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Do you think the the Alien king will finally make an appearance in alien Covenant

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MemberOvomorphDec-24-2016 11:26 AM

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MemberFacehuggerDec-24-2016 1:47 PM


A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerDec-24-2016 2:48 PM

Extremely unlikely. I think it's more likely that Bloomkamp will tackle that beast 


MemberOvomorphDec-24-2016 2:56 PM

i thought not was just hoping 

Stan Winston (deceased)

MemberFacehuggerDec-29-2016 7:33 PM

No. I don't know who thought up the 'alien king' but it just shows how easy it is for us to anthropomorphize (even culturally) everything -- even something that by definition should be anti-anthropomorpic. Yeah ok: the xenomorph has two arms and two legs, but that really is where the similarities end.


MemberTrilobiteDec-29-2016 7:46 PM

I hope not. First, I only consider the movies (and Isolation) to be cannon (go ahead and hate me). Secondly, there is so much going on with AC that introducing that concept would be overkill. Lastly, this is part of a prequel and none of the movies have a king or hint at one.


MemberFacehuggerDec-31-2016 2:58 PM

Hive insects don't really have "kings" either. Bees have male drones who take turns on the queen. Ants are the same way. The king Alien doesn't have any natural analog.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


MemberOvomorphDec-31-2016 4:32 PM

Tottaly agree with Myrddin!

When first time read about some possibility of King I was pretty disappointed. It wouldnt be so perfect speacies anymore. Always remember how Ash was speaking about how perfect alien is. And even the eggmorphing think is perfect : alien doesnt have Queen so catch human and make egg of him. From that will jump facehugger which will seed Queen chestbuster. I guess there is always only one Queen And when she is gone the cykle is comming again from begining (like Aliens And following Aliens 3) Thats just perfect! 

And wish happy new year to all of you!


MemberXenomorphDec-31-2016 5:28 PM

Aliens have no king.  Aliens need no king.


MemberFacehuggerDec-31-2016 6:15 PM

@S.M. lol. Well played!

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


MemberDeaconDec-31-2016 6:26 PM

It would make no sense from what we have been shown...

The only way a male would be needed is perhaps as far as how the Deacon would procreate..

Does a Queen Produce Asexually?  or does it borrow from the insect world?

Hammerpedes are Hermaprodites if they are based off Worms similar to how Worms on Earth are.. this is a assumption but indeed worms can regenerate and the Black Goo may have accelerated and evolved this trait....

If the Queen is like the Hammerpedes then it would need TWO Queens..

So its a nice Model... but i doubt we would see a king in the Franchise...

However that Showcase Model has Xenomorphs on it that are apparently the way the designs are as of from now AC onwards.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphJan-05-2017 5:13 AM

king ruins it for me, id like to think theyr similar to bees, 1 queen to rule and the rest are females, when the queen dies one of them evolves to be the next queen, in bees the queen produces a pheromone that prevents the other females reproducing. id love to get an insight into what happens in the hive when the queen is killed. do the others fight over the throne or does one naturally take her place???then possibly one of the others becomes a male as some amphibians do depending on the conditions solely to fertilise the queen??or the males hibernate till required??


MemberTrilobiteJan-05-2017 10:03 PM

I can't really see it happening but RS could acknowledge Alien 3 and have a royal face hugger. Don't really see that creature mentioned anywhere.


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2018 1:29 AM

I think an Alien King would only have a place in an Alien vs Predator 3 movie where continuity is a bit more "loose" and "whacky". Check out more information about the: Xenomorph King.


MemberDeaconApr-23-2018 9:33 AM

I would still say there is no QUEEN/KING as per-say in the Franchise.

By that i think its ideal to look at the Organism as having NO Sex.

So by this then indeed the KING as far as its Aesthetics could be something that could be introduced but for it to only been seen as more of a Advanced Queen or maybe a Evolution of the Xenomorph that By-Passes the Queen Stage.... and so a Organism that Impregnates a Host Directly.... and so it Functions as a Face Hugger, so that there is NO NEED for the Egg/Face Hugger Stage.

But then we have seen this before with the Pred-Alien in AVPR

IF.... we explore the KING as in the Sideshow Model and introduce this to the Franchise, i dont think it would fit a purpose of MATING with Xenomorph Queens as we are shown this is NOT needed.

But instead having this KING as a Evolution of the Species and a Organism that has Hosts Brought to it where it can Impregnate them directly with a  Xenomorph Embryo.. would be something maybe that could be explored....   Certainly FITTING to HR Gigers twisted/surreal mind.

Where Hosts are brought to the KING to in effect be Raped by the Beast!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphSep-27-2018 1:31 PM

If they did implement an alien king then they shouldnkeep his role how it was in comics. It being a genetically modified "male" version of a queen designed to kill off other xenomorphs.


MemberNeomorphOct-02-2018 7:53 AM

Hopefully they will keep that away from the franchise, although I am not 100 % against it but then it got to be very well done with some twist that doesn’t work like things on earth. Keep that away from the franchise. It is too close to how it works on this planet, it should be more odd so to speak. This is why I like the idea of egg-morphing since it is not as well known as having a queen and so on.

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