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Xenomorph backstory
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MemberOvomorphApr-19-2016 1:35 AM

I grew up with alien since I was 4.   I'm tired of the xenomorph being some shit animal. I feel like if you really want to refresh and gain a new audience then it's time to give the xenomorph the story it was meant to have.      

Dan O'bannon originally intended that the alien had intelligence and the ability to have civilization, architecture and art.     It had a unique life span.  As soon as it was born it would be fully grown in a short time but mentally still a child.   It's first phase of its life is nothing but ULTRA VIOLENCE.  Nothing but blood lusting rage.   Elders or the parents would guide and care for it until they reached awareness and intelligence and lived up to 200 years.    

In the original script the civilization was long dead and gone except for the temple that housed the last of the remaining offspring, but was later discovered and possibly exploited.   

This would of been included but left out for time and budget costs. 

I feel something like this is in honor of Obannon who really kept an eye and made sure the 1979 alien would not end up a shitty movie.     This guy knew what he was doing.    RIP


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AdminEngineerApr-19-2016 10:41 AM

It's very interesting that you mention the original concepts for the Xenomorph's life cycle. I wonder if the Engineers were once Xenomorphs? It's a crazy theory but what a twist that would be! I mean, Aliens basically debunks that theory by having a Queen and Hive. But if Aliens didn't exist, imagine that being the final metamorphosis of the Xenomorph - turning into a massive, Humanoid Engineer. Trippy...

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MemberChestbursterApr-19-2016 12:24 PM

Obannon's alien world killed by Cameron in Aliens. I hope Rildey partially revive original idea (he begun in Prometheus) and show: eggmorphing, alien world, engineers/aliens/etc spices culture, and will ignore Queen.


Veteran MemberMemberOvomorphApr-19-2016 1:19 PM

You know I don't mind the Insectified Xenomorphs but I find the idea of the Alien slime dissecting matter and rebuilding it into something else like and egg or what ever, a promising avenue to be explored some more. 


AdminEngineerApr-19-2016 3:28 PM

I've always had the notion that the Engineers were slaves as well. A being created for the purpose of servingna higher being, possibly to seed the galaxy. It works inline with ancient astronaut theories which suggested Humans were engineered by the Gods to work on their behalf and tend to the world. 

I'm also okay with the insectoid Xenomorph, though I was never a fan of the mindlessness portrayed in Aliens. The Alien needs to be intricate, mysterious and terrifying. A perfect Organism in every sense of the word.

The concepts regarding its excretions altering biological matter is something I also hope Ridley explores in Alien: Covenant and the rest of the Prometheus sequels. It's way more fascinating than a simplistic association to bees or ants.

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AdminEngineerApr-19-2016 3:34 PM

By the way I really dig the artwork used for this topic, does anyone know the artist by chance?

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberDeaconApr-19-2016 9:00 PM

I think any ideas they had as far as the Star Beast Culture will not be touched upon... more so now we have heard the ideas for Alien Covenant...

The Xenomorph is going to a Weapon, or a Weapon that was created via something else, so maybe it was never intended as a weapon but something happened to create the Xenomorph or Ancestral DNA and this was then seen as being useful as a Weapon.

The whole Culture thing was adapted to suit the Engineers, gone was a Alien Giant Race who came across the old Temple/Pyramid and became infected with the Organism/Spores and then set off a SOS on their now stranded and Derelict Ship.

These beings are replaced with the Engineers who themselves have a purpose for the creation of the Urns and goings on in the Temple in Prometheus and thus relates to the Ancient Culture that created those Leathery Urns in Star Beast.

I just hope they explore this link if it is one... that they based Engineers on this Ancient Culture... If so then it would be nice to explore in depth what was behind this aspect in Star Beast and apply it to the Engineers.

For example... the Urns/Spores are created to procreate or advance the Ancient Cultures Life Cycle..

And so yes that  Theory Chris about what if the Xenomorph Life Cycle leads to how Engineers Procreate could fit into this.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-19-2016 9:07 PM

As far as the Xenomorph portrayal...  well only Star Beast and to a degree Alien DC Cut show us a creature that is maybe more than just a killing Machine.

