that many movies since then either,i mostly just redbox them(the last movies i rented were Captain America, The Conjuring 2,and Star Trek Beyond,i know a little to much info).So yeah i will probably stay of here until i see it just to avoid spoilers and will likely miss some great discussions

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 9:29 PM

Yes, movies are expensive. I think it is worth buying the blu ray or DVD and actually owning the copy to be watched at leisure instead of sitting in a theater herded like cattle listening to people who saw it and loudly saying how they already saw it and proceed to spoil things while waiting for advertisements and trailers of movies I don't GAF about. I think the last time I was in a theater was for Rob Zombie's Halloween or Team America.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-12-2017 9:34 PM

Last movie i saw was The Jungle Book bu once again that was a second run theater and talk about rude people the back of my chair was kicked repeatedly during the whole damn thing.Im a big Rob Zombie by the way and haven't seen any of his movies in theaters.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 9:39 PM

Halloween was pretty good but wasn't theater good. Will probably wait for a dvd release of 31 if it isn't already a straight to video release- haven't been tracking it.

Back to the OP, I think it is worthwhile to wait and watch on my own schedule in my own home. I miss out on the "water cooler" conversations but you take the good with the bad.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-12-2017 9:49 PM

Agreed thats how i treat most movies too like Marvel haven't seen a single one in theaters and sometimes times theres just not much worth seeing.This year there are a lot of things im excited about but i don't know how many,if any I'll see theatrically.(on a side note 31 had limited theatrical release back in September and was released on DVD and bluray last month haven't seen it yet)

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 10:00 PM

Nice! I will buy 31. I also look forward to Life and am waiting for Arrival to be released on DVD.

Probably upsetting some by not sticking to AC subject matter but oh well. They can ignore it.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-12-2017 10:11 PM

It's yours forum,you can do what you want on it.Im hoping Arrival will show up at my second run theater real soon,and im pretty intrigued by life as well.On Alien Covenant i really hope i don't miss it but we'll see.Of all the Alien films since Resurrection,the only one i didn't see in theaters was AVP Requim which was probably for the better.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2017 10:19 PM

If you haven't seen AVPR, don't bother. You would get infinitely more enjoyment from watching any MST3K movies- seriously.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-12-2017 10:25 PM

I've seen it,even own it.I rented it first and yet still put down the cash for it(fans huh).I watched it with my sister recently and all we did was make fun of it.It's a pretty painful experience but we got our laughs out of it.

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NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-13-2017 12:13 AM

ud get more enjoyment from pulling ur finger nails out without anesthetic than watch avpr. ul probably get the urge to do that while watching it


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-13-2017 12:16 AM

I know lol.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-13-2017 12:17 AM

Seriously. Not to assume, but if you haven't checked out MST3K by now, you are missing out. I can elaborate if you wish.


NeomorphMember1823 XPJan-13-2017 12:25 AM



PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-13-2017 12:33 AM

Yeah i was wondering what that was too.Enlighten us dk.

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TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-13-2017 1:03 AM

MST3K- My pleasure!

It is Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It is a show from the 90s. A few guys on a shoestring budget put together a show where they would play some of the most horrible b movies that no one would ever watch and sit there in the theater and heckle them. This of course made the movies enjoyable and hilarious to watch. I still watch them on Hulu+. If you want to get your feet wet, I would recommend "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" which actually is not a bad b movie. Another good one to start with is Plan 9 from Outer Space. They even did Night of the Living Dead. If you like sci fi and have a sense of humor you would likely enjoy the show.


PraetorianMember3070 XPJan-13-2017 1:11 AM

Oh ok i know what that is.Never seen obviously,once again thanks dk.

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OvomorphMember17 XPJan-18-2017 9:22 AM

Suggestion; Do like me go to the theatre 3x for Prometheus:)

I couldnt resist and went 3x over the course of say two weeks.. I lived up to that movie for so long, a single view wasn't enough.. And hell! After that numerous times on my own screen :)) 


Yup.. junky :P




OvomorphMember43 XPJan-18-2017 10:29 AM

I don't think I can bear the waiting so I'll probably catch it in theaters opening night. Incedentally the only Alien films I even own are the original and Prometheus. I really like Aliens and have seen it a bunch, I just never bought a copy.


ChestbursterMember739 XPJan-18-2017 10:52 AM

A theatre viewing, specifically IMAX is undeniably a more epic experience compared to home viewing unless it's brought down by people in the crowd who can't behave, and if that's the case a living room set-up consisting of a solid surround system and a 60+ inch screen is preferable. 

I'll take the risk of viewing AC at the theatre rather than waiting past it and regretting I missed the chance. I could always rewatch it again.


OvomorphMember43 XPJan-18-2017 10:57 AM

@dk......... If you're a MST3K fan, I HIGHly recommend "Puma Man" and "The Final Sacrifice". They're easily my favorite. 

Back to the thread......I will be seeing this movie multiple times in the theater!!!!


OvomorphMember63 XPJan-18-2017 11:12 AM

I almost never go to a movie on opening night, and I probably won't do so with AC, either. I also tend to pick a night like Tuesday or Sunday to go, when the movie going crowds are smaller. I honestly enjoy the experience though, and I try to make it to the theater for most of the "big" movies. AC is a must-see-in-theater experience for me.

I was too young to catch Alien and Aliens in the theater, so Alien 3 was my first Alien film caught during a theater tour. I was super happy though when the extended cut of Alien came to theaters, and I was able to go see it with friends. It was a great, memorable experience. One of the friends I went with was a science fiction fan that had never seen Alien. I enjoyed his reaction almost as much as the movie.

I also tend to do multiple viewings if I am really impressed by a film or need another viewing to absorb it. I saw Prometheus twice in the theater and have probably seen it at least 12 times all together. I have a love/ hate relationship with it, but I find a lot of its themes, visuals, and some of its acting to be compelling.

Probably my favorite multiple viewing theater experience from the last few years was Fury Road.

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