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Danny mcbride ''never been in a movie where people just straight up die like that''

Danny mcbride ''never been in a movie where people just straight up die like that''

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FacehuggerMember139 XPJul-28-2016 4:09 PM

In an interview with Danny McBride on Complex hes was asked about his involvement in Alien Covenant and whilst still remaining tight lipped he did give a good hint as to the level of death and destruction that will ensue...

Aside from Vice Principals, you’re a pretty busy guy: you’re making your first leap into sci-fi/horror with a major role in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipatedAlien: Covenant. What can you tell us about it?
Man, that movie is gonna be nuts. Alien and Aliens were two of my favorite horror films growing up as a kid. I don’t think there’s anything that comes close to that franchise. I would’ve never thought in a million years I would be in one of those movies. When we wrapped Vice Principals, I came back to L.A. and got a call that Ridley Scott wanted to sit down for a meeting. I’m a humongous fan of his so I was blown away just at the idea of meeting him. So as we’re talking in the meeting and just kind of bull****ting, he starts pulling out these books and showing me these storyboard sketches. I finally realized, “Oh my God, this is for an Alien movie!” [Laughs.]

It was nuts. The idea that he trusted me to be a part of this thing is something that I’m still blown away by. I’m not allowed to talk a lot about what happens in it, but it is a straight horror movie. I’ve never been on something that intense before, with that level of visual effects and gore. I’ve also never been in a movie where people just straight up die like that. When I started the movie, the cast would go to these dinners and it was like twenty people. Then each week, the numbers dwindled and it became less and less people at the table....


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EngineerAdmin21927 XPJul-28-2016 6:28 PM

Awesome find! Any chance you have a link or scan I can use as reference for a news article? That would be great!



EngineerAdmin21927 XPJul-28-2016 7:09 PM

Scratch that, I found it! Thanks again for the heads up! I made sure to credit you in the news article.



OvomorphMember8 XPJul-29-2016 7:06 AM

So far this sounds great, i loved the Alien and Aliens and this sounds it might finally be like Alien.


DeaconMember10358 XPJul-29-2016 8:59 AM

Indeed sounding interesting now... seems like the crew would at the start be picked off one by one or few at a time and we wont see no Mass Death Onslaught which is good news

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