I will Argue again that the Xeno in Alien did not come across as more intelligent than those in Aliens... they just had different roles... the Xenos in Aliens where expendable for a certain cause.

It would be a comparison to how Soldiers are used on the Battlefield, compared to Special Agents like for example how James Bond is portrayed.

Take away the DC Scene and the Xeno in Alien basically went around killing everyone but being stealthy while doing it but for no reason at all... it was not on the Hunt for Trophies...  It appeared as a Weapon that got lose and did what its purpose was and that was to eradicate life.

Alien DC and Aliens added more depth to them, so they acted as part of a Hive like Ants/Bees but on a more Advanced Level... i dont see the Xeno being a Race as advanced to create its own Culture as far as Arts and Technology....  But certainly a Organism that can create and set up a Colony that procreates itself.

If we throw out every Alien movie apart from Alien and Prometheus then a theory such as the Alien DC Egg Morph (Larger Egg) would give Birth to a Space Jockey/Engineer....

But as we have Aliens then this to me is how they create a Queen.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-20-2016 1:02 AM

@BigDave. I feel that the whole hive with the queen along with certain xenomorph jobs/ roles like ants and bees, have become oversaturated, played out and predictably boring.      

From the murals that Brian Picard posted.   It showed engineers interacting with humanoids with xenomorphic features. I'm just hoping that the alien will have a deeper story in covenant and I'm  sure their can still be a way to involve the queen and how her whole systems ties in.

I really find the idea facinating that the xenomorph when molds from a chestburster to full grown xenomorph is only but a child and that in time it gains awareness and conciousness and becomes passively calm letting go it's killing nature. Not a technologically advanced race but on a tribal level.   

Engineers could of come across this species and exploited their biology and genetics for weaponization or other uses.

something similar we are doing today is the crature nicknamed the "immortal jellyfish".   It can live forever by going back to premature state!  If biologist can figure this out then Theorecticly it can be applied for humans and achieving immortality. 



MemberOvomorphApr-20-2016 1:06 AM

@ Chris Picard   You can find this peice of artwork under "alien mondo poster"  


MemberNeomorphApr-20-2016 10:44 AM

Thanks UFOANAUT for the post, it is interesting.


I think that the Xeno could be explained a bit in the Prometheus movies but it should have some mystery about it in the end. By having some parts of it un-explained then you can fill in the dots yourself.


Some person here wonders if the Engineers were once Xenomorphs. I don’t think that it makes a lot of sense although it seems like an interesting idea. The idea that the Xenos are either creatures that the Engineers made or that they are some sort of creature that the Engineers found is more interesting.


Having the Xenos as insects makes it too simple I think. It is better if they are something that we can’t identify with the sort of life that we have on this planet, it is more interesting that way since it makes in more of a mystery.


What if the Xenos can mutate into other life forms? Imagine different versions of the Xenos, life on earth is based on genes being developed into something new so maybe you could have something similar with the Xenos although not too similar so it is still something else/something unknown.



The First Child

MemberOvomorphApr-20-2016 11:44 AM

I completely agree with you ufoanaut. I had actually written an alien script where the xenomorph is an intelligent being with telekinesis. I might post it on April 26 or June 6.


MemberDeaconApr-21-2016 6:31 AM

I think the Xeno can be intelligent but still maintain the Hive Format... we need to not look at them as mere Ants... but also we need to not look at them as being a Race who will create Space Ships, forms of Entertainment, Art...

Alien Franchise seems to show them as a Organism that has one thing on its mind.. Procreation...  and a lot of killing in order to do that....

Ridley has confirmed that the Xenomorph is basically a Weapon, well the Biology that leads to them... and the Engineers created them or at least the Biology that created them....

Maybe we need look at the Black Goo like Black Powder i.e Gunpowder and so something that was created.. that then latter was found to have great use as a Weapon...

However..... there are other connections to Xeno DNA... and purpose and well the clues are sometimes a bit incoherent and so how the whole lot fits together is anyones guess..

