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Likelihood of seeing advanced Engineer weaponry in Alien: Covenant

Likelihood of seeing advanced Engineer weaponry in Alien: Covenant

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DeaconAdmin19707 XPSep-20-2016 2:32 PM

In Dark Horse Comics' Prometheus: Fire and Stone as well as the upcoming Life and Death series, we were introduced to a wide array of new Engineer technology and weaponry. Given the fact that Dark Horse's editors were privy to certain aspects of Ridley Scott's plans for the Prometheus / Alien: Covenant storyline, it's possible some of the tech showcased in these comics may make their way onto the big screen when Alien: Covenant lands in theaters next summer.

The Engineer Rifle, pictured below is an incredibly powerful weapon and very effective against Xenomorphs.

Space Jockey / Engineer Rifle from Prometheus: Fire and Stone

Engineer Rifle against Aliens from Prometheus: Fire and Stone

Now although Alien: Covenant may not play as directly into the expansion of the Alien franchise as Prometheus did, that's not to say we won't be exposed to new aspects of the Engineer culture.

I for one, would love to see more of the Engineer technology explored in Covenant. The small fraction of tech we saw in Prometheus was beyond fascinating by itself, I can't imagine what their "up scale" facilities and ships look like.

What do you think?

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DeaconMember10189 XPSep-21-2016 8:48 AM

Spaights draft showed the Engineers to posses what seemed Force Weapon Technology but to not actually possess anything that represented a Weapon as we saw in the Comics.

Will we find some advanced kind of Weapons? Who knows.. maybe we have to ask if those Engineers or who ever on Paradise actually possessed such Technology or was this something the other Faction on LV-223 and who created the Juggernaughts possess.

Maybe the Engineers are so Advanced that they go beyond the need for conventional Weapons.... maybe they posses powers that make them Godlike and like Super Human Powers that we see in a lot of Super Hero Movies.

Like Magneto for example or Rogue do they have Technology that fits in their hands or are worn like we would wear a bracelet that allows these Engineers Force Powers like Magneto and Rogue?

Fox and Ridley would have collaborated with the producers of the Comics and so maybe Weapons that they show which seems to in both be a Riffle type Weapon that is used in both comic book series.

And its safe to assume they was aware of the Comic Books Authors ideas to have such Weapons and i would assume Ridley and Fox felt such things are plausible as far as Engineer Technology.

And so yes we cant rule out more Technology, but would we see the use of such weapons like in the comics?

If not in Covenant then i would be surprised if we dont see similar things in the sequels.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1161 XPSep-21-2016 1:42 PM

Who knows If we will see any engineer weapons in A:C,if you ask me I would like to see some.

There were only 2 Engineer weapons shown in fire and stone comics.

That pink rifle was only shown in that one part where the engineer kills xenomorphs and a group of humans with it.

The other one was held by human named Galgo through whole fire and stone/life and death comics.

With or without weaponry the engineers are still badasses,one engineer killed tons of xenos and other creatures with his bare hands and manhandled an elite predator.

That Engineer was obviously trained by Steven Seagal.


FacehuggerMember316 XPSep-21-2016 6:51 PM

It would be interesting to see what types of defense the Engineers have (unless they literally just throw a MORB at everything lol), but at the same time it would also diminish their mystery. Yes I think in Spaights' script he threw knots of space/time with deadly force.

I was surprised that, after the lumps Prometheus took for not being 'real' enough, Fire and Stone's numerous writers had the crew allowing their loose cannon security mook to strut around with an extraterrestrial weapon. Just one of many let downs, and the trend does appear to continue with Life and Death.

Can't tell how you feel about that rifle Chris, so I'll choose my words carefully: It looks like what someone with not a lot of imagination would envision a Giger Rifle to be.

That very weapon makes me hope Ridley once again knows when to reign things in, regardless of whether or not he gave a nod of approval to the Dark Horse team. I assume he will, I'd say 90% of what they dreamed up would never find its way into a Ridley Scott film!

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