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MemberTrilobiteJul-13-2016 1:50 PM

With a needless reboot of a certain childhood favorite of mine hitting cinema's this week like a sloppy fish across the face, it made me wonder how far studios really are prepared to go with this reboot, remake, reset, and redux phase Hollywood seems to be relishing in at the minute. Reboots and remakes can be a good thing but only when handled right, Planet of the Apes is a perfect example of this with Tim Burtons 2001 remake missing the point entirely despite having truly stellar make-up effects, yet 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes proved to be a highly effective and heart warming first instalment in a highly successful reboot of the franchise.

In terms of box office takings, both the first two installments of the Alien franchise earned back ten times their production budget. The latter two sequels and 2012's prequel Prometheus have continued to earn a profit, but that profit is gradually declining as the franchise continues, partly due to increasing production budgets but also due to a gradually disenchanted fan-based audience. If things continue in this fashion it is only a matter of time before 20th Century Fox decide to remake our beloved Alien franchise.

Remakes usually retread the familiar main beats of the original movie upon which they are based, with some occasionally adding a twist to the setting or underlying theme, much like how 2012's Total Recall was not set on Mars like its 1990 predecessor. How would this affect an Alien remake? Would the Nostromo be technologically more advanced? Would the design of the Derelict and its pilot be changed? What of the antagonist itself, what redesigns would it undergo in such a remake?

Another aspect of a remake is the characters and their dynamics. 2014's RoboCop remake swapped Nancy Allen's Officer Anne Lewis for Michael K. Williams' Officer Jack Lewis. How would the Nostromo's crew fair in a remake? Would Kane still birth the deadly creature? Would Ash still be a synthetic acting under company special orders? Would Ripley still be a woman, and would they still be the lone survivor?

How would an Alien remake be marketed? Would it remain as a dark horror exploring the unsettling aspects of meeting such a deadly alien race, or would it follow the action movie likings of James Cameron's sequel? Even worse, could an Alien remake be mainstreamed into a PG-13 summer blockbuster?

Finally, could an Alien remake surpass the original? Is it possible that a director, with the right production and creative team, could avoid all of the pitfalls and faux-pas' previous directors in the franchise have made and make a better movie than Ridley Scott's classic original?

119 Replies


MemberXenomorphJul-13-2016 9:31 PM

"With that being said, our world's politics do not in any way belong in fantasy "

Someone might want to tell George Orwell...


MemberTrilobiteJul-13-2016 9:44 PM

One would argue that George Orwell dabbled with social politics, not world politics.

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteJul-13-2016 9:54 PM

S.M - I am extremely pleased that you have mentioned Orwell! The works he presented were warnings about the very notions about which I have been speaking. We can lose ourselves to our societal cages and in so doing lose everything - including the ability to express in fashions that are not permitted. Is it possible that government has attempted to control through technology? Of course. The most beneficent and dangerous things on the face of creation are ideas. The beneficent ones can uplift and enlighten. The dangerous ones can subjugate and debase. 


MemberXenomorphJul-13-2016 10:04 PM

Not sure how all that relates to an Alien remake.


"One would argue that George Orwell dabbled with social politics, not world politics."

Or Russian politics with talking animals...

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteJul-13-2016 10:14 PM

S.M - Hahaha! Very true. We may have wandered a bit further down the rabbit hole than we originally intended. Regardless, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to debate with you. You are quite intelligent and fun to engage! Thank you ever so much for the thought-provoking dialogue! :) 


MemberXenomorphJul-13-2016 10:34 PM

You're too kind. :) Back at ya.


MemberNeomorphJul-14-2016 12:46 AM

No thanks, there have been too many re-makes already and besides I don't see how they could improve the quality of the movie.


Necronom4: Thanks for the Father Ted images. I like that show.


MemberFacehuggerJul-14-2016 5:37 AM

I don't really see how it would be a bad idea.

Remake is bad- Still have the great original

Remake is good- Now you have 2 enjoyable movies.

It's not like any movie is so perfect there's nothing that could be improved upon in any way.