I would assume the Xeno was created by Accident or something related by Accident, that the Engineers then took a interest and kept trying to genetically improve until the Xeno became what it is.

Or they came across the Xeno and re-engineered its DNA etc for other uses....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-21-2016 6:55 AM

We have to look at the Evolution of the Original Concept..

The Star Beast Organism was slightly different in design but not its purpose to what we saw in Alien.... but the whole Back Ground Story changed..

Star Beast these Organisms.... started off as a Spore, basically a Vessel that carried the first stage the Face Huger...  these where stored in some Ancient Tomb with Ritual and Sacrificial Purpose.

This Organism needed a Host to procreate, and so the Birthing Chamber/Sacrificial Chamber is where these Spores where kept.

The Organism went through a few stages of its life Cycle untill a point when it could semi procreate.. it could by needing a Host/Victim use its DNA to Mutate it into another Vessel/Spore but once this Spore was created it needed a Host to be able to Procreate another of its kind...  Without a Host the Spore remains Dormant.

Elder Star Beasts could then take these Spores to be stored and then capture Hosts to use as tool of Procreation... think the role the Predators played in AVP...

The 4th stage of the Star Beast was able to create new Spores from Hosts... but seemed a Feral Creature... but with a Adult to Tutor them they would evolve into something more intelligent and have a culture... maybe there is a 5th stage to the Star Beast not shown and this 5th Stage is the Organism that has a Culture.

Our Giant Alien Beings who stumbled upon and succumbed to the Star Beast Spores are no different to the Human Crew who also suffered the same Fate.... these Giant Beings and there now Derelict Ship had nothing to do with the Star Beast at all....


Along came Alien and we then see the Temple and Eggs now combined into the Cargo Hold of the Giant Race (Space Jockey) Ship.... 

Left out is the Temple and Culture Background of the Organism (Xeno) instead they are at the 1st Stage (Eggs) stored on the Ship of a Alien Race.....   it seems maybe the Giant Beings who was in Star Beast Explorers who happened to fall foul to a Alien Organism... are now some Ancient Alien Race that are using the Organism for some purpose...

The old Star Beast Giant Alien Race and Spaceship is now designed different and the Alien Being, as well as the Ship now have some Genetic Connection to its Cargo...

At this point the Culture of the Star Beast Idea, is replaced.... all we have is the Spore to Adult to create more Spores Life Cycle...


Prometheus came about to try and answer these clues... from Spaights draft.. onwards.... it seems the Space Jockey that is now a Humanoid Giant Race Called Engineers now take the place of the Elder Ancient Race that created the Pyramid in Star Beast of which the Spores/Star Beast was its offspring.

To now the Engineers being the Race with the Culture that involved the Xeno in someway in a Sacrificial Way..... but we have not got into WHY! Yet...

Apart from maybe to be used as a Weapon.... but then why? well it also seemed to hint at some kind of Religious and Ritual Importance to the Engineer Race..... and maybe the purpose was not to just destroy...

But the process lead to something these Engineers needed for some reason.... Sometimes to Create, one must Destroy but how far this goes as far as to the whole Agenda i dont know...

My point is i feel the Background Story of the Star Beast as far as its Parentage whom created Pyramids as a Ritual Chamber for procreation of the Star Beast.... are now replaced with the Engineers.

The Elder Star Beast Culture is merged with the Giant Alien Race that fell victim to the Spores...  so they are now one and the same...






R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


AdminEngineerApr-21-2016 9:15 AM

Thanks for sharing that BigDave. It almost seems like the matter David extracts from the Urn on-board the Prometheus could be these Spores you're talking about. Whether natural or genetically modified, it does play into the original Star Beast concept.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2016 5:27 PM

@BigDave   The alien was never meant to be a society like modern people that will build space ships and have entertainment but more along the lines like Mayans or native Americans.

Im not making a theory of the origins of the aliens all I'm saying how much more interesting the original alien story was.   

Starbeast is completely different.   The elements of star beast is 

-Ron Cobb, Book of Alien.

