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Is the Covenant ship in Alien: Covenant less advanced than thethe vessel in Prometheus?

Is the Covenant ship in Alien: Covenant less advanced than thethe vessel in Prometheus?

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EngineerAdmin23361 XPApr-01-2016 1:55 PM

Since the first Alien: Covenant set pics released yesterday, fans have already begun to discuss what the set pieces are for. The growing consensus seems to be that this is part of the ship, The Covenant, like The Prometheus before it, which takes a crew of unsuspecting individuals to a remote, Alien planet where they discover the lone survivor David.

Assuming the set piece is part of the Covenant ship, we can assume that this ship isn't as advanced as the Prometheus was. A less-sleak appearance and an almost warn down, dated look has been applied to the exterior which would suggest the Covenant is either a deep space mining vessel like the Nostromo, or some other class of freighter not directly funded by the Weyland corp (or at least not very well funded).

What do you think? Do you think the Covenant is a less advanced vessel? Could this suggest that the crew of the Covenant are not science officers or military personnel, but random explorers who happen upon David's location like the Nostromo does years later? 

Let me know your thoughts and opinions below!

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4 Responses to Is the Covenant ship in Alien: Covenant less advanced than thethe vessel in Prometheus?


XenomorphMember1330 XPApr-01-2016 3:02 PM

Good Point.....Prometheus was built with the bank account of Peter Weyland! Luxury liner...advanced medical set up...Two very expensive land explorers. This was Peter's last chance to prolong his life....he probably spent a large portion of Weylands profit margin to make it happen.

Covenant is probably middle where near the Prometheus. No auto surgery installed, or libraries with grand pianos!


PraetorianMember2674 XPApr-01-2016 5:20 PM

Well now, let the speculation begin!

It struck me as being lower spec, an older class of ship than the Prometheus. However it could be a shuttle, as the airlock looks quite small. 

It appears to be at the waters edge, if not in the water. Does this mean it had landing problems? Or could it be a derelict or abandoned ship?


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


PraetorianMember2674 XPApr-01-2016 5:28 PM

Could even be a habitat pod for a mining or science crew. 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


EngineerAdmin23361 XPApr-01-2016 10:29 PM

Good call noticing it resting in the water. It's certainly possible that this could mean the ship had to make an emergency landing / crash landed on this location. Definitely something to consider.

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