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Your theories on what happened to Elizabeth Shaw?

Your theories on what happened to Elizabeth Shaw?

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FacehuggerMember161 XPDec-25-2016 10:43 PM

Any ideas on what happened to her, or what role she will play in the movie.  Did her and David crash land.  Did she die in the crash, or something more sinister.  Just flash back scenes?  I don't know...

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FacehuggerMember425 XPDec-27-2016 8:16 AM

I'm going to take the most optimistic view, which will be the least popular. The hyperspace ride takes months if not years and Shaw can't use Engineer hypersleep chambers. She and David bond over that time. She teaches David what it means to be human as best she can. She even refuses to reattach his head until she believes he is no longer a threat. David becomes self aware and comes to love  her in his own way. They arrive at Paradise only to be shot down without a chance to speak to the Engineers. The crash kills Shaw, but leaves David intact. The engineers, reading no life signs simply quarantine the ship until they can do a clean up. David infects them with goo and hilarity ensues. The engineers kick off a biohazard warning like the one transmitting on LV-426. that is the transmission that Covenant recieves.

This is pure speculation, and I have no factual basis for any of this.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!

Shasta cyclone

FacehuggerMember281 XPDec-27-2016 8:31 AM


Ridley said technically she does not die.

i also think that the engineers on that planet are gone/dead


NeomorphMember1984 XPDec-27-2016 8:53 AM


FacehuggerMember425 XPDec-27-2016 9:04 AM

@ Shasta cyclone 

Could you link that? I haven't read that article and can't find it.  However, it would only change my speculation a little.  They kidnap her and David goes on the infection spree.


Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1206 XPDec-27-2016 9:05 AM

Something is telling me that they are following Alan Dean Foster's idea, where he wanted in his adaptation of Alien 3 novel to  keep Newt alive but to be stuck in malfunctioning hypersleep capsule.

"My thought ... was to explain that her capsule was damaged and that she would therefore have to remain in deep sleep until it could be repaired. That way, she remains alive but inactive for the duration of the story, Ripley's motivation to fight to remain alive in order to sustain her is maintained, and Newt's status being iffy (she can live or die at any time) adds another element of suspense to the film."

The juggernaut David and Shaw were in looks like it crash landed.

My first theory is that she is simply stuck in her hypersleep capsule while David simply left her.

I had a dream once about what happened to Shaw that insipred my new theory,I posted it here.

“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name.”- Zdzisław Beksiński


FacehuggerMember425 XPDec-27-2016 9:13 AM

That works, too. David still had to earn her trust before she went into hypersleep in order for her to reattach his head.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!

Polygon Monkey

OvomorphMember12 XPDec-27-2016 9:36 AM

I have a fear of the following. David's experiment needed DNA right? .... What if he has been using Shaw as some kind Gestation bank due to her DNA. This could mean she has suffered multiple procedures to 'birth' multiple Alien experiments and is either dead or we will see her in a very broken and abused state. Either option gives me the chills. 

That said, I'm sure it was too much distance to survive without food and no hypersleep so they may have her die off screen before the events of AC. I hope it's not the latter. They did the same with Hicks and Newt which always felt like a crime to me.

Also Hi all. First post after a long time time lurking in the background. Great forum. 

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1206 XPDec-27-2016 9:48 AM

Welcome to scified Polygon Monkey.

Yes,since Alien: covenant is a dark horror movie many fans have suggested that David used her as a guiena pig for his experiments.Eitherway she is dead from his experiments or alive or ran from David we don't know yet.But looks like David will need more victims for his experiments,and thats in this case...The crew of the Covenant.

“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name.”- Zdzisław Beksiński

Shasta cyclone

FacehuggerMember281 XPDec-27-2016 10:53 AM


i can't remember where I read about Shaw but.. he could have been sarcastic in his comment meaning on the literal sense lol

but who knows.

ridley has been all over the place with her role in the movie. We all could be wrong.


ChestbursterMember907 XPDec-27-2016 2:53 PM

What if she's been "mechanofused" and turned into some Gigeresque biomechanical beautiful/grotesque biomechanical machine/person/birthing maching? I've got all of Giger's books and art, and there are LOTS of female biomechanical figures throughout. RS has many times said he is LOVES Giger and is integrating his art into Alien movies throughout.

