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In Alien 5...what happens to this system?
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MemberPraetorianAug-23-2016 3:40 PM

Judging by the concept work the derelict retrieved from lv426? or is a facility built around it? Aliens ...bishop, newt, ripley and hicks witness the mega ton explosion of the terraforming plants.... wouldn't a mega ton blast like that ebliterate everything around it? including the derelict ship? so...was the derelict salvageable? is this a different ship?  If it was flown, who flew it into a hanger?

If they wanted to study aliens, wouldn't they go to the neighboring planetoid bodies where prometheus is takin place in? and you would wonder, if its the same ship from 79 Alien....have all the eggs hatched?...and if it's a new ship..... where did they find it?  could this be the link between prometheus and A5? is this the ship that Shaw flew at the end of Prometheus? Will we see that particular ship (Shaw's ship) parked in Alien: Covenant?





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MemberXenomorphAug-23-2016 3:42 PM

At the end of Aliens, the Derelict was effectively destroyed.

In Alien 5 Blomkamp can do what he likes.


MemberDeaconAug-23-2016 3:46 PM

Yes the aftermath of Aliens... was sorted out as far as Movies... Alien 3 the company was after Ripley, and Alien Resurrection they cloned her DNA... all in a bid to get a Alien Sample.

Which means LV-426 was maybe a BUST...

Prometheus brought along, LV-223 and then adds to the mix... why go after Ripley when LV-223 has Engineer Tech and maybe a way to obtain a Xenomorph or at least another Powerful Bio-Weapon....

Well we know Alien 5 could well remove Alien 3 and Alien R as Canon... or give us fans two alternative routes after Aliens.

They both leave the what happens to LV-223 after the year 2094 and prior to 2157 (Hadleys Hope) never mind what happens as far as Paradise and its aftermath in Alien Covenant.

Alien 5 will also leave us with the what happens after Aliens as far as LV-426 too.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-23-2016 3:50 PM

And so we now have Alien 5 which does show the company has its hands on a Engineer Ship... we can assume its the Derelict due to its condition but this does not have to be the case, it could be from LV-223 as there was many more left after the year 2094 unless something happens there prior to 2122 or at latest 2179

But the ship does look more like the Derelict as it seems more Fatter... like the Derelict... The Juggernaughts appear thinner... but this is because they are longer in dimensions.

There was some things from Alien 5 that was conflicting with Ridleys Planned Prometheus sequels and we can only guess what that was.. but it most likely could do with what state the Engineer Technology was in after the events of prior to Alien... and how many Engineers Ships/Xeno Eggs are there left and where?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-23-2016 3:56 PM

How they tackle this... well if its the Derelict then i am pretty sure they could go the same route that the Colonial Marines Game had done.. and that is the Derelict survived the Blast...

I would assume the ship is from LV-426 as i think Blomkamp would not want to tread anywhere where Ridley is going prior to Alien and as he is doing a Aliens sequel i think he would have gone back to the Derelict.

What the plans are now?  Who knows...?

It seems changes have been made as it appeared that Alien 5 was going to be set not to far after Aliens... the concept work Hicks and Ripley are not that much older...

But since having to discus the project with Ridley and Fox, and having it put on hold and discussed how the project can fit in with Ridleys plans for the Franchise... it now appears that the movie is set some 20+ years latter after Aliens.

In which case this leaves it more open  as to where the Engineer Ship came from....  how does it get unoticed on LV-426 for 20 years.. what makes the company not bother.. and then after 20 years renew interest?

Or did they give up? 

Maybe the ship was thought loss and burred but they dug it up or sizechemic activity on LV-426 revealed it again.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerSep-23-2016 6:44 AM

If BLomkamp intends to respect Aliens as canon, then that can't be the Derelict, which was cracked open at the beginning of Aliens and possibly further damaged at the end. 

Also, interesting as that image is, I don't think it can be cited for accuracy, the vehicle shown also appears to be much smaller than the Derelict or Juggernaut. 


MemberXenomorphOct-02-2016 4:11 PM

The Juggernaut is a lot bigger than the Derelict.


MemberDeaconOct-02-2016 5:02 PM

Its hard to say for sure.....

We dont know what changes have happened to Alien 5 after Ridley and Fox had sat down with Blomkamp to discus any potential conflicting ideas....

But it does seem that Blomkamps Alien 5 most like saw them recover the Derelict from LV-426

As SM mentioned while they may have intended to have the Juggernaut and Derelict being the same kind of ships, when we got Prometheus and Production we can see they are different to a degree.

Not only the size, but the proportions as the Derelict is like a Smaller more Bulky version it would be like comparing Danny DeVito (Derelict) to  Arnold Schwarzenegger (Juggernaught) from the movie Twins....

Looking at Blomkamps concept work the ratio of thickness to width of the Engineer Ship fits more with the Derelict but it seems to be bigger than the Derelict.  But the franchise has made continuity and size errors so its maybe something we have to overlook and so yes its likely to be intended to be a Derelict.

Does it have to be the Derelict?  Who knows.... if the Juggernaughts and Derelict are different a bit which they are and if David and Shaw took off in a Juggernaught which was the same type as the other one in Prometheus which seems to be the case and their are many more... so more than another ONE.

Then can we assume that the Derelict Model of Engineer Ships are a One off?

I think a lot depends on if the Derelict had a Egg Cargo all along......  If so then its possible we have TWO kinds of Engineer Ships... one for the Black Goo and one for Eggs.

And so we cant rule out that the Derelict on LV-426 was the only one of its kind.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconOct-02-2016 5:05 PM

As far as Eggs Hatching....

This is not really 100% known but its doubtful, it would appear the Eggs are activated when they are near a Host.  This is only as far as movie Canon however..... Comics and Games i think had shown otherwise.

From what i gather in Aliens... it would seem the Hadleys Hope colony may have gone to the Derelict after finding Newts Face Hugged Parent...

But there was a lot of Eggs in Alien and i dont think everyone would have been activated if the Colonists did go back to the ship.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphOct-02-2016 5:48 PM

Cameron indicated that more colonists would've ventured to the Derelict after the Jorden's and this was born out in the River of Pain novel.

I don't imagine every egg would open for a limited amount of hosts - only one egg opened for Kane for example.

Compared to the scene in AvP when Miller shoots an hugger only for dozens more eggs to open - even though there's one host.  It worked okay for an 'oh shit' moment - but was pretty silly given the wider context.  Same deal when Lex and Scar are in the hive and you see dozens of eggs opening - again.


MemberDeaconOct-08-2016 5:35 PM

Exactly SM...

We have to consider the point of the Face Huger and the Alien movies showed us they died after they had performed their role to impregnate a host.

And so having Eggs only open when near a Host is what the Alien movies showed us.... who knows maybe a Face Hugger has a limited life span once it leaves the Egg... and so having multiple Eggs open to unleash them would not fit in with that idea...... but would make them more dangerous..

The AVP Games did have it as Face Huggers can leave the Eggs without being set off as in Alien/Aliens... if i remember right but i have not played the new AVP Games or Aliens Games even though i own them lol

So i am only going on about the earlier ones from late 90's and early 2000's


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


AdminEngineerOct-26-2016 11:45 AM

Who's to say the ship in Blomkamp's artwork is the same as the Derelict from Alien and Aliens? I'm willing to bet it's a new ship - especially given the tropical tones of some of his other Alien 5 artwork. I'm willing to bet his vision of Alien 5 take place one a completely different planet.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4

Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerNov-22-2016 11:21 AM

That is something to consider.

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

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