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AdminEngineerMay-22-2016 10:52 AM

Today marks the 24th anniversary of David Fincher's Alien 3 and we're celebrating by reminiscing our favorite scenes from the film! Simply post below what your favorite scene from Alien 3 was and why!

For me, my favorite scene had to be Ripley's self-sacrifice. It stood as a powerful scene and a fantastic culmination to the series. Not to mention the Queen burster bursting from her chest on the way down into the hot lead was pretty badass. That entire scene contained a lot of powerful imagery and really stood out for me in contrast to the rest of the movie. 

What about you? What specific scene stood out to you the most and why was it your favorite?

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18 Replies

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMay-22-2016 11:54 AM

The ending where Ripley sacrificed herself was also my favorite scene in the whole movie,especially when the queen chestburster bursted from her chest and she just grabbed it,not letting it away.Really poweful and emotional scene.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


MemberXenomorphMay-22-2016 12:03 PM

Cremation of Newt and Hicks(while the dog is getting chestbursted). Very powerful....Great imagery. Really brought home that this is a different animal. I kinda knew that this was the end for Ripley.


MemberFacehuggerMay-22-2016 12:09 PM

The fan scene, especially the aftermath with the blades festooned with remnants. Just the design of the fan was great. I can't think of another movie with actual giant fan carnage in it. If anyone knows different, please tell me!

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphMay-22-2016 12:11 PM

Hard to say. There were actually quite a few great scenes in ALIEN 3, although there are many people who would argue that it was a pile of old horse shite.

I'm probably the only person on planet Earth that thinks killing off Newt and Hicks was very fitting to the whole Alien saga. If there's ever an happily ever after scenario in any instalment of the Alien franchise then that's the death of it! (It's not the Brady bunch in outer space!)

Another favourite scene of mine would have to be the scene with the facehugger and the Rottweiler in the ejector pod. The hugger ready to pounce and the dog seeming to know what's about to happen.

Another great scene is when Dillon is delivering his speech that he would prefer to die on his feet, fighting, instead of pleading for his life like a coward because "nobody ever gave me nothin'" 

And last, but probably the best scene of the film. Even though we really don't want her to die, she must. The Alien that as come to rule her life will die but she must make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Alien and Ripley, both equally as important to the Alien saga have closed the book!

But wait, some dipshits at FOX decide that they can make some more money from this particular cash cow and proceed to milk it for all it's worth.

I think Blomkamp should back out now before he causes even more harm to an already damaged franchise! 

The poster was good though!



MemberFacehuggerMay-22-2016 1:08 PM

The above scene.  First time I saw this scene I got goosebumps and I still get goosebumps to this day every time I see it.


AdminEngineerMay-22-2016 1:31 PM

Ah yeah, Xeno_Alpha, that too was another one of my favorites. When the Alien just raises it's head and bares it's teeth... damn. Like it was uphased by being discovered and knew very well everyone was going to die one by one. As you said, very chilling.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberFacehuggerMay-22-2016 2:14 PM

I have a lot of favorite scenes in Alien 3, Dillon's motivational speech towards the end of the movie for the bait and chase sequence to name another.  Another scene I like is an extra bit of dialogue which was cut from the final film and not in any other 'official' releases.  It's the scene with Aaron and the company man.  The workprint has extra dialogue and when he see's the company has brought a cage he turns to the company man and says, "You're gonna need a bigger cage than that".


MemberFacehuggerMay-22-2016 2:20 PM


I agree, losing Newt and Hicks was an appropriate event in the brutal Alien universe.

III is where the fandom division started, many people need a frosting of sentiment and Blomkamp's vision seems to exist only to cash in on that. I want to say it's disgraceful but it really isn't, if peeps want cheeseburgers somebody has to fry 'em up.


MemberDeaconMay-22-2016 3:25 PM

Number of Scenes that stood out but with me the Sacrifice Scene Stood out the most..

"If there's ever an happily ever after scenario in any instalment of the Alien franchise then that's the death of it! (It's not the Brady bunch in outer space!)"

Weavers comments on Alien 5 seem to point to a Brady Bunch in out of Space ;)

There should be no Happy Endings.. not super Happy anyway.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphMay-22-2016 6:57 PM

The entire opening credits scene was beautifully done. 

More specifically.... The scene of Ripley and Dillon in the cell where he won't kill her is very powerful. "No Speeches..."


MemberOvomorphMay-22-2016 11:54 PM

When the warden is killed and picked off into the vent leaving the inmates shocked and horrified at the puddles of blood with one inmate saying outloud a big "F**k!!!"

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteMay-23-2016 12:19 AM

CHRIS PICARD - The moment in which Dillon sacrifices himself to buy Ripley the time she needs to slay the Alien. It is such a moving moment. However, I feel that it would have been exponentially more heart-wrenching had it been Hicks. Can you imagine what that moment would have been like if Alien 3 had further developed Ripley and Hicks' romance? Ugh! I would have wept into a stuffed animal for a week! :)

Sci-Fi King25

MemberPraetorianMay-23-2016 1:01 PM

My favorite scene is probably the end where they replay the final words from Alien.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteMay-23-2016 1:14 PM

SCI-FI KING25 - It is so very good to see you once more, my friend! :)


MemberNeomorphMay-24-2016 9:57 AM

It is difficult for me to just pick one scene since Alien 3 is my favorite among the Alien movies.


I agree with Necronom 4 that it was a good thing to kill off Newt and Hicks. To me the Alien movies have never been about a happy ending.


Necronom4: I agree that it would be a good thing to let Alien 5 be. There are three good alien movies (Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3) and I think that is as good as it can get. My view about a fifth alien movie is that Fox doesn't know how to make new movies so they try to travel a familiar road so to speak instead of trying new things. Let it be and come up with something new.


MemberPraetorianMay-24-2016 10:18 AM

^ All of the above really. ALIEN 3 was a pretty good movie, without the shambolic pre, during and post production shenanigans, it could have been on a par with ALIEN!

HAHA I finally managed to fit shenanigans into a post, Thanks BigDave! XD 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberNeomorphJul-06-2016 5:44 PM

I really love the scene where Ripley mistakes some tubing as an Alien! Its so eerie...

But the finale with Ripley's sacrifice really gets to me.


MemberXenomorphJul-06-2016 6:02 PM

"The workprint has extra dialogue and when he see's the company has brought a cage he turns to the company man and says, "You're gonna need a bigger cage than that"."


Second most misguided edit ever.

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