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Favorite movies in the Alien/Prometheus series?

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NeomorphMember1650 XPFeb-23-2016 12:19 PM

Hi, I think that it is interesting to see what people think is the best and worst movie in the alien and Prometheus franchise. Some people might not agree that Prometheus is a part of the alien world but to me it clearly is. The list below shows how I view the movies from best to worst. Feel free to reply to this, it will be interesting also if you want you can write why you have chosen the order (from best to worst) that you did.


  1. Alien 3 (1992): I like the depressing feeling of it like how Ripley ends up on this planet with the guys being initially against her and how she has to deal with that. Some people didn’t like that they killed Newt and Hicks but to me it is a way to start the story over so it won’t be as dependent on Aliens as it could have been. The fact that the prisoners are out there far from earth and that few seem to care about them so they have their own little society with their religion and that they are trying to make sense of life is interesting. Even though there are a lot of characters that are not that important they have dialogue that feels convincing and they are interesting characters. Alien 3 is probably the Alien movie that I return to most.


  1. Alien (1979): Partially because of the historical context and that it was new and interesting when it was released. Giger did a lot of things for this one and that it has many interesting details like how they did the landscape how they designed the ships, the Space Jockey, and so on. The claustrophobic feeling is something that adds to it like a constant feeling that something bad will happen soon. Lambert is a character that even though she is sort of whiny she could be how someone could react when they are in a similar situation but I think that the characters are believable and that is what counts. Ash is creepy but adds to the movie. I think that each character in this movie has its purpose and it works.


  1. Aliens (1986): This was my favorite Alien movie for a long time but as I have gotten older I think that there are other movies that are better. I like the action and the fact that the marines are so over-confident in the beginning but that changes as the movie goes on. Ripley is interesting in how she has changed a bit from Alien although in my opinion she is not the best character. My favorite character in the move is probably Vasquez, I like her take no **** attitude and I also like the Apone character (the guy that smokes a cigar in the beginning).


  1. Prometheus (2012): Although there are a lot of problems with this movie it is alright. I like the Engineer and I also like the different monsters. The landscapes are good looking, the visuals are great. Unfortunately the characters are not done very well and there are very few that I really care about with David the android and the captain Janek being exceptions. When you try to analyze it you can see that there are some really good things beneath the surface but that never really get fleshed out which is a pity because it could really have been a really good movie. Let’s hope that they will get the movie Alien covenant right.


  1. Alien Resurrection (1997): I am not really sure what they wanted to achieve in this movie. Cloning a Ripley could be interesting as far as science fiction goes but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I have the movie at home and I mostly watch it because I like the version that Winona Ryder does (Call, the android). The different monsters are OK. One alien that they have called the Newborn is cool because it is kind of different and having aliens swimming is an interesting idea.
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OvomorphMember0 XPFeb-23-2016 4:14 PM

Im happy to see that at least one other person on planet likes Alien 3.

My list.

1. Alien
2. Alien 3
3. Prometheus
4. Aliens
5. Alien Ressurection. 

I guess im not a big fan of actionmovies :)


G. H. (Gman)

PraetorianAdmin4816 XPFeb-23-2016 6:05 PM

Pretty linear for me:

1. Alien
2. Aliens
3. Alien 3
4. Prometheus
5. Alien Resurrection

I assume we're omitting the AvP flicks this go-around.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


ChestbursterMember839 XPFeb-23-2016 9:28 PM

Lets see...

1) Alien

The atmosphere is crazy. Alien: Isolation helped me appreciate it even more too. I think the acting is pretty swell along with the writing of the characters. Cinematography is nice and so is the design (that helps atmosphere of course.) Monster of the movie is scary as hell too! :) I don't really think I have any dislikes about the film. It may not be the best film ever, but I think that it will always be my favorite movie. 

2) Prometheus

Prometheus is amazing with its visuals and cinematography. I, like many others, do not like the characters. There is a lack of depth, really. It is number 2 on my list mainly for sentimental reasons. I don't know if it is necessarily a better movie than Aliens or even a more enjoyable one, but I finally watched Alien and Predator for the first time in my life, like, 5 or 6 years ago and I fell in love with the Alien universe and Alien and found out about Prometheus a year or two before it came out so I hyped it up forever! And I loved every moment of it in the theater! I was sick (had the chills, clogged up nose, etc), but I went to the movie the second day it came out and LOVED it.

I already pointed out one of several issues I have with it, so the movie isn't perfect, but it was part of what kicked off my obsession with this franchise and that is slowly turning into a love of sci-fi movies in general.   

3) Aliens

I think the tone shift from Alien was a good one. Sure another straight up scifi horror would have been a good idea, but the action element of the movie still worked well. Sequels are tough because going for the same formula usually leaves a lot to be desired. Although the ending to Aliens (last 10-15 minutes) is pretty similiar to Alien, I commend the writers and director for actually doing a solid job of taking that same kind of formula and refurbishing it enough to feel new and still be great to watch. The cast was pretty darn talented. Even the guys and gals who didn't have much screen time were great. The Queen was not necessary, but is damn cool. Wonderful job by the crew and designers that made her come to life on screen!

4) Alien 3

I don't want to put Alien 3 this low, but it comes down to what I would rather watch. Alien 3 is sort of a debbie downer. Haha Aliens isn't super happy fun time (Well, the tone of the movie isn't), but I would rather spend a couple of hours with the Aliens movie.

5) Alien: Resurrection 

Honestly, I think this movie is a tiny bit better than it is given credit for and I actually enjoy watching it every few months

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