MemberFacehuggerJul-14-2016 7:02 AM

You guys have given me much to think about.  I usually like to see "re-makes" or whatever term you wish to use, but I define that as the exact same movie, done with better visual presentation.  Some of you have taken that view to task, and I can acknowledge your objections as valid;  you are re-hashing the same material, and possibly denigrating/ not showing respect the original.  What I am seeking is merely a better visual presentation of the original idea; not a new interpretation of it.  But, granted this COA is fraught with peril.  A new director will possibly abuse his power and go off on another tangent/ interpretation. 


What really struck a cord with me is the comparison to reading a classic book.  You "minds eye" will always trump any visual presentation produced, regardless of the tech involved.  And that gave me pause to think.  If you always insist on "up-dating" each classic movie, to match the visual presentation of the period, you would in all probability lose the original essence of the story. 

So point taken.   


MemberFacehuggerJul-14-2016 7:05 AM

And yes, I agree, Ridley did a brilliant job, working with what he had at the time.  The fact that it is now dated does not take away from this accomplishment.


MemberXenomorphJul-14-2016 2:47 PM

"I don't really see how it would be a bad idea.

Remake is bad- Still have the great original

Remake is good- Now you have 2 enjoyable movies."

Exactly. I'm not sure where people get the idea that a remake somehow throws shade on the original.


MemberDeaconJul-14-2016 4:18 PM

I understand how people can be a bit touchy or protective of the First movie....

But i see what the OP is trying to suggest,  Alien is a classic and yes it may seem dated by todays standards because the Technology at the time... they would not have been able to foresee we would have Flat Screens 30 years latter never mind in the future and if they did it was how do they replicate that?

They never had Technology to pull off the Screen Effects that modern movies can such as the Prometheus VDU's

But i can see this Topic Starting as a ... What if Alien was never made until now with the Technology we have now... how cool would the ship look, how would it look etc.

I personally dont see why it needs a Reboot... like Robocop or Total Recall etc

But it could be one time... in 20, 30 years time... the Xeno could still be one Monster that Fox has that it can bring out again in future.. and reboot sure.

But for now, its not needed...

What if they did? what would it achieve or change?

Do we CGI overlay the Cast to make Sigourney Weaver look 35 years younger?  do we get a lookalike Actress or one who looks different.

Do we end up with what happened to the Terminator Franchise... with so many different John Connors and 2 different Sarah Connors and assume they are the same people..

If we reboot Alien then how does that effect Aliens and Alien 3 and Alien R and Alien 5.... 

Again it would end up like Terminator as far as differences to Characters looks...  Emilia Clarke does not look 100% like Linda Hamilton likewise also Lena Headey if we count the TV Series.

They would have to reboot the whole Alien Franchise, and we dont know if we can then carry on from Prometheus and Alien Prequels as Canon to a new Alien Franchise Reboot a lot depends on what the Prequels show..


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-14-2016 4:24 PM

I understand a Soft Reboot... or even if they did do a Robocop and Total Recall Reboot...

Then its a case as the OP said what elements are kept what are changed.. i think they maybe could change One or more of these.

1) Names of the Crew, even if its keeping similar but changing Sex of the lead... i.e Alan Ripley.... or do we have completely different names.

2) Name of the Ship and maybe change its design a bit.

3) The destination i.e LV-426 in the Zeta 2 System (this could be a soft reboot).

4) The Cargo, do they replace Eggs with Urns?

5) Android, do they change the role of the Android or drop it?

But i think the Core Plot would remain the same...

*We see a Organism related to the Xenomorph

* We would have a Human Ship (does not have to have the same role as Nostromo had) detect a Alien SOS and go to investigate.

*They come across a Derelict Alien space ship with a deadly Cargo.

They can reboot it by changing any number of those 5 things but have to keep to the basic story as the 3 above points.. the more thats changed the more of a soft reboot as far as does not end up a direct reboot.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-14-2016 4:40 PM

But why?

Why cant they give us something more Original but related...

is LV-426 the only place with Engineer ship and cargo?