Before a fully completed screenplay, Dan O' Bannon wrote a treatment entitled Star Beast. The basic outline to this treatment is similar to the final O' Bannon script but with some major differences, firstly, there is no pyramid in this treatment and no eggs which meant no Facehugger. Furthermore, when the crew discover the derelict wreckage and fossilized alien pilot, they take it's skull as proof of their discovery on the planet. What the crew don't realize is the alien's skull contains a small creature. Once on board the Snark resurfaces and hides rapidly growing in size as they take off and head home. Like in all versions of the Alien draft one by one the alien takes out the crew who attempt to lure it into an airlock to blast it into the void. However, in this version, the plan is successful and the creature is blasted out into the cold hard vacuum of space. There is no final encounter on a shuttle.


MemberDeaconApr-21-2016 5:32 PM

We are not sure 100% regarding the Black Goo..

So many inconsistency about it and yet so many clues.....

The Sacrificial Scene and Urn Goo Scene does not quite fit together... its only if you look at it in context to Spaights draft and replace Goo with Nano Scarabs... that we get a better understanding but then they released the Weyland File that well made it even more complicated..

Maybe if we are trying to find a connection.. Star Beast could answer it.. but i think Alien and Prometheus already give us better idea especially if we look at the concepts not used in both movies and both movies Murals...

What i mean is and if we ignore the Sacrificial Scene... we see these Urns that when the room atmosphere and tempreature is affected we see these Urns seem to change...

One shot we see the Top kind of change, are the tops made from a substance like a Silicone Wax that melts..? so the seal is broken?  It appears the Urns are leaking from the Tops and not the mid section where David basically unscrewed the Urns in half to open up.

Then what is with the strange things jumping and moving around on top of the Urn as David examines it and touches it and says "Organic"   Am i the only one who sees these things on top of the Urn looking like the strange shapes in the back ground of Gigers Alien Mural?  They are also in the Prometheus one but its not as clear.

Then we have David examine the Urns and ampoules and he looks at his finger and says "big things have small beginnings" 

If we look at it in HD you can notice something moving around inside... its as if... well excuse me but its best analogy.. if we look at Seamen and how it appears... but then we zoom in you will see its made up of Millions of Sperm.... Tadpole Shaped Organisms well Cells.

What if the Goo is similar?

We have another unknown... Holloways Eye Worm...  yes how do we explain that apart from one of his Sperm becomes Hybrid and well ends up traveling inside his body and out to his eye...

What if........ Holloways Sperm did not impregnate Shaw?

What if the Black Goo in the Urns well at least one component is just as seamen a Gooey substance that is actually millions of tiny nano Organisms.....  what if it contains Nano Versions of the Eye Worm?

What if these Nano Worms fertilized Shaws Egg?

Maybe that could explain the Eye Worm?  also to note that the Alien Giger Mural that went unused has a Eye.. that is the center of a Jugernaught/Derelict Shaped Form that has the feet on one end of a Humanoid and the Head of a Xeno on the other?

Bellow this Eye... is a Tadpole, Eye Worm.. Sperm looking Organism that then leads to the Xeno Egg, that then is opened to reveal Face Huger and then Chest Buster...

So maybe this all connects someway... this is one other way at looking at it... that however contradicts a bit of my interpretation of the Mural, and how it connects to the Black Goo and Deacon at the end of the Movie...




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2016 5:45 PM

lthe xenomorph was more tribal rather than having a society that will end up building spaceships and having entertainment.   They were more Along the lines of Mayans, native Americans (The navi aliens from avatar didn't have to make technological advancements)

the alien franchise has made the alien into bugs and intergalactic exterminators and hunting game for predators.   


MemberOvomorphApr-21-2016 5:58 PM

@Thoughts_Dreams.   Make sure you post it.  Maybe you can make it into a coo flash animation once you think you got it right.




MemberDeaconApr-21-2016 5:59 PM

As far as the Xeno Origins goes... there has been changes with every movie as far as clues to how and what is the process..

1) Star Beast.... we have a Pyramid with a Ritual Chamber that contains these Spores/Vessels that carry the Star Beast Organism at its starting Stage... the Face Huger.  