Shasta cyclone

FacehuggerMember281 XPDec-27-2016 3:37 PM

Honestly I'm hoping for what you're saying but.....I'm extremely doubtful at the same time. :-(

it would be a horrific scene and talked about for sure


FacehuggerMember425 XPDec-27-2016 4:35 PM

I'm just hoping everything David is doing is to rescue or avenge her. None of the mad scientist stuff is really resonating with me.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-27-2016 5:37 PM

"Ridley said technically she does not die."

This did not come from Ridley, it came from me when i passed on information about the P2 Draft from October 2014... from a source.. which i put on here from March 2015 to June...

Way before any details was mentioned as far as the sequel as far as in detail.... other things passed on about More than one David but dont expect a Army of Davids..

So this information is to be taken with a Pinch of Salt...

But they did say a lot about the movie, inc first mention of TWO Monsters, Shaw playing a small Role and Technically does not die... a lot of Plot points that add up to what we are getting made 6 months prior to any announcement they was making a sequel.    But this information was based on the Green/Paglen draft and not the Summer 2015 Logan Re-writes.

And again we cant take them as being correct....


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember425 XPDec-27-2016 5:43 PM

OK, good to know. I like the idea of her being trapped in her stasis pod until a way can be found to get her out.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-27-2016 5:54 PM

But i think it Holds some Water.....

Prometheus was a bit of a mess... opened up to us that the Space Jockey was a Giant Humanoid Race, who seeded life on Earth and came back over and over to evolve us... they was who Ancient Man interpreted as Gods.... some FANS was not happy with this route.... and worse when it was vague in some ways..

Prometheus also suggested these beings created the Xeno to use as a Weapon and LV-223 is connected but again it was all done Vague.... no real answers....

Some FANS... did not like Shaw, or the Religious overtones and Godlike Engineers who created us, and the Xeno and wanted to use them on us...

Seemed P2 was going the route to give Shaw her Answers, and provide us some background to the Engineers Agenda and History and WHY/WHEN and HOW the Xeno came to be.

Shaw and the Engineers were thus Pivotal to the Plot in order to show us these things...

To leave both of them out.... and only give us David and use him to provide the answers, seems a Cop Out....   Like how Prometheus covered the Xeno was a Cop Out.... we got vague clues... but no Actual Xeno or to ambiguous connections to give the Fans the Answers...

No SHAW or ENGINEERS would be like No Xeno in Prometheus....

But Ridley Scott is coming in from the Back Door... the rear end.....   AC seems to be the Aftermath of what ever happened to David and Shaw when they arrived at Paradise and what ever they found...  10 years of Very important History merely Not Shown...... but no doubt vague clues.. like how Prometheus did not Show us the 2000 years or so History that lead to the Space Jockey and LV-223 Outbreak...

But we arrive Thousands of years after such Events.. a Aftermath with some clues...

So the sequels could cover some of that hidden History both the 10 years prior to Covenant and some of the events thousands of years prior to Prometheus..... (surely are not going the Events of AC lead to Alien in a chronological order).

Star Wars never happened like this....  we had EP4-6  The Origin Story was EP 1-3 and so they came at it from the rear as far as story telling.... EP4-6 first... 1-3 after.

We could consider Phantom Menace as Prometheus, Fans was disappointed with both...

It would appear in this context.... Alien Covenant is like them giving SW Fans  Revenge of the Sith after Phantom Menace because Fans wanted to see Storm Troopers and Vader, not some Child, and Jar Jar Binks (poor Shaw)

So give the Fans Vader and Storm Troopers SW EP3 so as to please the fans and cash in on the prequels... after maybe some Fans concerned what direction it went with Phantom Menace..

Then after Revenge of the Sith.... Fans may have then asked.....  How did that Child from Phantom Menace become that Young Jedi turned to the Dark Side and against Obi Wan and become Vader... how did those more Storm Trooper looking Clone Troopers come about and how was they once the Good guys?

This then would allow them to release the Attack of the Clones to answer those.....