AVP universe is set within the same as Alien but a Alternative as we have Weyland-Yutani and the Xeno and Androids and even if we go by the Movies they rebooted the history if you would in a poor way.

So we could go a Alternative reality... yes..

But to have a alternative ship go to LV-426 would be to much of a similar theme....

We could have a alternative reality where Alien never happens... or maybe it does? either way.

Have another Human ship goes off someplace and then some how comes into contact with the Xeno or related Organism..  be that via Egg or some other method.

i mean Covenant could have gone this route...

We could have a Colony ship, on a voyage for a uncharted Earth like World.... that is many many years away... a long hypersleep...   the ship could contain hundreds of Human Crew, all taking it in turns on Shifts?  Or even like Prometheus left to a Android..

Then something could happen, and we start the movie in the aftermath...

A few Crew are awakened and find themselves on a ship that is in a state of disrepair, like how the Marines and Ripley found Hadleys Hope...

They then go to explore what happens and come across dead Humans, with Chest Buster Holes... the few awoken crew does not have a idea of what has happened...

We latter come across in the dark (have main power is down) Xenomorphs not many just a few, say 3-5 tops.. but only need show ONE to start and only show its shadow... the first close up is its face and teeth...

This crew then as they go on find, a Laboratory with Face Hugers inside Tanks like at Hadleys hope, some are dead... some of the Tanks broken... and then we get a alive on and either by sabotage a member of crew (the others could found some alive) or by accident we see a Tank get broken and someone Face Hugged..

This crew dont know what to do, and try and put them in Stasis or in a Bed and then we get the Chest Buster.. the crew then realize this could be related to what Monsters they saw in the Shadows that had killed (1-2 of them).

Its latter they come across more Xenos...

They latter find another Laboratory with Urns in Freezers...  either a crew foolishly examines them or again by sabotage (maybe they come across a Synthetic unknown to them like Ash was.. or they came across this Person before who taken them to the other Lab).

We then can have Mutated Human Crew i.e Fifields but more Xeno related..

To me this is a way to reboot it, and tie in Face Huger and Urns.. Xenos and Hyrbids....

Then the end of the movie we uncover that on the way to find this New Earth like World, they detected a SOS and investigated a Crashed Engineer Ship... and some Urns where brought on board...

This could explain the cycle needed from Urns to Xenomorph..

A Reboot like this could work very well, and be very dark...  a Huge colony ship..  where they spend time in Cryo-sleep so the ship would have tight corners and spaces for Xenos to attack from like in Aliens.

Feature 1-2 Xenos we dont see clear at first, then as the movie goes on a total of 4-6 Xenos and 1-2 Mutated Humans and the reveal of Android who has gone AWOL.

This could work... this is how i would do another Alien movie that does not tie in to the Prequels and Ripleys journey.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJul-14-2016 6:04 PM

why, and no...everything doesn't have to be (newly) translated for new generations, go rent it or re watch with same enthusiasm and amazement for its moment in time....smh @ the rebooters....should we reboot the planet earth too? god didn't make it good enuf to look at and nurture?  some things should be left alone.......alien is one of them.....after prometheus sequels come out, if theres any more avp or alien reboots, ima stop being a fan because the magic will have been watered down and over played....please dont .... make something new,...




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



MemberXenomorphJul-14-2016 6:30 PM

Ridley didn't leave Alien alone when he did the Directors Cut. Or Blade Runner. A few times.

A remake leaves Alien alone more than the directors tinkering.

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJul-15-2016 5:20 AM


Father Jacks Best Moments


The poster was good though!



MemberXenomorphJul-15-2016 5:57 AM

No to a remake.

Yes to a reboot.


Excellent ideas! Love to read some fanfic scripts or stories. 


MemberDeaconJul-15-2016 8:04 AM

Yes thanks MonsterZero...