We dont have its orgins... only that these spores are part of the life cycle which repeats via Spore ==>Face Hugger ==>Chest Buster (using a Host) ==> Adult ==> Spore creation (using a Host) and these Spores are part of a continuing life cycle of a Alien Race the Star Beast... that once Hosts for the Spores dry up... the Race eventually dies off but the Spores are Dormant until a Host comes into contact with them

2) Alien Concept... replaced Spores with Eggs, and different design on the Face Huger, Chest Buster and Adult but still had same Life Cycle that a Adult Xeno could Morph a Host into another Egg, so as to continue its life cycle and procreate its species.

There was no clues to how these Eggs got there... but the idea was that there was a separate Egg Silo where these Eggs were Stored... and the Space Jockey is connected some how to the Organism but we was not sure in which way..

Gigers ideas at the time was the Egg Silo would actually produce the Eggs itself... its walls had what looked like Giant Pregnant Bellies that would birth out Eggs much like the Aliens Queens Ovipositor.  How and why the Silo would make the Eggs was never explained..

They then due to budget and time had to combine the Egg Silo and the Ship together as a Cargo Hold.... Giger also worked on a Mural that somehow depicted the Ship as being Genetically related to the Xeno and showing the Ship could actually produce the Eggs...

This Mural was never used... we never knew how those Eggs came to be or why.... the DC cut of Alien shows the Egg Morph Scene similar to the Spore Morph from Star Beast..

But resulting Egg Morph is larger than the eggs in the Cargo Hold, no explanation how they get to be that size or how those smaller Eggs came to be.

3) Aliens came around and explained how Eggs came to be and thats via a Queen that lays them.... then we have to ask how did they get laid on the Derelict in such a neat way.... and what about the Protective Mist?

Maybe the Space Jockeys have a way of transporting the Eggs safely to be placed in Cargo Hold.... how this is... is unknown.. maybe its reason for the Space Jockey Suit.... but then one got infected and we have to assume this would have been while his Helmet was removed? But we have no proof of this either way.

But Prometheus showed they can breath harsh environments without the masks and there Ships have breathable environment on board.

We dont know how a Queen came to be... but one theory is and one that i had too, is that the Egg Morph is what creates a Queen.

4) Prometheus came along and well made a interesting twist but also a bit of a mess as far as the Xeno and Eggs...

We dont get full clues, we get a Mural that can be interpreted different ways... we have goings on in the movie that link the Black Goo in the Urns to Xeno DNA (alternative scenes and concept works showed more Good/Xeno DNA Connection). 

We are shown via the Goo and a set off events how a Proto Face Huger came to be... but also to me this looks more of a Hybrid part Human/Xeno Face Huger... hence a more Human looking Xeno.. the Deacon with Human digits, enamel teeth and a placenta and umbilical cord.

Then we have the Fresco that shows some connection between a Engineer, seems wounded and a Organism that is similar to the Xeno but different....  a Fresco that is ambiguous... but looks like either.

Adam and David Fresco of Creator and Creation..

Or Prometheus and Eagle Fresco of the Punishment of Prometheus.

Both Frescos could tie in and depend which stance you take when using other clues brings you to two different conclusions.

The other Fresco has a Xeno holding a Egg, open but for what purpose... there have been theories.... but this may not be a Xeno.. it could be the Fresco Creature..  but what relation to the Egg?

Depend what way you look at the Fresco... is the Creature a creation of the Engineers, did it come from the Egg.. or creates the Eggs?

A massive clue people dont never see is the Egg Fresco and Gigers photo of him holding a Xeno Egg... ok that Egg is closed... but maybe the symbolism is Giger is holding his creation...  Thus replace Giger with the Fresco Creature.

Back to the Giger Murals.... we see Alien one had a Derelict looking shape that was like it was made from a Xeno.. shared DNA.. with a Eye in the centre that created a Worm/Sperm that becomes the Egg where we see a Sacrifice being performed..

Prometheus shows similar Sacrifice Scenes, and many shapes that are odd to work out. its like looking at a cloud and each person will make a different image from it.