I FEEL THIS IS WHERE we are now going....  after Fans get there Xeno Fix and some clues... maybe they would then want to know more about... what happened in those 10 years, what happened on LV-223 thousands of years ago... what happened to make Weyland and Yutani Merge..

These could be covered in the 3rd movie...





R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-27-2016 6:00 PM

Unless.... if i continue.... they would not cover those past events all that happened on LV-223 and Paradise prior to Alien Covenant will not be covered ever....

We will instead proceed with the Covenant Ship and hundreds of survivors in Cryo off to their next destination... with a hidden Xeno threat.... NO SPOILER... its Logical Conclusion.

But this would leave some FANS frustrated as they was with Prometheus and how it never answered some questions, it proposed more and Shaw and Engineers should play a role in these but are killed Off Screen.....  like Hicks and Newt..

This movie Alien Covenant will have Xenomorphs.. Eggs... etc, there would be TWO more sequels until Alien.. if the next TWO movies cover the Xeno more...  ignore the Origins and Engineers.... then how much more can they MILK the Xeno before it gets Stale?  dont forget we have the Alien 5 cash cow.. and if this is a HIT... expect Alien 6 (and Ripley again).

So do we need inc AC a new Prequel Trilogy and potentially a new Aliens sequel Trilogy or at least TWO movies... that deal with the Classic Xeno?

I hope not.... and so i think we would find out more about Shaws fate and Engineers in later movies.



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-27-2016 6:06 PM

So when considering the set up for a Prometheus Sequel which was.... to go to the HOMEWORLD of the Engineers, for Shaws Answers..

*Why was we created?

*Why did they want to then destroy us?

*They was not God, not as Shaw's Faith would have it but who created the Engineers?

*Why show clues to LV-223 a place of Death and its purpose?

The movie then would have logically been set up to answer those by.

*Showing us what remains of the Engineers on Paradise

*What Agenda and Role did they play.

*Why and how the Xenomorph or at least Black Goo was created.

*How the Black Goo and Xenomorph are connected.

Now looking at these set ups....

Its a REAL COP OUT... to....

*Have Shaw just be dead in Cryo-Sleep, or after a Crash.

*Have Shaw only appear as a Hologram or Message, and never reveal her or hint at what has happened... so she dies off screen...  without even maybe no Body (unlike Hicks and Newt)

this would be fine.. if clues are given to how/why or its covered in the next movie.

*Not someway vaguely give clues to some of those questions Shaw may have wanted to ask....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-27-2016 6:14 PM

And so indeed.... i feel Shaw has either been used for some purpose to further Davids Agenda and Curiosity about what these Engineers were doing.

By either David finding out about the Engineers downfall and connections with what happened.... and relay this to Shaw or if Mankind was part of a Horrific Agenda...  maybe David could have shown Shaw...

think of David awakens Shaw years after and she says "are we here" David is like yes... "are there any Engineers" David says No.. "Shaw is like why what happened..." and she is devastated to not get her answers.... So David tells her...what happened, what the Agenda is.. but then gets to Mankinds role...... "so why was we created" Shaw would ask... David says i will show you.... THEN INFECTS her with the Goo or a Face Hugger etc...   So its revealed that Mankind was just for use to some Dark Agenda that involved our Sacrifice...

If this was the Plot... i feel this is what could have been done to Shaw... but we now arrive at the Aftermath... where we may get vague clues to what happened..

*The other alternative would be if they did find some beings and got her answers right from the Horses Mouth so to speak but it was the same Answers as David gave her in the alternative prior....  

But the same outcome.. we arrive in the aftermath... and only vague clues remain to Shaws Fate...

I dont think they could completely ignore it...


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1686 XPDec-28-2016 9:32 AM

They could give some vague clues. Maybe David has used her for some experiment or something but I honestly don't care she was too dislike-able.


OvomorphMember16 XPFeb-23-2017 5:36 AM

Shaw's survival seems less likely given the fact that she suffered a severe trauma with the surgery. She was hit in the stomach with a gun and had a fight with the Engineer after the surgery, which could only serve to make the injury worse. My guess is, she is bleeding internally and only has a short time to live. I think it's possible though that David (aka, Satan) will use her to experiment on. She might give birth to a new creature. She may even give birth to a queen Xenomorph. 