I have had many ideas for how to do a Alien movies, but i have not progressed from a broad synopsis stage lol

One was a sequel to Alien Resurrection that happens at the same time and after, where the Failed Xeno Queen and a sample of Ripley 8 DNA is sent to another Lab..  that was working on Genetically Modified Clones... think of Replicants but in Prime Physical Condition  they would basically be Super Soliders that are genetically altered but with a kill switch..... basically they have to be fed a special serum to keep them alive and this prolongs there life but also is a means of control as the company find that Android Synthetic Soldiers had problems.  Upon hearing about Ripley 8 they wanted a sample as to be able to Clone Ripley 8 or add her Genetic Code would give them the Ultimate Solider

The Lab would also experiment on the Failed Queen and Produce Hybrid Xenos...  that would be 50/50 Human and Xeno and well look similar to some of the New Born concept work...

Then i was thinking how could such creatures procreate and i was thinking Egg Morph? Or they Impregnate Females to then rabidly give birth to either Trilobite type Organisms or Xeno Hybrids that are more Human like 70%

But i was to have a Xeno Hybrid outbreak that the Clone Soldiers could not control and ultimately its a Ripley 8 DNA Clone that does the business.

Note this does not have to have Ripley just her DNA and so would be a Female or Male who does not have to resemble Ripley at all.

That was just one idea i had lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-15-2016 8:11 AM

As for the Alien Re-boot...

Well i just thought of that as i was replying the other day...

I think its the way to go as far as a Re-boot.. that does not re-boot or De-canonize the Original Franchise.

It basically carries core elements from Alien

*Human Ship on a mission (Colony ship to Colonize a new Earth like World)

* Ships Android (maybe other crew) detects a signal from a world/moon on the way and go to investigate.

* Find a Engineer ship with a Cargo and dont know nothing about the Engineers or Xenos...

* Bring some of the cargo on board to examine... and then Hell breaks out.

* Ship is mainly a ship where Cargo is in Cryo-sleep and only a handful take it in turns on a rota or a Android is in charge of flight.... and so the ship is not spacious inside... which with Failed Power would mean a Dark Claustrophobic Environment for the Xenos..  and so would give us a similar kind of feel as Alien and Alien 3 only with a few more Xenos...

This is kind of a soft re-boot that would work... but not rule out the other movie as Canon...

The Colony Ship could have left in say 2120 on a say 50 year journey and thus not be aware of the events of Alien and Aliens.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerJul-15-2016 8:17 AM

If the right elements were in place I could embrace it. The basic storyline is fantastic in its simplicity and in the hands of a talented crew it might be amazing to see. But that's a long shot. 

It would have to be an entirely new life form that is even more horrific in its appearance and habits. An even colder and more graphic depiction of same. It's down to quality of imagination, really, and that's one thing we don't see a lot of.

I think that the only way a remake could dilute the significance of the original would be if it was superior, and for those of us who care the original and it's makers would still be dear. 


MemberDeaconJul-15-2016 9:09 AM

Which is why a few stories i was going to do as far as other Alien movies...

Would feature similar but different Xenomorphs... another idea was for a Ship to settle down on a Moon to mine it..

They uncover a Chamber with Eggs but Spores hanging from the ceiling and they get infected with a slightly different Xenomorph.. and i was pondering does this Organism use the Egg Morph or does it actually have the ability to Mutate its victims to evolve into more of their kind or maybe implant Embryos itself... i.e the Adults are Part Xeno related and Face Huger.

The Mining Colony attempt to blow up the Cave with the Eggs/Spores and after doing so, they uncover a passage that leads to a Derelict with a dead Pilot, Chest Busted... but not in his chair...   The ship buried after volcanic activity

The Crew then uncover another Horror... a alive Engineer and understand they had a Cargo that was similar on the ship.

it would have been ambigious so we would not know.

1) Was these Engineers collecting those Spores from this place to take to the Ship... is this where the Origin of the species is from? to then experiment on?

2) Did they create them and was using this place to store them or incubate them?

3) Did the ship crash and the Cargo had got out and started to procreate and lay/create the Eggs in the Cavern.

It would have been left very open...

In the end the Humans blow up their Outpost so that it causes a Volcanic Eruption that buries and floods the caves with Lava.... thus sealing up the Engineer ship.

