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The recent Alien: Covenant set photos DO NOT contain spoilers.

The recent Alien: Covenant set photos DO NOT contain spoilers.

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DeaconAdmin19973 XPMay-20-2016 6:59 PM

I've seen a few people on various social media pages complain that the recently released Alien: Covenant set photos from Sydney, Australia contain sensitive spoilers. This is simply not true at all. A spoiler by definition, exposes information by explanation and/or insinuation which diminishes the mystery surrounding a specific detail or question.

Absolutely nothing about Alien: Covenant's plot was spoiled by these photos. If anything it poses more questions than answers.

1) Alien: Covenant will contain Aliens

This is not new. People shocked by this news must not be familiar with what film they're following. Aliens, Engineers and whatever else, will be present in this film, as with its prequel and sequels.

2) There will be death

People will die. Engineers might die too. There will be a lot of death and destruction.

3) We will travel to an Alien Planet, dare I say Paradise 

If you saw Prometheus or even read the official plot synopsis for Alien: Covenant, you'd know the film takes place primarily on the Engineer home world - Paradise!

I understand the need and the want to feel fresh and ignorant going into this movie. I agree, I hate spoilers and unfortunately as admin of this site I'll be exposed to my fair share. But I, nor the members here wish to spoil this movie for you or anyone passing by. If any spoilers do crop up, we will be sure to label them accordingly and we will most certainly not promote them so openly. We respect  everyone's right to go into Alien: Covenant untainted by spoilers. But we also support those who wish to dive deep into the mythology and discuss these films' elements. So don't worry, unless expressly stated in the title of a topic or editorial, the plot elements we discuss  here are speculation at best. Legitimate spoilers will be clearly marked and hidden. The photos we shared earlier today - not spoilers, just discussion material.

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David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPMay-20-2016 7:25 PM

Agreed. It is so early, and what we see will no doubt be changed via SFX....


and yup, there will be a lot of death in the film...kinda obvious with the photos...


FacehuggerMember316 XPMay-20-2016 7:30 PM

I would enjoy plenty of death.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMay-21-2016 1:53 AM

Spoilers? Do these people who are complaining not possess the ability to make their own decisions?

If they don't want spoilers then don't read the synopsis. Don't look at the images. Don't read the news articles. Simple.  

The poster was good though!


Michelle Johnston

ChestbursterMember759 XPMay-21-2016 6:33 AM

@Chris. The only spoiling element of these stills is it confirms that Ridders has lost none of his capacity to offer breathtaking evocative images. Anyone with a cursory interest in the films will no have idea what they mean and even those of us who are rather obsessive hobbyists can but speculate.

For me the organisation that would be capable of spoiling the films are the distributors. The year that Prometheus came out so did Skyfall and the first Hobbit Film. I chose to not watch any of the trailers for these three franchises nor peek at the made for TV trailers that appeared on U Tube. Subsequently I watched them and I was horrified. 

In their search for audience they reveal way to much information. As regards the site you have to reach a point probably in December, before the teaser, if you really want to go in cold.

For me the fun then comes in discussing afterwards what we actually received.        


DeaconMember10237 XPMay-21-2016 7:01 AM

These can be spoilers to those who dont follow the previous movie in depth.... but those who studied Prometheus and the Direction it seemed like it was going and Ridleys comments, then these images maybe just show us some of the stuff Ridley had said to be true.

Those not informed or who have not studied the news and connection to Prometheus... i.e those who may not even had seen Prometheus.. they may just assume this scene shows the crew of the Covenant being killed off.

Ridley himself has given a few spoilers, and so if a leaked image of someone being dressed up minus head in a Alien Suit then while this may be a spoiler as far as what the Creature would look like.... it would not be a complete spoiler as Ridley said that there would be Eggs, Face Huggers, Chest Busters then the Big Guy.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember316 XPMay-21-2016 8:43 AM

What this is is jolly good information that the thread of Prometheus will be very strong in this new Alien movie.

It is a bit of a spoiler, only because it will dilute the impact of seeing it on screen. I did wonder if these images are getting out with Ridley's approval, but I guess the fact that there's been no demand to take them down answers that question.


DeaconAdmin19973 XPMay-21-2016 9:05 AM

As I speculated in the editorial, I have a feeling the scenery shown in the leaked photos will be rendered digitally anyways, like the holographic flashback scene in Prometheus. It may detract slightly. But I think come August 2017, most people will have forgotten about these photos and/or will have more content to ponder over than these scenes.

