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The film and creatures must be FRIGHTENING!

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OvomorphMember26 XPOct-29-2016 1:10 AM

I hope that was the challenge set by Ridley Scott for the AC writers and designers. The albino adult Deacon is particularly scary and I'd love to see that particular phantasm in the film.

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OvomorphMember26 XPOct-29-2016 1:12 AM



EngineerAdmin22700 XPOct-29-2016 11:57 AM

Something about a pale texture to the Alien makes it seem creepier, I'm not sure why. I'm very excited to see what monstrosities await us in Alien: Covenant.

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DeaconMember10416 XPOct-30-2016 4:59 PM

This image does look a bit like the one prop that we see in the leaked photos the other day..

But to me the prop had a failed Ripley 8 clone Look.... or a possible Mutation like Fifields...

so they could bring us something similar to that Ghoulish pale Organism, and who knows in which way... the Black Goo infecting a Humanoid route would be interesting as Fifields was disappointing to some, but the alternative and unused concepts seemed to please fans more.

If David has the Goo, and some test subjects surely he could perform similar infections in a more controlled environment.

Looking at the other leaked photos then there are some re-used concepts like the unused Bambi/Babyhead.... and as i mentioned before... a Covenant Crew of Couples and seeing a Baby Evolved into something like these and Chest Burst would be something very disturbing.

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XenomorphMember1261 XPNov-01-2016 8:52 AM


The pale white skin is reminiscent of the engineers white pale skin.  Could be from them.



OvomorphMember40 XPNov-03-2016 2:42 PM

Without doubt that pallid skin monster is frightening, like a ghost... 

Now how about a skull inside the dome?

But also, they should include some sort of God in the equation

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