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And the Space Jockey is.....

And the Space Jockey is.....

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Adan A.

OvomorphMember13 XPDec-01-2016 1:23 PM

I'm just putting out the idea that since the space jockey sent a warning to prevent others from being exposed to the aliens, it had a conviction to keep anyone out of danger. What if the space jockey is actually Elizabeth Shaw? I mean she had a strong religious faith which makes sense for the what the space jockey did.

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Shasta cyclone

FacehuggerMember281 XPDec-01-2016 4:16 PM

Nah, how would she be able to maneuver the suit ( it's 10 sizes to big ) lol


XenomorphMember1310 XPDec-01-2016 4:31 PM

A mutated...Monster size Elizabeth Shaw would fit really well in the Space Jockey suit!

Adan A.

OvomorphMember13 XPDec-01-2016 5:42 PM

Yeah! That crossed my mind, but I was leaving it open for discussion because the exoskeleton suit is part of the pilot chair and becomes one with the pilot. I figured that Shaw had to sit in the chair in order to fly the second ship out in the final scene. 


EngineerAdmin22224 XPDec-02-2016 11:47 AM

What if David finds a way to accelerate Shaw's DNA and essentially "turn her into an Engineer"?! Then it could work.

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OvomorphMember43 XPDec-02-2016 2:42 PM

In the Spaihts draft (First Prometheus Script) the Engineer who is asleep, was infected with a facehugger by David. When the Engineer tries to fly away, the chestburster comes out. THen the Prometheus crashes into his ship and the Alien ship crashes, thus you have a crashed Alien ship with an Engineer chest bursted on LV426.

But they changed all that, made it LV223. I doubt that Covenant will lead directly into Alien.


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-02-2016 3:00 PM

Well we dont know where they are going with this, as we have seen so many contradicting comments...

First Ridley says the Event (Space Jockey) is Ancient, even saying thousands of years ago... prior to Prometheus being worked on.

A Alien Prequel is started on where the Engineers are revealed to be the Space Jockey Race.... Spaights draft even hinting (maybe Red Herring) that the Engineer at the end of his draft is the Space Jockey thus putting the event at decades before Alien in 2122.

Prometheus changed this a bit but gave no real clue to the Space Jockey apart from 2000 years ago outbreak and Chest Busted Engineers on the Juggernaught..

Ridleys comments at this time and after again.. confirmed the Engineers and Space Jockey were Brothers and the Event was thousands of years ago.

Lindleff teased the Xenomorph comes after Prometheus Events and contradicts Ridleys Comments.

We get this back and forth.... and now with Alien Covenant being set 18 years prior to Alien, and it will somewhat show us the Xeno Origins..... and we have two movies more and we get right to Alien and the Space Jockey Event... has again led others to thinking the Space Jockey event happens after Prometheus.....

But Waybe Haag had come out and confirmed again, that nope the Xenomorph is Ancient.... which does not mean the Derelict is Ancient but its Cargo was..... this goes against Ridley Scotts last ever Event comment over a year ago maybe longer about how the Cargo Evolved.

So its anyones guess..

And they can explain it anyway... it could be thousands of years ago or not... or BOTH.... (Time Travel or similar).

But i think one thing would be for certain... The Space Jockey would not be Human or Android... but they could be a link to Mankind...  but not Human.

But certainly either a Race who predates the Engineers and is very related, a Race created at the same time as the Engineers and related.... a Race created after the Engineers but related...

Or plain simple.... is a Engineer himself.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-02-2016 3:03 PM

"he Engineer who is asleep, was infected with a facehugger by David"

i am happy you read the Draft..... but the Engineer was infected prior to David waking him up...  it can be looked at David doing it but it was not.

The Concept work for his Draft had 3 other Engineer Cryo-Pods that where Chest Busted, prior to the Magellan (Prometheus) Crew arriving.

Something happened.... they got infected and Ran to Cryo-sleep to prevent the infection.....  when the Engineer was awoken.. the crew had essentially sentenced him to his death.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


OvomorphMember4 XPDec-03-2016 10:49 AM

I was pondering the idea that maybe the original Space Jockey might end up being David.

Let me explain.

In AC and then maybe another follow up that leads up to the original Alien, we will most likley see how the eggs come to be and the biomechanoid HR Giger classical Xeno.

I was thinking that David somehow causes the demise of the Engineer Paradise and starts experimenting with the black goo and the creatures that it creates. Most likley it will be like in earlier drafts of the Prometheus script that these creatures will take no interest in David since he is an android.

Eventually his hybris makes him decide that he will finish what the Engineers on LV-223 started but could not do - destroy humanity. He loads a Juggernaut ship with eggs and gets ready to take off.