But if we look at the Arch above the Prometheus Fresco... the Arch is similar to the Arched shape of the Xeno/Derelict at the Top of Gigers 1979 Alien Mural...

Where that had a Eye as the centerpiece.... Prometheus Arch has a head.. a head that could be similar to the creature in the fresco..

So again maybe they all add up in this way.... but its so ambiguous... and well will Alien Covenant finally shed the light on exactly what the connection is?



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-21-2016 6:09 PM


Yeah things got a bit messed up with each movie and change... as my post before covered...

In hindsight Alien could have evolved into a different movie than Aliens.. minus the Queen.... etc  they could have made a different way to explore it.

Ridley did have his own ideas prior to Aliens... what they are who knows but maybe he will apply them in Covenant...

But what if we remove Aliens, and make Alien 2 a movie that tries to link to Star Beast more...

Basically what if the Eggs are how the Space Jockey procreate its own kind... what if the Eggs produce a Xeno that then Morphs a Host to a Egg that leads to the first stage of a Space Jockey.

Prior to Human Looking Engineers, but it still can be a suit just with a less Human Organism inside?

What if the means of the Procreation of the Space Jockey, led to a Space Jockey getting infected.... and we may get something different that we have yet to see..

We never see the Space Jockey Chest Buster or how it look, and some still think this Chest Buster is a Queen and laid those Eggs. But then how did the Space Jockey get infected at first?  

Maybe via something on LV-223?

So this theory would be like a what if.. the Star Beast left the ship and went back to the temple and got infected with a Spore.. how different would the result be?

But this while being a more simple reason was replaced with the Queen which again stands on its own feet as far as a explantion.

Prometheus came along and while Spaights was more Xeno related.. the end product had a set of baffling half clues.

What if the Alien Prequel they made it more simple than Spaigts.. i.e we throw out the Space Jockey being Humanoid looking and creating mankind.... and keeping it Alien..

This would have made a easier story to tell and explain...

But Prometheus has come in and gave us a back story that changes things and makes it interesting but also hard to figure out how it all fits.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-22-2016 11:28 PM



MemberOvomorphApr-22-2016 11:31 PM

@BigDave. Starbeast did not have the pyramid, ritual chamber, spores/vessels and the facehugger or chestburster. Alien introduced that.

Starbeast was only about a derilict alien ship,the human crew that found the skeletal remians and took the skull for evidence of the discovery of the planet which unknown to them contained a creature inside.

The egg silo giger made was just ideas and designs to play around with. Nothing to be taken serious since it made no sense and was blowing out of proportion.

I feel that alien giger mural was just showing the female xenomorph since in the original story the alien was intended to have 2 sexes.

The frescos mural creatures I feel are Xenos because of it has the main features of the spiked elbows and the tube like designs on its shoulders.(just like a xenomorph) The head also resembles the original alien sketch ObAnnon had in mind before giving design freedom to Giger.

But so far I feel that the frescos are real clues than just symbolism for artist giger.

So far i wouldn't assume that the eggs would be a way to procreate engineers or morph a host into a first stage engineer. They're Dna is pretty much resemblance to humans, so I'm guessing they have no problem getting engineer women pregnant.

If we see eginner women then I hope that have some big hips, big ass and a pair of strong shaped legs like Chung lee


MemberDeaconApr-24-2016 1:08 AM

"The head also resembles the original alien sketch ObAnnon had in mind before giving design freedom to Giger."


This is something i raised before... that indeed the Fresco Creature did look like O'Bannons design..... but also O'Bannons design was also something similar to the Sacrificial Beasts used in Star Beast as far as Concept work on the Sacrificial Chamber.

Star Beast did indeed have a Temple... well a Pyramid and under it a Sacrificial Chamber, with a Altar and Murals and also carvings that looked like the Spores.  If you find Star Beast Draft and have another read you will see..

Here is the concept work..

Note Chest Buster looks like the Trilobite...  the Face Huger Stage looked like the Trilobite right after it was removed from Shaw... and notice the Sacrificial Beast.. it is like a basic painting form of O'Bannons Star Beast Sketch.