Sci-Fi Lover

OvomorphMember0 XPMay-21-2016 10:28 AM

I have been following this particular web site before it was incorporated into scified, which I am glad it did because Iam anxiously awaiting the Alien:Covenant movie. After having watched Prometheus and initially not being too happy with it, because it just became so dark at one point, too much blood and gore, but later as I thought about all the layers upon layers of thought into the film I began to grow a deep seated hunger for more information. I am so worried that Mr. Scott will relinquish the directorial reigns to another director for part 3, if there will be one and I hope there will be another. If the director chosen is deeply steeped in a passionate desire to continue the Alien saga and will work very closely with Ridley or is someone that Mr. Scott is confident will meet the expectations of the fans long time and new then so be it. Regarding the posters I mean this would only serve to excite the public even more, I dont beleive they would purposely give us spoilers that's just counter productive. Anyway I just want the film to give us long sought after answers that would satisfy the public, the fans and if Mr. Scott has to take a little more time to ensure that the final product will be an Magnus Opus, then I am content to wait, not that I want to mind you, but I would rather  he spun an intricate web of intrigue and wonder that is thought provoking for years to come as have the previous incarnations of this great chronology of films. I want to know more about the engineers, I want to see their world, the native alien life forms, their architecture, technology, society etc. I feel this is in the collective minds of us all, I want to see as much of their world and culture as possible, and ultimately answers that will satisfy, I feel we all do, we are all drawn to the mystery and if done right it will lead onward to even deeper space explorations, and yes different aliens and cultures. I just hope there will be some engineers who are not so dark who do not want to destroy us, this is something that really bothered me, although I understood why he killed Wayland, hopefully there will be good engineers who see it in a more empathic manner, and who would beleive in the good of man, they can't all be of the same mind. I look forward to the completion of this movie and opening day. Mr. Scott I hope some of these suggestions reach you and knowing you, you're probably way ahead of me. Live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.


FacehuggerMember316 XPMay-21-2016 1:19 PM


I'm just concerned the marketing will be handled as before, so much was spoiled. Not that I didn't devour every last morsel!


That's the astonishing thing about Prometheus, how many layers of subtext there are to it. On the surface, it's a retro space horror movie (which I think was a genius choice), with the horror ramped up to (almost) modern standards (and get ready, it sounds like the horror elements world be even more intense in A:C).

Deeper scrutiny reveals references, parallels, homages and even philosophical ideas. I imagine there will be plenty more of all that in A:C as well. I want Ridley to stick with it too, but you can be assured if anyone else takes the reigns, it will be with his blessing. It's probably already been arranged, should it come to that.


XenomorphMember1304 XPMay-21-2016 3:24 PM

Not too concerned about spoilers....this is a prequel....we all know what happens and unless Ridders changes the timeline....It's business as usual in the early 22nd century. Nostromo is on her way to LV-426 shortly after the events of Alien: Covenant.


NeomorphMember1549 XPMay-22-2016 7:13 AM

As far as spoilers and so on I don't really like spoilers but I like the discussions. I don't really know if even 10% of what we discuss here will end up in the Alien Covenant movie but I like to see what ideas people have about it. There are different articles about it but the things that they mention in the articles could be false also so before we see the movie we really don't know much.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMay-22-2016 10:21 AM

@Sci-Fi Lover; Welcome to the forum!

"After having watched Prometheus and initially not being too happy with it, because it just became so dark at one point, too much blood and gore" - Sci-Fi Lover.

I don't quite understand how anyone would want to see an instalment in the Alien franchise if they didn't like the darkness, horror and gore elements. That is what the Alien saga has been built on, and Prometheus is a part of that universe, (It isn't Star Trek.) 

"I would rather he spun an intricate web of intrigue and wonder that is thought provoking for years to come" - Sci-Fi Lover.

I definitely agree with you on this, but you also say that you would like answers. The problem with wanting answers to certain questions but also wanting certain elements to maintain a mystery is like having your cake and eating it. Whatever elements you want answers to, someone else might want that element kept a mystery. You can't please everyone all of the time.

The main problem with this whole Prometheus, Alien: Covenant story is that it's attempting to answer questions that SHOULD be kept a mystery.

The main thing that makes ALIEN such a great film, is the mysteries. The derelict, space jockey and alien cargo, when, where and why, are questions that should never be explained as any attempt to do so, no matter how talented the creators of said film, will only lead to tears, anger and mocking from people who feel that the vision of the original work as somehow been tainted by this poor attempt at answering questions that should have never dared to be answered.

It's always fun to have theories and discussions and ponder the grand questions about the Alien universe! But if we get answers to the questions, we will be left with nothing to think about and discuss.

I personally would like the space jockey, derelict and cargo of eggs mystery to be kept just that. As any attempt to explain the who's, why's and when's would be weak when compared to our own imaginations.  

However, like you say, on one hand you crave the mystery and complexity but also want answers. You're not alone on that! Most members of this Prometheus/Alien forum are in a state of confusion (myself included) as to wanting answers to the questions but also wanting those questions to remain a mystery as they fear any attempt at an explination would diminish the impact and impression that the Alien saga has left on their lives and their imagination.

I personally will be one of the first to book my ticket on 4th August 2017 to see Alien: Covenant, even though I know it will probably not live up to my expectations. I suppose that's a part of being human. Like Kane in ALIEN, even though we know there is a possibility it could do us harm, we are still curious to find out what's inside.   


The poster was good though!



DeaconMember10237 XPMay-22-2016 3:08 PM


This is one reason they decide to go with Lindeloffs draft and a reason we never got a literal Prequel because everyone should know how it ended... Derelict and Space Jockey, its not rocket science and Ridley has even gone and explained the event...

But it seems Fox feels that this is now something the Fans want to see, despite it being a Mystery worth keeping.... i think Ridley is on board with this as while somethings he may want to be kept a Mystery the fact is if these are not Answered now..... then in 10, 15, 20 years time Fox could make a True Alien direct Prequel and answer those Mysteries in a way that Ridley would not want, and having lost creative control of what happens after Alien... i am sure he would want to put his Mark on the Prequels and Space Jockey/Xenomorph Origins.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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