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Alien: Resurrection - Joss Whedon´s original ending.

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OvomorphMember0 XPFeb-16-2016 8:47 AM

In this article i found on, Joss Whedon discusses his original ideas for different endings of Alien: Ressurection, and they´re quite different to the ending we eventually ended up getting. There´s also an interesting bit about how different his version of the "Newborn" would have been. 
Give it a read, and let me know what you think; Did the movie suffer from not being given the treatment Joss originally intended?
Link to article


2 Responses to Alien: Resurrection - Joss Whedon´s original ending.


DeaconMember10237 XPFeb-17-2016 3:09 PM

Thanks for link ;)

Yeah some interesting ideas, and it seems the Franchise uses unused elements from other drafts and concept work of other movies before them...

So maybe the same could be said for future movies? 

Remember Prometheus Hell on Earth?  Well i dont think it was Prometheus i think it was Alien 5... as they did say that they had a name for Alien 5 but if they said what it was it would give too much away and if it never worked then they would be dead in the water...

Maybe Alien 5 was Alien Hell on Earth?  if the Franchise borrows elements from previous movies drafts, well some elements borrowed from Whedon's drafts that could fit in with what Blomkamps Concept work showed....

Such as the Organism maybe ending up on Earth?

As far as the ideas... well im not so sure... i think they could have worked... but i do think having the Newborn killed that way was best...  rather than crashing on Earth and Ripley killing it on the surface... which seems similar to how Spaights Alien Engineers ended... Watts (Shaw) vs the Ultramorph on the surface of LV-426.

I just not happy at how the Newborn came across and how it led to being sucked out rather than the having it sucked out... i.e  Mother/Daughter Bond ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1549 XPFeb-18-2016 9:20 AM

Thanks for the link to the article Korpen.


Alien Ressurection was very flawed so I don't think that it would have mattered very much if they would have changed the ending because the movie would probably have been a disappointment anyways. I don't think that everything about Alien Ressurection is bad but the majority is. Maybe it would have been a bit better if they wouldn't have had brought back Ripley at all but rather have a new character?


Having the newborn as being a sort of spider could have been interesting to watch at least. I am for trying new ideas even though new ideas don't automaticly mean better.


I am not sure if having the action on earth would be such a great idea. To me Alien is more like a space movie/space theme.


The scene under water was really interesting and sort of claustrophobic, that is one of the good things that the movie has. That was something new that at least I think worked because you could imagine yourself how that could be if it would happen to you.

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