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Speihts Original Script of Prometheus VERY Different

Speihts Original Script of Prometheus VERY Different

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OvomorphMember43 XPNov-28-2016 10:56 AM

I did not bother to read the original script for Prometheus written by Jon Spaihts until today (4 years later). And I might even dare say that we'd of had a much better movie on our hands, at the very least, we'd of seen an extremely different set of events occur. I can't really judge too harshly because only one was made into a sweet film.

This has already been beat to death I'm sure but the original script is very rewarding for those who decide to read it. With a little imagination, you will see in your mind's eye, a beefier, scarier, more diabolical version of Prometheus. With more explanation for sure.


So what are the differences in the plot and events? Too numerous to list but here are some major differences....


Spaihts draft, notes by Determinism (Shaw is called "Watts" in this version but for clarity I just call her Shaw still)

On Earth 12,000BC. Religious ceremony of sorts, the Engineers (who have no ears) watch as one of their own eats a black goo biscuit. Small insect, scarabs basically eat him alive completely. First his lips, then his head, down his whole body. The bugs escape into the wild and bite an ancient human woman on the neck

Underwater obelisk Engineer site in Mediterranean. Engineer writings are star coordinates. Apparently the star coordinates are only at one site, the obelisk. The other sites had Engineer writing though

Earth Orbit Weyland Meeting with Shaw and Holloway (many names were changed...Shaw was originally Watts 1100 year upgrades to the human race since 12,000 BC. Its explained at length that the engineers kept visiting and genetics showed that they altered the human genome every 1100 years and guided culture as well until there was an abrupt stop to these visits give or take 1800 years ago

There is no goo really, its like nest of tiny insects like locusts called scarabs. They are the goo. Basically the same thing In Spaihts draft, we tie in directly to Alien exactly. Prometheus put us on a whole different moon with no tie in

Unlike Prometheus, Spaihts drafts has the crew Radar searching, Radio searching, extensive searching to find the moon site. Prometheus sends out weather satellites to orbit LV426 while they are on the surface. There is a lot more of a search rather than just stumbling on to a road in Prometheus

Dr. Holloway (male) was more masculine and aged and played a better role for sure. He was more like Shaw's leader rather than her rambunctious lover

Fifield decides to leave BEFORE mapping. An instrument was forgotten that displays the ‘pups’ data on screen. Thus, the argument about the mapper getting lost would have been explained

Holloway & David quote Genesis (bible multiple times They find flutes, gold and crystal in the Pryamid, no urns filled with Goo. There are no Urns or Vases period The Pilots rooms and Eggs, only a few characters find those areas

They do NOT take off their helmets

The severed head is put in Formaldehyde, not pulsed with electricity and exploding. Both heads decay rapidly. Shaw dissects the Engineers eyeball. Later the eye lenses of the Engineer are used to make goggles that Shaw uses to see as the Engineers see. She uses them to see what David could also see in the pyramid which was MUCH more than meets the eye. Energy fields, interfaces with Engineer script, a lot. This is a huge thing that was left out.

Fifield Milburn. Fifield is overcome by Scarabs with acid for blood, they melt into his suit. The same scarabs that we saw kill an engineer in the sacrifice. The same bug that infected a human 12,000 years ago. He mutates basically the same as portrayed on screen

Halloway says Something killed them around the time of Christ (jokingly) Jesus, the last engineer This never made the movie but we all guessed it and we were right

Mercenaries onboard the Prometeus, Weyland Hinchmen. theres more of this than ever made it on screen

Multiple sites, pyramids were discovered on LV426, 12 of them around the equator. The structures are terraforming machines built by engineers. David and Weylands men are dismantling and stealing the machines inside the pyramid. Shaw and Halloway are pissed because its destroying the site and there are many armed guards and apathy from Vickers who is conducting it. They're basically grave robbing a archeological site.

Halloway falls down a shaft in the Pyramid. He sees the engineer’s holographic star map with a marker for Earth and other worlds as well. He tells Shaw of this after he is finds her again. But we find out later, he was impregnated by a facehugger while alone in the Egg room he fell into

Holloway and Shaw attempt to have sex on the Prometheus but a chestburster explodes from his chest. She runs around naked after the alien which gets away. The Alien grows on the ship and kills people. They cant find it. Nudity of Shaw was not shown in the film but we saw her naked in the script a few times. Just saying

Shaw re-enters the pyramid alone and discovers the egg room which Halloway had discovered and was infected by. She finds David in the Navigation chamber. He says that the Engineer ship theyre on, the Juggarnaut was headed to Earth 1700 years ago but never left David says that the alien Eggs are different in each cargo bay of the alien ship that never left for Earth. David pins Shaw down and lets a face hugger get her...

Vickers is killed by Fifield

The alien abortion scene still happens because Shaw was directly infected with a facehugger by David. However, she is viciously damaged by the surgery and stays inside the medical pod in surgery for many hours. The Alien that was inside her gets out and stays in the room. It kills a guard. We see it eat and grow bigger. Shaw then kills the Alien with a gun

David is WAY more sinister in this draft. He knew everything from studying during the trip and cir***navigated his parameters so he freed himself from being ordered around.

Vickers is about the same but tries to turn the tide when David has obviously gone off the rails.

David put a facehugger on the sleeping engineer and infects him (implied).

The engineer speaks and argues with David after he gets up and checks data and machines and stuff. then he rips Davids head off and becomes hostile. The engineer shoots people with Engineer weaponry.

Shaw, who survived the surgery and killed the Alien that came from her, also ends up killing the other Alien which is a different kind. The only people left alive are her and Janek. The infected engineer tries to fly away, but his chestburster comes out, a new 3rd type of alien.

The Engineer ship though is still going to go to earth so Janek crashes it with the Prometheus ship. Janek dies in the crash but Shaw, who was also aboard, manages to get into an escape pod.

On the ground, she manages to evade being crushed by the Juggarnaught engineer ship that rolls toward her. But the new Alien who came from the engineer chestburster sees her. She ends up having to kill that one too. Eventually, David contacts her and says that she needs to make a decision. He wants to be repaired. She hasn't made up her mind yet but we're shown that the pryamids are giving off a signal of sorts, possibly calling the Engineers. Like a distress beacon maybe. Shaw has to choose.

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XenomorphMember1221 XPDec-23-2016 7:22 AM

This thread has a link to 
Anoher draft script 
From Jon Spaihts for 


OvomorphMember43 XPDec-23-2016 7:48 AM

Thanks man!


XenomorphMember1221 XPDec-23-2016 8:03 AM

You should read this on 
The development of 
Prometheus and its 


XenomorphMember1221 XPDec-23-2016 8:03 AM

You should read this on 
The development of 
Prometheus and its 

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