Which in turn to me looks like the Prometheus Fresco Creature.  I really hope this is the ideas they was running with and explore.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconApr-24-2016 1:10 AM

Also the Egg Silo Giger had painted a Concept work... then he painted a Background Set based off that with model of the inside, this was the set used at distance shots in Alien... and was when produced intended to not be part of the ship but it later had to be made to look that way when they had no time and budget to show us a separate Temple/Eggs Silo Complex.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2016 3:39 PM

@BigDave.     You raised that the fresco was similar to a xeno but different.  You made no mention to obannons original alien I priviously posted.    

Starbeast was just the outline.  And only had the minor details of the crew landing on a mysterious ship


MemberOvomorphApr-24-2016 7:52 PM

dan Obannon and Ronald Shusett who have been interviewed and have said in dvd documentaries and books that star beast was only about what I privously posted above..... 

Alien - The Monster of all Monster Films

"Set in 2087 A.D., the script began aboard the commerical starship Snark with the interception of the source of a signal, a storm-swept planetoid, and discovers the remains of a downed spacecraft and its sole inhabitant, a skeletal pilot, The crew takes a number of scientific readings, and return to their ship with a misshapen skull as proof of their findings. The skull carries the host of an alien creature inside, which quickly matures to full size and begins terrorising the crew once they have set course for home. Evading capture by the beast, the crew eventually joins the forces to blast that creature into space. O'Bannon was not at all pleased with his first draft, and explained his frustration to Shusett"

when Starbeast was changed to alien only The 2nd half of the plot or story was done. This is what they had before changing the story further 

From "The Book of Alien"

Three crew members go exploring through the baron, windswept and dusty landscape. Using a portable scanning device they follow the signal and discover a derelict space craft of non-human manufacture. They enter and explore the craft. They come across a strange 'urn' type object open at one end with strange markings on the side. They eventually find the fossilized remains the ship's pilot and discover in its last moments has scribed a triangle on a near by panel. They take the creatures fossilized skull and head back to the Snark.



MemberXenomorphJun-18-2016 4:24 PM

This idea that Alien intended the creature to be some superintelligent and long lived creature is a tad misleading.  That concept never survived the writing process.  Ridley intended the opposite - that Alien was supposed to have a short life span and spend most of that short life span trying to procreate.  That idea isn't made clear in the film either, and has subsequently been removed in the films that followed.


After six outings, how do you sell suddenly cultured and intelligent Aliens?


MemberFacehuggerJun-19-2016 6:42 AM

They also wanted the SJ to be a peaceful, herbivorous explorer.

So many ideas for a film get subverted, sometimes for the best, sometimes not. There was some discontent from O'bannon and others over Ridley's manipulation of Alien, and it's a bit regrettable they went public with their gripes. Look at the results! If they had been a bit more canny they would have just quietly enjoyed their names being on such a success.

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJun-19-2016 7:30 AM

The hope surely with C O VE N AN T is that they apply a rigorous and well crafted backstory to the origins of the Zenomorph. Everything about the Zenomorph indicates a naked singular unyielding lifecyle breaking down existing material and re building it in an entirely nihilistic way perpetuating more and more destruction. It is the exact opposite of the catalytic life giving affect of the taking sacrificially of the catalyser reflected in the opening shots.

They both break down material but one leads to freedom civilisation and independence creativity the other leads to destruction appalling retribution and punishment.

The enquiry is why did the gardeners fall why with their enormous power and responsibility did they fail. It is the failure of intelligence and lack of wisdom of the inhabitants of Paradise I want to understand so the mindless retribution and punishment of the Zeno can be explained.  


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This website provides the latest information, news, rumors and scoops on the Alien: Romulus movie and Alien TV series for FX! Get the latest news on the Alien prequels, sequels, spin-offs and more. Alien movie, game and TV series news is provided and maintained by fans of the Alien film franchise. This site is not affiliated with 20th Century Studios, FX, Hulu, Disney or any of their respective owners.

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