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ALIENs Frames

ALIENs Frames

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FacehuggerMember120 XPJul-13-2016 1:42 PM

Hello All of Scified! Hoping everyone's Summer~Tyme Living is going most fantastic! Recently I Rewatched my Special Edition ALIENs BluRay & was thrilled yet again by the happenings on Hadley's Hope; the Terraforming Lunar Base of LV-426.

So the Opening of the Cinemasterpiece opens up with the Vastness of Space enveloping the Narcissus that has held Ripley & Jonsey in CryoStasis for 57 Years after the Events of narrowly escaping the BioMechanoid MORB.

After being "rescued" Ripley & Neko are transported to one of WeylandYutani's MechaSpaceStations for recuperation and to have an interview as to what happened on that Fateful Voyage of the Nostromo & it's Planetary contact with LV-426. In this scene I personally Adore how Ripley lays into all these WY Execs as to what truly transpired prior to her starting Stasis. She doesnt BS and you can tell by the emotional distress in her voice, body language, & retelling the events that every ounce was Truth. 

At the expense of loosing her Pilot's License & being ranked down from Warrant Officer the Company leaves her be...That is until 24 hours later she is contacted by Burke & an Officer that after checking in to her story that there had been no recorded contact on Hadley's Hope for three straight months. With the Conviction of Terminating the Species once and for all she accompanies the bad ass Colonial Space Marines to make ground contact with Hadley's Hope after reaching orbit of the Moon/Planetoid.

Once securing Logs from the computers on site there isn't much of an assumption to be made yet to check out the area where all of the Colonists tracking devices are. Once reaching a number of levels down into the bowels of the AtmosphericDistributor; this starts to happen.

Literally over a 100 MORBS are camouflaged against the piping and machinery along the walls and take the Space Marines by sheer surprise. One thing that I believe the Engineers (or "higher power") thought of when helping Nurture the true Nature of the Xeno121 was having the Foresight that this Galactic War would be taking place in areas of high technology & machinery. Most anywhere seen in the ALIEN-Verse has pipping, machinery, & darkness galore; what better than to get that much of an upper hand in Extinguishing a Species to know the battlefield your "Creation" will be at then to form them around that Aesthetically?

More of a clear shot of the XenoLurkers:

Now that the Opening of ALIENs is Painted & Pictured in the mind I would just like to talk about the Screenshots I took & what they mean to me (ofcourse feel free to do the same under this post; always Adore reading what the bright minds of this wondrous site have to say).

My Personal Favorite: DOOMGUY vs. MORB. After being thinned down to 4 Space Marines, Ripley, Newt, Burke, & Bishop after First Contact with the LifeForm; they make a harrowing escape from the HIVE.. But not before a Xeno has other plans to come in their tank to thrash em. Hudson grabs his trusty shotgun, sticks it right up to the Xeno's Second Mouth & BLOOM! blows that sucker away. Now this made quite an impression on me as a young lad when first viewing this. The sheer intensity, brutality, & disregard for everything but to only Survive was eye opening to say the least.

Ahhh the Angel of Death! As many Xeno's as there were within Hadley's Hope confines James Cameron still understood the appeal of the mystery, ambiguity, & true darkness the Creature that made up the Xeno was. I liked how only when moments where followed by progressing tension that a MORB would finally make a 3-5 second appearance to Ensnare its next victim ^_^

Lastly, the (until recently unbeknownst to me as how every viewing of ALIENs for me this scene was in there) Derelict Deleted Scene to tie in the fact that we were indeed going to be on the same Planetoid from the first film & that there was a sense of continuity between both films. If this scene truly were not in the Theatrical Release; there would be a lottt of concerns on my side to say the least. Why would we care about Newt so much had we not known she was there when the Colonists first made contact with a Facehugger Egg & that it was her Father? Although knowing it's on the same Moon there wouldn't be much Logic behind how the ALIEN Infestation happened to begin with. That would be like knowing what happened after viewing the Prometheus Expedition Events on LV-223, getting another Canon Source Material related to a "Search&Rescue" Crew making contact on surface & meeting up with the Adult Deacon.. Yet they were such a far distance from its birthing place & the other 4 Temples that it inexplicably made an appearance. Just Logic dictates the probability of that being so low it would distort the rest of what the actions of later Crew Members were doing. Incredibly happy and glad that i never had to deal with extra conundrums throughout my many viewings of ALIENs due to this excellent scene always filling the gap ^_^

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XenomorphMember1234 XPJul-20-2016 9:01 PM

"If this scene truly were not in the Theatrical Release; there would be a lottt of concerns on my side to say the least. Why would we care about Newt so much had we not known she was there when the Colonists first made contact with a Facehugger Egg & that it was her Father? "


We care for Newt because Ripley cares for Newt. The stuff that got deleted doesn't really add anything - just builds on what's already there.


FacehuggerMember120 XPJul-31-2016 12:48 PM

SM Thank you for not laying in to me. I hope my Topic was interesting to you in some way & while that may be true I think it's a neat insight to actually be able to view a Scene that would normally be something inferred upon later in the Movie ^_^

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