Again this is another Alien Plot that would maybe connect the Evolution of Origin of the Species.. it would be ambiguous... but it shows we can have a movie that connects the Engineers and Xenos but again a different kind of Xenomorph..


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberTrilobiteJul-15-2016 10:46 AM

It's ironic that amidst all the flat ou rejections of a remake and the few surprising embracements of the idea no-one has made mention that, if handled properly with the right team (a big if I know) Alien could be remade in its entirety...

By this, I mean incorporating the original ideas that were abandoned only to be reused in later installments. Let me clarify, visually...


MemberFacehuggerJul-15-2016 11:13 AM

Speaking of graphic artists, remakes, and alternate events, what about books/ graphic novels/ manuals, etc. for the Alien and Prometheus stories?  I went to 3 separate book stores today and found very little to do with the Alien franchise.  One store had the paperback novel series, and two store had the new Dark Horse G/N of, ready? Batman vs Aliens.  With the added feature of Superman vs Predator.  WTF?  Do these guys have nothing better to do than to sit around, smoke dope, and come up with this crap?

At every bookstore it was 90% Batman and Star Wars/ Star Trek.  With a few odd Marvel characters thrown in.  The fact that the Alien had to be tied to Batman to get it into the store was telling. 

I went to Amazon and found a few books and vids, which I suppose you have to buy sight unseen.  Oh well, so much for mainstream again.  Here you have the best sci-fi horror film ever made and any supporting literature for the fans must be special ordered.

I am the only one that finds this strange or is the fan group just that small?   

Even in the magazines, there was no feature ads about Alien 5 or A:C.  Is Ridley just not part of the click or what?   



MemberFacehuggerJul-15-2016 12:10 PM


Yes it's the unicorn of ifs.

Some of the images you posted I don't understand?


MemberDeaconJul-15-2016 12:20 PM

I think Gavin was suggesting a Re-boot could explore the Seperate Temple/Pyramid Complex and Egg silo and maybe give a few clues to the Space Jockey Race.

It would be a Alien Re-boot with a bit of Prometheus Mystery added to it... pretty much a evolution of the Star Beast Draft that Alien was based off, but without dropping some of the elements that had to be done for the shooting of Alien.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphJul-15-2016 12:53 PM

"I am the only one that finds this strange or is the fan group just that small?   "

The latter.


"Here you have the best sci-fi horror film ever made and any supporting literature for the fans must be special ordered."

It was at its peak 30 years ago.


MemberTrilobiteJul-15-2016 1:03 PM

To clarify the pictures - Dan O'Bannon's original Alien script had the crew of the Nostromo land on Acheron LV-426 during a dust storm. Once the dust storm started to pass they spotted the source of the Signal before them with the Derelict craft. Lambert, Kane, and Dallas went out and entered the alien vessel to find a dead pilot inside, his chest exploded from within. As the storm continued to pass the crew of the Nostromo noticed a pyramid behind the Derelict. Lambert, Kane, and Dallas then explored the Pyramid, sending Kane down inside

Dan O'Bannon's original Alien script had the crew of the Nostromo land on Acheron LV-426 during a dust storm. Once the dust storm started to pass they spotted the source of the Signal before them with the Derelict craft. Lambert, Kane, and Dallas went out and entered the alien vessel to find a dead pilot inside, his chest exploded from within. As the storm continued to pass the crew of the Nostromo noticed a pyramid behind the Derelict. Lambert, Kane, and Dallas then explored the Pyramid, sending Kane down inside where he found thousands of urns with Facehuggers inside.

This was condensed into what we now see on screen, and there are countless pieces of concept art from Moebius, Giger and Cobb of the Derelict, the Pyramid and the urns - Giger's version of the pyramid is pictured above. A remake could allow O'Bannon's original vision to be explored while taking the muddled world of the franchise and adding some needed clarification in key areas of the myth and narrative in a new, fresh re-interpretation.


MemberXenomorphJul-15-2016 2:47 PM

Why the picture of Sevastopol?


MemberFacehuggerJul-15-2016 3:13 PM

Which one is Sevastopol?

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