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David's eyesight and view of the world.
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Gravity .86

MemberOvomorphDec-28-2016 11:33 PM

Does he see in X-ray or thermal? I've always wondered about this? He looks at people dismissively sometimes and I wonder if it's because he sees things they can't. 

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MemberTrilobiteDec-29-2016 2:02 AM

I haven't seen evidence of that but figure that his vision is superior to humans- like Data in Star Trek TNG for instance.

Stan Winston (deceased)

MemberFacehuggerDec-29-2016 5:19 AM

No, I think he sees the same visible spectrum as humans. I base this on the scene in Prometheus where he intrudes on Shaw's dreams, which we see as David sees it, and it looks like how any human would see it naturally.


MemberDeaconDec-29-2016 2:59 PM

Davids eyes are different...

Spaights draft tells us he can see things we cant persevere in our 3 dimensions...  he can see like different wavelengths of light and communications the Engineers use that we cant..

Watts (Shaw) makes some Glasses from the Space Jockey Suit Eyes that allows her to see what David sees.


But as far as Prometheus goes..... Davids eyes are more advanced.... his eyes can zoom in on details to a microscopic level.... he can see in the dark and maybe can see other spectrum's we cant... infa-red etc..


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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