However in order to pilot the craft he must wear the biomechanical suit since the craft itself is in part a living entity i.e. the Engineer tech. In doing so he makes a fatal mistake. Being suited up and connected to the ships biological interface, he attracts the attention of the facehuggers lying dormant in the ovomorphs and gets facehugged and impregnated with a Xeno.

Since the Xeno in part picks up the traits of it host the Xeno born from this "Space Jockey" becomes biomechanical and being crashed on LV-426 starts to produce more eggs somehow in the belly of the ship or in a cavern below the ship...? 

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1191 XPDec-03-2016 12:35 PM

 I think its safe to assume that the SJ is an Engineer.Alot of people claim that the SJ and the Engineers are different species because the SJ is much bigger than the engineers we saw in prometheus.

They claim that the SJ is 15' tall,however I did some measurement and 15' seems just too big,but when I reduced it,10'-12' looks more likely.

Here's an example.

Take a look at Tom Skerritt's head and the SJ's head.

Now compare them with this 9'-10' engineer suit and the 5'5'' woman down here.

And with this 9' suit and this dude 

So I think that 10'-12' is maximum size for the engineers,despite the 7' actors in prometheus that played the engineers.But whats the big deal,not all humans are the same size.

About the SJ, Ridley did say many months ago something about the derelict being the brother ship to other juggernauts on LV-223 and that the pilot was going somewhere else but he got infected with the cargo, and something evolved within the cargo.Now I don't want to waste my words here but I did write my own theory of how I think the derelict ended on LV-426 on this topic here.



DeaconMember10390 XPDec-04-2016 6:52 AM

" we will most likley see how the eggs come to be and the biomechanoid HR Giger classical Xeno."

Your comments after this are interesting.... and this is kind of what i thought Prometheus would show us... when the Trailers started to Roll...

I thought David would be like a Pinocchio, and he somehow uses Engineer Tech... to Evolve himself... so he is "not just a robot" but he is also "not to close to (Human)"  David would think teh Gift he has gained makes him now the Supreme Species.. even bypassing the Engineers....

A Gift/Upgrade that would bite him in the butt when Shaws Baby would Face Hug him and bring about the First Xenomorph...  i NEVER liked this idea i had... because i felt the Space Jockey was Ancient.... but its what i thought the movie clues was sending us down to.....

I knew i was wrong with the latter Trailers when we saw if you had a keen eye a Headless Body and Blonde Headed persons head on the Floor... (this started a David or Vickers Debate on here) but i knew at that point it had to be David and so my idea i was drawn to was not happening.... THANK GOD lol

But thats not to say they could still go that route....

I am in part now thinking... what if Walter is a Synthetic Construct like Elden from Fire and Stone Comics and so he is part Organic..... and its Walter and Daniels running away from a Large Alien at the end of the movie...

Walter has to Sacrifice himself to save her..... but this means he then gets infected with a Face Hugger and its Walter who brings about the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph.

I have a feeling the Poster is what we would see at the end... from maybe Walter... and it would be more like the Deacon Scene in Prometheus... so Fans be bummed a bit because they expect a Xeno and they get one... only this time its more Xeno than the Deacon... but ultimately plays no more bigger role...

And the movie will have instead another Monster or few that are related but not Bio-Mechanical at all...

Also seems Eggs are on Paradise Prior to the Covenant arrival.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-04-2016 7:02 AM

@Dark Nebula...

indeed i did a similar post to this a long time ago... more than once.... where i scaled a image of David to 6ft and Engineer to 10ft.   But the last image you posted is better than my version lol

i did on mine do a David... next to a 10ft, 15ft and 25ft Space Jockey.... i have commented a number of times how people really dont understand Scale (Ridley Scotts biggest Flaw)...

And i made posts showing the Worlds Tallest Man next to the Worlds Smallest... and the difference seemed massive... more than the Space Jockey to Human... yet there was only less than 300% difference.

The Space Jockey was supposed to be 26ft.... sadly using Child Actors as they entered the Room... only created a 20-21ft illusion.... which was spoiled by the close up where we could see the Space Jockey was less...

The actual Prop was 16ft... but the Space Jockey was not the whole of it... so the Space Jockey would have been 13-15ft

Spaights draft they was trying to give us 12-15ft Engineers...  by the time of Lindeloffs they revised it to 10-12ft tall..

During Production later stages they aimed for 10ft Race...

But again using Live Actors 7ft next to normal Actors... did not create the illusion especially in the Engineer vs Shaw scenes.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10390 XPDec-04-2016 7:03 AM

I have been meaning to do a Space Jockey thread for years as i arrived at a few logical conclusions....

However these may not fit so much now depending on Alien Covenant... but they may still do.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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