OvomorphMember42 XPFeb-23-2017 12:15 PM

@BigDave what you say here makes me think that David will become a constant opposing force throughout the entire timeline of the movies, but in Alien-AR we aren't shown this history only W-Y efforts, as the company has never disclosed information obtained by Walter,-David- Other androids, or that David went rogue after the failed Prometheus mission... What I'm saying is what if W-Y has been in competition with David this whole time in obtaining control over engineer/Xeno "tech". Just speculation and dont think it would be true but your posts made me think of it! 

@Myrddin365 I like your idea too with Shaw slowly educating David on how to be human, and then David "losing" someone he "cares about" for the first time...Doubt this is the case but its interesting!

I like that her fate is being kept  secret, it's gunna hopefully be worth it.


FacehuggerMember293 XPFeb-23-2017 4:44 PM

Speculation can be good or bad, and disappointing when expectations don't turn out the way you expect, but it is good when you go Wow! i did not expect that. Sorry for all the expectations in this reply, lol.

For Close Encounters

OvomorphMember53 XPFeb-23-2017 10:42 PM

Mrs . Shaw, David's doings/intentions are the greatest mysteries of the story (disregarding alien beings). I suspect their evolution will be dictated by the unfolding of the events that occur due to the Covenant arrival


OvomorphMember72 XPFeb-24-2017 6:44 AM

David 8 gets her trust back and both land on this unknown planet (paradise), where the original inhabitants died from a plaque (black substance). But David finds what he needs and proceeds the ritual predicted on the Giger mural of the alien lifecycle. There are holes in this idea but would be gnarly to see David be the Prometheus of the tale.

It would be totally dramatic and sadistic if David would lure Elizabeth to repairing him and help set forth, only to kill her in a very gruesome way.

But there is a chance that she earned a certain respect from him for her survival instincts and strong belief.

David is a tricky character.

I liked the other ideas of a matrix-machine similar to drawings made for Prometheus, where she is used in experiments for her DNA (body & soul) to create the eggs & xenos. I doubt she is in still left in cryo sleep thats too much like the last engineer from Prometheus.


OvomorphMember11 XPFeb-24-2017 10:03 PM

Hi all. Remember deleted scene from original Alien? The one, where Ripley discovers her mates morphing into eggs? Well, what if David got Shaw somehow morphed to egg - the one we have seen in trailer?...

This also could explain the eggs on LV 426 in alien ship. Remember, those are placed in a certain order without any trace of the Alien Queen. David/Walter, not being live creature,  could easily arrange that without any risk of being facehugged. Poor 3000 Covenant colonists...

Sorry, if this idea already's popped up somewhere in this forum - i did not manage to read all threads.

I am not a huge fun of the whole series, but i am really thrilled to know, what happened next.


OvomorphMember72 XPFeb-25-2017 2:09 AM

Best idea Trive, had the same thoughts as well. That the one egg shown is either Elizabeth or at least built from her DNA. Then David has this one chance to create a protoalien we hold so dear. Then he gets onto the colony ship with a cliffhanger ending at covenant not showing what comes next but bound to be sure all are turned into eggs :-) would be really gruesome and cool


OvomorphMember17 XPMar-06-2017 6:15 PM

She needs to remain important to the story, whatever happens.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-06-2017 6:21 PM


Yes the colonists become eggs, and the Juggernaut/Derelict gets repaired and is enroute for LV426- then the pilot would need to be identified.


OvomorphMember21 XPMar-06-2017 9:10 PM

I honestly doubt any of that happens. I'm taking the "technically not dead" quote with a huge amount of skepticism. I don't think Shaw is dead or even hurt. I feel she is the polar opposite of David. Fassbender commented on their relationship as like a bickering married couple. I think the person in the cloak is actually two people. I think Shaw fired the flare chasing off the neomorphs, while David was on the other end of the wheat field just watching on. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMar-06-2017 9:39 PM

Why would neomorphs be afraid of flares shot- especially not directly at them?

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